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Calling All Tributes – China Glaze Hunger Games Collection Preview

By on November 10, 2011
in China Glaze, Spring 2012

Hunger Games fans get excited! I was catching up on some Hunger Games blogs when I read that China Glaze is coming out with a nail polish collection to coincide with the March 2012 release of the movie. I’m seriously so giddy over this, I can barely type. I devoured the trilogy in less than two weeks and it helped me rediscover how fun reading can be. Lame but true.


***EDITED TO ADD – While the collection has been confirmed by China Glaze, I have been informed by reps for Lionsgate that the details may not be accurate. I will update you when the colors and names are finalized.***

Even though I bitched about the casting on Twitter, I’m still excited to see the movie and love that the nail polish inspiration is listed with the colors.

Primrose - inspired by Prim
Rebel - inspired by Gale
Catnip - inspired by Katniss
Coal Hearted – inspired by District 12
Joined at the Seam – inspired by The Seam
Fight to the Finish – inspired by the night sky the Tributes look into
We Could Runaway – inspired by forest Katniss & Gale hunt in
Baker’s Son - inspired by Peeta
Cinna-mon – inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner
Fire in Flight - inspired by the Flaming Mockingjay
Heat of the Moment –  inspired by the costumes Katniss & Peeta wear into the Arena
Flaming Gems – inspired by Katniss’ interview dress

Where are my fellow Hunger Games fans? Are you excited about this collection? I have to say, I’m happy to see a brand besides OPI partnering with the movie industry and I have every faith that they will do the film justice.

May the odds be ever in your favor


The legal drama that left all of us wondering whether this collection would ever surface has ended. The original swatches posted above are being thrown out and a new collection is being created based on The Capital. This is the official word from Lionsgate:

SANTA MONICA, CA (December 9, 2011) – Lionsgate announces that it has partnered with worldwide beauty brand China Glaze on a collection of nail polish to debut in conjunction with the March 23, 2012 release of THE HUNGER GAMES.

In keeping with the powerful themes and messages of the story, the collection of nail polish will be inspired exclusively by one of the book’s distinct settings- the Capitol of the nation of Panem. Awash in lavish fashion, food, and entertainment, Capitol citizens enjoy extreme cosmetics and body modifications, bold wigs, and outlandish costumes.

The collection of colors will be available at specialty beauty retailers beginning on March 1, 2012.

image: Delta Cephe

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  1. Cat says:

    asdlkasjdlkashdihw!!!! That’s my head hitting the keyboard because I’m so damn excited about this!!! SOOOOOOO COOOOOOL. I loved the Hunger Games and I think it’s awesome that CG is copying OPI and doing a movie collaboration. I loved the books and think this collection looks really awesome.

  2. Amanda says:

    This collection looks sooo good, I love all the inspirations, I think they are interperted really well! Fire in Flight and Catnip are my favs!

  3. rae says:

    OH MY LORD! hunger games polish collection? be still my heart. i’m going to need basically all of these. must win lottery to buy more polish!!

  4. Lia says:

    looks like a fun collection and all the colors are really wearable!

  5. Kelly C. says:

    I’ve never heard of this book series before, though it sounds very much like the Japanese novel Battle Royale, which I read several years ago. Maybe it was an influence? Anyway, I LOVE these polishes, and can’t wait to see them on the shelf. I also hope for the sake of the fans out there that the movie comes out well : )

  6. Cin says:

    Another ChG collection I’ll be buying in it’s entirety. Looks amazing. Wish they’d have tried a bit harder with Peeta’s “Baker’s Son” – maybe a blue to match his eyes…

  7. anonymous says:

    I can’t see the two colors on the far right,because your TOP Posts,Recent Comments,and Labels covers them up. But what I do see does look pretty!

  8. Maureen says:

    OMG! I love them!! When can I get them?! When are they coming out?! I can’t wait to see Joined at the Seams and Cinna-mon in person!

  9. Genevieve says:

    I am so freaking out, this is one of my favorite series. I will have to buy every color JUST BECAUSE!

  10. Solana says:

    OMG; I have to have them all, just because it

  11. sara says:

    You KNOW I’m super excited for this collection!!! I have been in a nail polish malaise recently and this is JUST what I needed to get out of my funk!!

  12. Camilla says:

    I’m working my way through the series right now and I love it. I’m liking the polishes, too! What an awesome tie-in!

  13. Emma says:

    Ooh I love the look of these! And I’ve never even heard of Hunger Games! xx

  14. Jen K says:


    I’ve been a Hunger Games fan for a couple years now, and I can hardly wait for the movie!! Did you see, the trailer is coming out on MONDAY!!

    And the polish looks amazing too. Can’t wait to see it swatched!

  15. Ariel says:

    So, I’m a super big Hunger Games fan, but I was under the impression this collection was just a fan-created “wish” collection, not an actual China Glaze release. If it’s legit, I can’t wait!

    • Cate says:

      Yeah, the original site has a 404 on the page where they announced it, so I’m not counting any chickens.

  16. AC says:

    Omg. Omg. I NEED all of these!!!!! Although I’m looking at this on my iPhone and I can’t see the pics of Fight To the Finish or Flaming Gems… Still pretty sure I want them.

    I never got through Catching Fire, but I read the Hunger Games in one (sleepless) night and absolutely loved it… Is it worth continuing on with the series?

  17. Laura says:

    Holy Crap! I sooo loved these books and CANNOT wait for these polishes to come out!!

  18. I don’t know much about Hunger Games, so I can’t call myself a fan, but these colours look interesting.

    I like We Could Runaway, Heat of the Moment, and Flaming Gems the most. And because of the cute name, I’ll have to get Catnip!

  19. MimiG323 says:

    OH MY GOD! The movie comes out on my birthday! this makes it even better!!!!!

  20. kelliegonzo says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! so excited i can barely type too!!! thanks so much for letting us know :D squeeeeeeee!

  21. Catherine says:

    Ohmigosh! Super excited. Love the books and love the colors!

  22. Elle-Hime says:

    Is it just me or does Flaming Gems look very flake-like? =O

  23. mariela says:

    I haven’t been this excited for a collection in a long time! Hopefully I’ll be able to get these in Canada. Still haven’t found a place here that sells china glaze.

  24. Annie says:

    I love the trilogy!! I had no problems with the casting, and I am so excited for the movie!

    Love everything on the top row and the flaming Gems overlay.

  25. April says:

    Michelle, that is so AWESOME!!! Can’t wait! I’ll probably buy the whole collection. :)
    Thanks for the heads-up!

    PS Miss your posts! :)

  26. Wavycats says:

    I’m really looking forward to these, as well as the movie. Totally agree with you that it’s nice to see companies other than OPI partnering with the movie industry.

  27. Also really looking forward to the movie! Nice to see China Glaze upping their game. Flaming Gems has caught my eye, but will it just be another GOSH Rainbow I wonder? Heat of the Moment looks good too, but have that dang Asia song stuck in my head now (showing my age) :)

  28. ivyPINK says:

    OMG!!!!! I’m sooooooo excited!!!!! Ahhhhhh

  29. Sabrina says:

    I’m so excited~ I love the Hunger Games trilogy and these colours are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see Primrose, Catnip, Fire in Flight, Heat of the Moment and Flaming Gems in person. I can’t wait!

  30. Bri says:

    How random. I really enjoyed the books, but I’m refusing to support the movie because of the race issues with the casting. I won’t be picking any of these up, but I really like the greys and those last four, even though I generally don’t like yellow, orange or gold.

    I do find the level of merchandising a bit ironic, and it really kind of serves to cement the audience’s relationship with the Capitol rather than with the main character.

  31. Sasha says:

    Thank you for posting this! My jaw dropped. So excited!

  32. Alana says:

    i read all of them in one week. i couldnt get enough of it. this is so exciting!!!

  33. Jeannine says:

    I’m excited for rebel and joined at the seam!

  34. Alexis says:

    I posted this on my blog and linked back to you! I hope you do not mind xoxox

  35. Rie says:

    I am SO pumped about this, I don’t even care if I like the colors or not. I’m gonna need this entire collection!

    And may the odds be ever in your favor!

  37. Kinsey says:

    I literally squealed when I saw this post! I’m a nail polish nerd.

  38. fishgirl182 says:

    Reading and nail polish collide in the best possible way. So excited about this collection.

  39. Courtney Y says:

    when i first saw pics of this, i thought it was a fan fiction version of a polish collection, kind of like the Harry Potter one i’ve seen before. But man, i’m so excited for this collection! i think normally i wouldn’t be too fond of some of the colors, but just because it’s Hunger Games i might need to purchase the whole collection!!! all the glitters and shimmers are calling my name. Put me in the Reaping!! hehe

  40. Katie says:

    So excited! I love the Hunger Games series and will surely love the polishes.

  41. Lindsey R says:

    Oh cool! We Could Runaway and Flaming Gems are definitely ones I’ll be buying! And good to know I have until March to read the book, haha! Picked it up a while ago, but I keep reading other things instead. OOPS!

  42. These look AMAZING!!! So excited about these little dots of color :) :) :)

  43. Beth says:

    OMG, I want them alll….

  44. Suze says:

    OMG! Loved The Hunger Games…can’t wait for the movie…it’s coming out on my birthday…and with a 2 year old, I have not been to that many movies recently, but this is one I want to actually go to the night it opens! Can’t wait to see these colors in person!!!

  45. I don’t know what Hunger Games is…maybe I need to read it.
    But the collection looks amazing, and I’m hoping that China Glaze does more movie collabs. They are so creative and adventurous, so I know they could turn out some amazing things.

    Also, Flaming Gems has my name all over it. :D

  46. Giada says:

    Hi! What a great news! I red hunger games & I heard that will be there a film next year but a hole nail polish collection…. ?
    I can’ t believe!!!
    I like very much the book
    Thanks for the great news & come back soon because I miss soooooo much your posts!!!!

  47. Katie says:

    This. Is. Amazing.

    VERY excited!

  48. I cannot wait for this collection. All the colors look like winners already :D Hopefully they’ll be more than one winner ;)

  49. Melissa says:

    Wow, that’s exciting! I just got the Hunger Games series set from a friend, so I’m looking forward to reading them. I’ve heard good things about it from a lot of people. I’m now looking forward to some awesome nail polish colors.

  50. Nicole says:

    Love hunger games, love these polishes. I must have them! :) I can’t wait to see all the HG manis come out. :)

  51. Pia says:

    I was so excited when I saw this CG collection. Can’t wait to see the colours in person!

  52. Meeeeeeee says:

    OMG!!! Here I am sitting in my freeperiod in school with a bunch of guys a school, on a friday afternoon, I might add, distracting myself from doing my homework when I start looking at nailpolish (a huge obsession of mine, lately)and then I come over this article, totally randomly after looking around for China Glaze for over an half hour. I almost started screaming right there, just chilling out by myself at the table next to my classmates. This is the most amazing thing that has happened the whole week/month/year since I found out that they were making a Hunger Games movie. I finished reading the books (again) about a week ago and was half-sobbing that I had finished the last book (again). I had nothing else to look forward to then the trailer next week, but now I am bounching in my chair trying to calm down to look less like a complete freak. In public. :P Can

  53. Heather says:

    Shut up. LOVE THIS. And I LOVE the colors! They totally represent the Hunger Games!

  54. Jamie says:

    I have to say China Glaze has been coming out with some pretty impressive collections lately! I LOVED The Hunger Games Trilogy so I have to own this!

  55. Fingers says:

    I absolutely LOVED reading all three of the Hunger Games books! They just rocked!! I can’t wait to see the movie and these polishes!

  56. Julie says:

    It’s such a tease to see you post these cool nail polish colors and then have to wait till March!!! Glad you posted, you haven’t in a while :0(. I look forward to your posts!

  57. Misch says:

    OMG!!! So so so so excited!

  58. Katie says:

    OMG WANT. I had no idea China Glaze was doing a Hunger Games collection! This make me excited!!

  59. Jamie Rose says:

    Oh my I’m so excited for this! I might have to get them all!

  60. Alice says:

    Pretty! Good to see you posting again. Is all well?

  61. sassenach says:

    I LOVE The Hunger Games! You love me… real or not real? Gahhhh! I will own this entire collection.

  62. Melissa says:

    OMG!!!!!! WANT!!! NO, NEED!!!!!!

  63. Cotton Candy says:

    These shade are so so so pretty!!!
    ? it!

  64. Laura says:

    Completely obsessed over the books!! Now equally obsessed with the collection!! Can’t wait!

  65. Brittany says:

    AH! Hunger Games and Nail polish my favorite things, and such pretty colors!

  66. RM says:

    Failure on the picture, where they wrote inspired by Prime instead of Prim, LOL. Anyways, I totally love the Hunger Games series (Suzanne Collins is a boss, her Underland Chronicles were a favorite of mine way back in elementary/middle school), and I’m super excited for this collection (and the movie!).

  67. I’ll get them ALL!! Can’t wait!!! Although there are a few typos in that image, and that bother’s me. (“Inspired by Prime”… lol)

    I can’t wait to see better images!

  68. Michele says:

    I’m so excited! I have to have all of these! Is this a confirmed collection or just a rumor? I’m going to be heartbroken if these aren’t real!!!

  69. Jess says:

    OMG. Yesssssssss!

  70. jackie says:

    My daughter gave me the books, and I couldn’t put them down….can’t wait for March …you can bet that I will be wearing these!!!

  71. Tracy says:

    Bottled awesomeness.

  72. Callie says:

    Wonderful colors-seem more suited to fall than March but perfectly fit the books (hopefully the movie too). Love the books, love China Glaze, love the polish names, love the theme! Will definitely have Primrose and Cinna-mon and Catnip.

  73. Claudia says:

    Not to be a huge downer, because I LOVE The Hunger Games and I would totally buy ALL of these polishes, but your original source at Delta Cephei seems to have been removed. Are you sure it’s real, and not just a “fantasy” collection?

  74. Raye says:

    Freaking out a little bit, in a good way. And Flaming Gems…is that a FLAKIE I spy?

  75. amy says:

    I am excited to see The Hunger Games nailpolishes as well as the movie. It only took me 2-3 days to finish each book in the trilogy because I couldn’t put it down. I even have the book on tapes in my iTunes.

  76. vvn says:

    Let me start by saying this is by no means a complaint! I just wanted to say that I miss your updates on new collections. It’s been hard to find another polish blog that’s quite as comprehensive as yours to fill my polish void.

  77. Alana says:

    this is so exciting! i can’t wait for the colors to come out and the movie. i will definitely own all of them :)

  78. I just requested this book from the library. Can’t wait to read!

  79. Maddie says:

    not going to lye, am fully intentional on going out and buying the entire collection.

    hunger games = love
    nail polish = love
    this collection = omfgsdfujorjgteiojg
    thats right.


  80. Faith says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is not a color I don’t love. I swear they made this for me haha… :)

  81. Angelica says:

    I’m having heart palpitations I’m so stinking excited about the movie and the collection!

  82. Braiye says:

    My goodness, must reserve with Sally Beauty to ensure I get the entire collection :D

  83. Vivian says:

    I’m not excited for the Hunger games. I find it a huge rip off of the japanese novel Battle Royale which was published in 1999 and made into a movie in 2009, around the same time that the Hunger Games was published… grr…. but, I do love nail polish and love the preview so far. I’m conflicted lol. I probably won’t see the movie, but I’ll be buying these polishes :D

  84. Nerd Girl says:

    Love the sparkly ones – particularly Cinna-mon and Fire in Flight. I’d rock them all except Catnip.

  85. Aleya Bamdad says:

    I need them- all of them.

  86. Dae says:

    OMG, I just love them, just by looking at them you can see the characters and places, they look GREAT !

  87. Tay says:

    I’m beyond excited for this!!! I’ve been telling everyone to read The Hunger Games and with my love of nail polish, I can’t WAIT till March!!!

  88. KikaysiKat says:

    Fire in flight looks gorgeous! I cant wait to see a swatch on nails

  89. Bel says:

    Fire in Flight looks like the exact orange-with-gold that I’ve been hoping to find for years. So psyched.

  90. Christina says:

    I was reading a hunger games blog and they said that Lionsgate is being sued by China glaze because he contract was broken and the polishes will not be distributed. I hope not because I am a fan of the series and I am a nail polish junkie. It would have been cool to be watching the movie while wearing one of these polishes.

  91. Kay says:

    Does no one else get the irony of this? Capitol kids with their sparkly nail polish- Katniss would be appalled, lol.

  92. Lynne says:

    These are such gorgeous colors, but I hear the collection may not even come out!

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for these to actually get made, because it is just a stunning collection overall.

  93. Anna says:

    Wow these are gorgeous! I loved the HG books, I must have this collection… Christmas, perhaps? ;) Thanks for sharing!

  94. Scheherazade says:

    Is this collection still going to be released? Latest news on google seems to suggest that Lionsgate have pulled out :( I hope it gets resolved, though, because I was so crazy excited about this collection!

  95. Julia says:

    OMG I’m SOOOOOO Excited! I love the Seam, Cinna and Run Away ones! I’ll have to buy them just for the novelty even if I have already similar colours. But just a quick thing: I find China-Glaze really hard to deal with sometimes (the cream finishes) I have Innocence and Audrey and they both smudge a lot (dry slowly I guess). WHO CARES IF THEY’RE BAsED ON THE HUNGER GAMES THOUGH? haha

  96. Nadine says:

    ‘Hunger Games’ Studio Hit With $10 Million Lawsuit Over Nail Polish Deal: American International Industries says it has a deal to create the nail polish as part of the film’s upcoming promotional campaign but that Lionsgate has improperly terminated the contract.

    Full article at Hollywood Reporter (posted on 11/25/2011)

  97. Carrie says:

    I just started hyperventilating.

  98. Valerie says:

    Heard that these were nixed :( Super bummed considering I’ve had a lemming for Flaming Gems since I saw it!

  99. katess says:

    Emm they didn’t do a Haymitch inspired one? I figured if they were going to do one for all the important characters they’d do one on Haymitch too. But maybe it’s just too difficult to do a Haymitch color, since when I think of Haymitch in the first book, I immediately think of how he falls in his own pool of vomit and can’t get up. LMAO!

  100. Very interesting post. Can’t wait for the collection. Hope it pushes through.

  101. Michele says:

    I think these colors are still being used, and just the names have changed. I can’t find any site confirming where they got this info but a bunch of places are posting a new image (same colors) with different names…

  102. colors great! post help full.