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Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer for Spring 2011

By on April 7, 2011
in Estee Lauder, Spring 2011
estee lauder pure color nail lacquer spring 2011 nail polish bottles Nail Lacquer has really become a fashion statement like a must have accessory. This collection compliments the runway trends we saw for Spring 2011 and comes in a range of soft and bold shades to capture your favorite look. – Estee Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux

This spring Estee Lauder has stepped up their nail game by introducing SIXTEEN nail polishes in a new long lasting formula.  In the past EL has given us mainly “safe” nail colors with a twist here and there but I tend to think of their line as being more suited to the conservative nail gal.  It’s not the first brand I look to for new nail shades.  Well with a master of color like Tom Pecheux on board, things have changed.

The sixteen piece collection is divided in half with eight core colors that will be carried at most Estee Lauder counters and eight Nordstrom Exclusive hues that include blue and green.  While to the average Fanatic, blue and green isn’t revolutionary, to a brand like EL it’s a pretty bold statement.  By incorporating this new palette with a seriously impressive formula, Estee Lauder has got my attention.

Formula & Application: Estee Lauder nail lacquers are 4-Free (including formaldehyde resin).  Their signature square glass bottles are weighty and beautiful, like something you would find on your mother’s dressing table.  The only downside is that the thick glass can make the polish inside look a lot lighter than it will appear on the nail.   The gold chrome cap is long enough to allow a comfortable grip but the smooth surface can make opening the bottle a bit difficult if the seal is really tight.  The brush is squat, flat and wide with soft flexible bristles.

The new formula includes polymers that allow the polish to flow evenly across the nail and dry with a high-gloss, long-wearing shine.  I wore Ultra-Violet for four days with no top coat and it was still super shiney with very little tip wear.  I meant to snap a shot of it but I removed it at 3am in the midst of a pre-trip packing frenzy.

I have to say that in terms of pigmentation and viscosity I was so impressed. The polishes applied so thin and easy with a color payoff I was not expecting.  Even the lighter shades were two coat wonders.  Oddly enough, the only shades that required three coats were the darker hues (Chocolate Crave, Perfect Storm and Ultra-Violet).  Though I only applied a third coat due to dragging at the cuticle and that could have been due to not waiting long enough between coats.

Enchanted Garnet is a deep true ruby red creme. It doen’t have hints of wine or berry, just pure 40s screen siren goodness.

estee lauder enchanted garnet swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Frozen Fantasy is a pinkish nude frosty shimmer.  It borders on metallic with its slight brush stroke marks but it has enough pearl to keep it from being a nightmare.

estee lauder frozen fantasy swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Fuchsia Flame is a deeper, more red based version of fuchsia than her Nordie’s exclusive cousin below.

estee lauder fuchsia flame swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Hot Coral uploaded a lot more dull than it appears in person.  It’s a pretty bold creme.  It’s not as light and pink-y as some corals you may think of, Essie Carousel Coral.  It definitely leans on the bright red side of the color family.

estee lauder hot coral swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Pure Red is exactly as the name implies.  A primary red creme.

estee lauder pure red swatch pure color nail lacquer spring-2011

Purple Passion is a bright red grape creme.  Think Barney purple rather than Mismas purple.

estee lauder purple passion swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Rosa Rosa is a bright rose colored red creme.  This one is definitely more vivid in real life and one worth checking out.  As you know I’m not normally living in the red/pink world but this one is pretty captivating.

estee lauder rosa rosa swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Ultra Violet falls into the “sparkle” category in EL’s new color system.  Their polishes are all either cremes, shimmers or sparkles.  UV is plum based hue sprinkled with hot pink and gold micro-glitter.  Think of this as the red plum version Extravagant Night from the Holiday collection.  It has a slight duo-chrome nature and I tried to show that below but it doesn’t really come across on camera.

estee lauder ultra violet swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

estee lauder ultra violet pure color nail lacquer swatch detail spring 2011


Chocolate Crave is a perfect cocoa bar creme, not too red or blackened.  I first spotted it on Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen during Fashion Week and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bottle.  I’ve been craving brown cremes this spring and I have no idea why.

estee lauder chocolate crave swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Mega Fuchsia depicts what I think of when I hear the word fuchsia.  A hot pink creme with a tinge of cool purple in the base.

Oyster Cult is a silver pearl shimmer.  It’s much more metallic than a shimmer and honestly feels a bit old fashioned.  I’m a fan of the foil metallics than the old school pearl style.

Perfect Storm is a charcoal grey shimmer.  It’s a toned down version of glittery fan fave, OPI Baby It’s Coal Outside.

estee lauder perfect storm swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Sizzling Taupe is another metallic shimmer, similar to Oyster Cult and Frozen Fantasy.  This one looked so light in the bottle I wasn’t expecting much in terms of color impact but it’s definitely a smoky, rich taupe.

estee lauder sizzling taupe swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Violet Diva is a bright blue based purple creme.  I almost, almost thought I had a Mismas dupe on my hands but it’s not quite there.  It’s a little lighter but still a pretty true purple with just a hint of blurple tendancies.

estee lauder violet diva swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Wicked Green is a rich, evergreen creme.  I was expecting something along the lines of the bright greens we’ve been seeing this spring, OPI Don’t Mess With OPI, China Glaze Starboard, but when it dries it becomes something more like RBL Recycle.

estee lauder wicked green swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Wild Blue is a solid royal blue creme.  It appears a bit periwinkle on screen but not so much in real life.  It’s really stunning in person and again, not what I expected.  Like I mentioned above, the bottle is pretty deceiving.

estee lauder wild blue swatch pure color nail lacquer spring 2011

Bottom Line: If you’re an Estee Lauder or department store nail polish fan, I highly recommend checking out these new polishes.  I would say the formula has a slight edge on Chanel.  While the color palette doesn’t necessarily break new ground, I was so impressed with the formula and depth of pigmentation that quite a few of these beauties will be taking up permanent residence in my collection.  Chocolate Crave, Rosa Rosa, Ultra Violet, Violet Diva, Wicked Green and Wild Blue all get my stamp of approval while the shimmery metallics, Frozen Fantasy, Oyster Cult and Sizzling Taupe, get a pass.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer is available at Estee Lauder counters nationwide and  The last eight shades are exclusive to Nordstrom Estee Lauder counters and  Estee Lauder nail lacquers retail for $19/ea for a .3oz bottle.

What do you think of Estee Lauder bringing in a more diverse color range?  Are the Nordies exclusives something you would like to see become permanent?  If you own any of these colors do you notice a difference between the new and old EL formula?  Thoughts on the collection as a whole?

Stay tuned for your chance to win the entire 16 Piece Pure Color Spring 2011 Collection.

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by Estee Lauder.  For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Taxi says:

    OMG, Ultra Violet has to be mine!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely love Est

  3. Jiya says:

    Oh my god!! I am myself growing a nail laquer fan in me. The last nordstrom colors are droolworthy… I wonder where you keep these nailpaints… :)

  4. I’m excited about these! Even if the blue and green aren’t the most unique colors, I think it is pretty groundbreaking that a high-end brand like Estee Lauder is introducing them. I think this means exciting things in the future for us addicts!

  5. farrah says:

    in love with violet diva, wicked green and wild blue. i love bright colors and these are just what i’m looking for in a bright spring shade!

  6. Holly says:

    LOVE Perfect Storm!

  7. Hilary says:

    I’m LOVING, or should I say craving, Chocolate Crave. Definitely my fav in the collection!

  8. Adrianne S. says:

    I absolutely LOVE the sizzling taupe. I think with all the bright colors coming out in fashion, a neutral nail would work perfectly!

  9. Mabel says:

    Wild blue….it reminds me of one of my favorite things ever…my beat up blue volvo 240 wagon that ive name betty….blue just makes me smile

  10. Laura says:

    I’m so glad that you’re still reviewing entire collections in addition to the 365 of untries! EL seems to be pretty expensive for nothing extraordinary. I’m gunna stick to OPI

  11. aaminahs mom says:

    i think that all the cosmetics companies better get on board with the variety of colors, including holos, flakies and duochromes thats what we want so glad they are listening.

    • Katie says:

      Ultra Violet is on my nails right now! It goes on like a dream! Thanks for the great review on this collection!

  12. Sandy says:

    I love, love, love EL Pure Color nail polishes. One of my favorites when they were first introduced was a Cherry that was my to-go pedicure especially for the summer – absolutely gorgeous. In fact I still have some of it left. The shine on the lacquer is very nice. Thanks for your gorgeous swatches!

  13. Lauren says:

    Love Purple Passion, Ultra Violet, Perfect Storm, Violet Diva and Wild Blue! Will you be doing comparisons? Violet Diva looks so much lighter than Mismas, but I guess it must be closer than I think if you suspected a dupe at first. Great review! Can’t wait to go read about the contest…

  14. Julia says:

    Ultra Violet is definitely my favorite color! i don’t usually try other brands other then OPI and Essie but based on your review I might :)

  15. meme says:

    Loving Ultra Violet. I also in the past have purchased a few EL polishes because their older formula used to really stay on my fingers well. They had a shade that no one else matched they carried for years called Adobe which I am still looking for a color similar to that today that no one has. Not sure who makes the polish for EL. Used to be that it was the same company that made polish for Mary Kay. MK did not even have a different bottle shape over EL for years they were so identical.

  16. ach167 says:

    Next time Estee Lauder has a free gift I know what I’m getting! This collection, I feel, is all the basics that you would need to own. I could do without Frozen Fantasy but I think it will work well for long-time Estee Lauder followers.

  17. meme says:

    I also want to put Rosa Rosa and Violet Diva in my collection. I am so excited about being entered into the entire collection give away! Thrilled to see EL more ‘safe’ color line expanding but still responding to those die harts who have only used EL for years. I have to say they caught me eons ago with GWP in the 80′s back in my acrylic days. I bought a lot of EL then. Sticker price shock now per bottle and lack of access to a store as I had here pre all kinds of dept stores closing keeps me from looking and picking up more in the EL line as well as other Dept store brands.

  18. Monika says:

    Rosa Rosa looks really nice.

  19. vanessa nealy says:

    it’s a tough one…but I vote for Violet Diva. (something funky and spring-like to replace the ‘Black Pearl’ I have on now……)

  20. tPFmariah9999 says:

    I used to be a regional make-up artist for EL so I’m always happy to see my favorite make-up & skin care company evolving! I’m loving these colors and their formula is usually lovely. Some of these colors are definitely outside the box for them… I remember having to wear Lauder nail polish as an artist and dreaming of some fashionable colors. It looks like they are on their way. Go Lauder! :)

  21. Annie says:

    My favorite color has to be Ultra Violet.

  22. Peikko says:

    Hot Coral – finally a coral that isn’t all peachy pink. Looks gorgeous.

  23. Peggy says:

    Frozen Fantasy is my favorite because it looks so natural.

  24. Guarionex says:

    Sizzling Taupe all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time I have really admired an Estee Lauder collection!!! I wish I could hold a bottle to see the brush applicator and the weight of the bottle. I like heavy bottles.

  25. Natalie says:

    Perfect Storm is the perfect black.

  26. Erin says:

    oh my GOSH i can only pick one?!?! :) FAVORITE from this collection: violet diva! wish i had mismas and it sounds like this is close. also will consider sizzling taupe. and of course at least swatch the coral/ pink reds!

  27. Beth says:

    I love Violet Diva it’s a gorgeous color, I’ve never tried Estee Lauder Lacquer, but I might have to

  28. I absolutley love all of them, but I think my favorite is Wild Blue, then ultra violet :)

  29. Christina says:

    Mega Fuchsia!

  30. Kaitlin says:

    Loooove Violet Diva!

  31. Nina says:

    Wild Blue!

  32. lam says:

    I know it is not a spring color, but I LOVE the Pure Red!

  33. Cat says:

    Wow, I really love Ultra Violet and Perfect Storm. Sadly, right now I only see three of the Nordstrom exclusives online– hopefully the rest go up soon and aren’t sold out, because I am feeling a overwhelming urge to get Perfect Storm.

  34. karen says:

    i’m not a big fan of pinks/reds/nudes either but rosa rosa is for some reason really speaking to me haha. that and definitely violet diva.

  35. Jo says:

    Purple Passion and Ultra Violet!

  36. Heidi says:

    wow! purple passion, perfect storm, wild blue…LOVE! Who knew E.L. for nail polish!

  37. Kristina says:

    My vote is for Perfect Storm, however, they are all very beautiful. Nice pix!

  38. Thank you for ALL these swatches :)

  39. firefly says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  40. Sophia R. says:

    Gotta get Perfect Storm! :)

  41. Tracy Cogswell says:

    Ultra Violet. No – Chocolate Crave. NO – Ultra Violet. NO NO – Chocolate Crave. NO….

  42. janna says:

    I’ve never tried Estee Lauder polish, but I love the Nordstrom colors (I also no longer live near a Nordstrom!) – especially Chocolate Crave.

  43. Rissa says:

    Ultra violet is def hott!!!!

  44. natasha says:

    Violet Diva is definitely my favorite color! I’m a sucker for any time of purple creme!

  45. KeriM says:

    I love Chocolate Crave. Too many brown creams are too light, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  46. Tyesha says:

    Awesome collection. Right now liking Mega Fuchsia and I also wonder how the Perfect Storm compares to Essie’s Over the Top.

  47. Shira says:

    Pure Red! Red is the one color i rarely wear, but I love this one!!!

  48. Tammy says:

    I love Ultra Violet its so pretty and for some reason I have been loving anything purple lately. : )

  49. Lulu says:

    They are all so beautiful, but I love the violet diva! such a unique color…plus I’m a sucker for spring feeling purples.

  50. xiomi says:

    Althought not unique, most of them look great. I’m not a fan of the frosty looking colors. Thanks for the review!

  51. T says:

    I am loving ultra violet and rosa rosa!

  52. Jen says:

    I like Mega Fuschia or Fuschia Flame :)

  53. Elaine says:

    they all look really nice, but i think my favorite is wild blue.

  54. Rebecca says:

    Ultra Violet is so cool and sparkly and nice and I like it so much.

  55. PinkCheetah says:

    Wow, I think Chocolate Crave is the brown I’ve been searching for! I’m also loving darks right now when normally I’d be looking for a new orange for spring. This will be a nice addition to the rotation, along with RBL’s surprising new beauties.

  56. Laura says:

    Chocolate Crave and Ultra Violet look really amazing.

  57. Rosalinda says:

    My favorite is wild blue!

  58. Lily says:

    Lovin’ all the purples Ultra Violet though a must have for me!!!

  59. Rachel says:

    I’m loving Wild Blue and I’m always a sucker for the red/coral cremes.

  60. Kaley Brown says:

    My favorite color by far is Ultra Violet. I love purples!

  61. Mel says:

    Ooooh, that’s a good looking blue! And I kind of like that fuschia too.

    I have a huge heart for EL nail polish, after falling in love with a deep brown a few years ago (alas, age has not been good to the formula). Excited to try these new bottles out!

  62. Nicolle Jacobs says:

    Sizzling Taupe tugs at my heart strings, but Enchanted Garnet takes the cake!

  63. nataball says:

    wicked green!

  64. Denise F says:

    Ultra violet and Hot Coral! Even though they are dramatically different… a girl’s gotta have choices, right? :)

  65. Katelyn says:

    My favorite is Perfect Storm or Hot Coral! Although I also like Rosa Rosa.

  66. Michelle says:

    UltraViolet is my favorite by far! Eventhough enchanted Garnet and Perfect Storm are cool also.

  67. Claire says:

    Oh, Wild Blue all the way! I really like the reds as well.

  68. Alyssa Walpole says:

    Wild Blue is my fav!

  69. xtine says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ultra Violet! Purple+glitter=love!

  70. Lyncia says:

    I love Enchanted Garnet!!!!!!

  71. Thea says:

    Ultra Violet gets my vote!

  72. Shayla says:

    I’d say violet diva is my favorite, but I’m always a sucker for a good purple so ultra violet is also a front runner

  73. Melany says:

    I love Violet Diva!

  74. Diane Jimenez says:

    Mega Fuschia is definitely my favorite! And so is Enchanged Garnet! But the entire selection of colors is fabulous.

  75. Mimi says:

    “Ultra Violet” looks amazing, definitely my favorite here :)

  76. Diana says:

    I’m loving a number of the colors with Ultra Violet topping the list. At $19 each, they’re priced pretty steep but from you’re review the formulas seem to be worth it :)

  77. Kim says:

    Wow, I love Ultra Violet! The reds are my favorites.

  78. Franceska says:

    I love Ultra Violet! This is the perfect color and I’ve been searching for this exact color!!

  79. Candice says:

    I’m loving Purple Passion!

  80. shima says:

    Wow the wicked green!!! and Violet Diva these are beautiful colours!!

  81. Allison says:

    Ultra Violet makes me swoon! :) There are so many pretty colors in this collection!

  82. Amy says:

    Love Mega Fuchsia and Purple Passion!

  83. esra says:

    I love Violet Diva. It reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor, although I doubt she would ever wear such a garish color! It’s very me though.

  84. kathyb says:

    it’s so hard too choose! but i’m loving Enchanted Garnet.

  85. leah says:

    would you compair bad romance by deborah lippman to untra violet if you have it? I’m guessing theyre pretty different i’d just like to see them next to each other!

  86. Wild Blue and Violet Diva. Pretty unexpected colors for Estee Lauder I must say ;)
    I might pick them up actually. I like “different” colors but I’m very picky about the formulation.

  87. Does Ultra Violet dry dull because of the glitter? It’s very pretty!

  88. Vanessa says:

    frozen fantasy and rosa rosa!

  89. Kelli says:

    Ooooh yea I’m Craving that “Chocolate Crave”. Definitely!!

  90. Dani says:

    I’m loving “Wild Blue”–so many great shades though!

  91. Caitlin says:

    I’m loving the Ultra Violet color!!!

  92. Michelle says:

    Love the Ultra Violet and Wicked Green.

  93. Juliette says:

    I LOVEEE Violet Diva and Wild Blue!

  94. megan ciafardo says:

    my fave is purple passion

  95. Abbie says:

    Hot Coral and Rosa Rosa are gorgeous!

  96. Molly says:

    rosa rosa!!

  97. BrittanyM says:

    My favorite is Wicked Green, I love it! I also really like Ultraviolet.

  98. Tara M. says:

    I love the ‘Violet Diva’! So great for summer toes!

  99. Karen says:

    Rosa Rosa is too cool!

  100. Shelby says:

    Ultra Violet is definitely my favorite, absolutely gorgeous!

  101. Annie says:

    Love the Sizzling Taupe! Such an awesome contest– thanks for hosting!

  102. L says:

    Who won the Estee Lauder collection? (maybe… me? *fingers crossed*)

  103. Bee says:

    Love them all! I was wondering if you could find me a drugstore dupe of Wild Blue? Absolutely gorgeous that colour!

  104. hannah says:

    I Have that Hot coral. I do not like it. It`s RED,not coral at all. I`m a long time fan of Estee Lauder products, but now I`m disappointed. Please tell your opinions if you have tried that hot coral. Is it red or am I totally colorblind? It looks pretty in bottle though.

  105. Judi says:

    Must Have Sizzling Taupe by Estee Lauder