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Chanel Summer – Orange Fizz and Golden Sand

By on March 24, 2009
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The look for Chanel’s summer collection, Cote D’Azur, is an upscale take on beachy and bronzed. As I mentioned in the preview, the collection was inspired by Coco Chanel’s favorite resort locales. So while you’ll find traditional summery hues; coral, bronze, beige, peach, they’re done in an elegant, understated (i.e. anti-glitter bomb) way.

Of course we get two new lacquer shades for summer… Orange Fizz and Golden Sand. Check out my review and swatches after the jump!

Orange Fizz is a creamy coral that leans towards pink. It’s not uber-vivid yet not muted. It falls somewhere in between. Now, when I heard the name Orange Fizz, I imagined a sparkly tangerine heading our way as I’m sure most of you would. While this shade is unlike any corals I own, you kids know I would have died for some orange-y glitz.
In my stash’s color range Orange Fizz falls between the very pink coral, Essie Carousel Coral and last summer’s Robertson Boulevard exclusive, L.A. Sunset.

Golden Sand‘s coppery metallic hue is an ideal accent color to faux-glowed skin. It’s got that burnished, sun-soaked look. I just wish metallics were easier to work with. Granted this one isn’t the worst I’ve dealt with but avoiding brush strokes isn’t happening, making it more suitable for pedicures since imperfections aren’t as visible from far away.
In the bottle, I thought Golden Sand would be a MAC Metalist dupe but it’s clearly more pigmented and deeper. Next to China Glaze Poetic, you can see that Poetic has a lot more brown in its base.
The Chanel Summer Cote D’Azur collection Le Vernis lacquers ($23) are on counters now and available online at

How are we feeling about these? Who already purchased? Thoughts?

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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. vbie3714 says:

    I am underwhelmed :( I was hoping for at least that ‘secret shimmer’ that Chanels have. I have Orange Blossom already and cannot justify another coral at the Chanel price. It doesn’t seem unique enough. And Me no likey metallics so I just stay away from those! lol.

  2. Orli says:

    Eh, I do like Orange Fizz but for the price of Chanel polishes, I don’t think that colour is worth it. Also I have carousel coral and they do look really similar. Golden Sand looks nice on you but I’m not a fan of brown/coppers.

  3. The Rotund says:

    Ditto on the underwhelmed. However, that LA Sunset from Chanel is HOT.

  4. Blackkattattoos says:

    Just Eh…

  5. Lauren says:

    Meh. I love orange for summer and was so hoping Orange Fizz would have that amazing subtle glimmer that makes Chanel polishes unique. But a coral creme? I’ll pass; I already have CG Orange Marmalade to satisfy my need for orange-soda summer tips and toes.

  6. Alisonmidd says:

    I usually must have Chanels but these are just not doing it for me. Orange fizz, while yours is the best pic I’ve seen, I too would have preferred the wonderful sbtle shimmer synonymous with Chanel polishes. Golden sand is just too brown and I too don’t like working with metallics. These colours just aren’t for me, I’m sure they probably look stunning on someone with tanned skin, but I am just too pale to carry these kinds of colours off.

    I am holding onto my money for cosmic violine!

    What base coat and top coat do you use for Chanel polishes as they tend to chip easily on me, yet most of my favourite colours are Chanel! Thanks :)

  7. Emily says:

    I dunno.. they’re not saying ‘wow’ in my opinion. How about you? I’m skipping this collection, though I may need the Essie polish! I’ve never been big on oranges, or dark corals. I want to buy a metallic though soon.