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Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale Haul & Some News

By on November 13, 2010
in Rescue Beauty Lounge

As you know, the Rescue Beauty Lounge 50% Off Sale took place a couple weeks ago and I just happened to be in NYC at the time. Of course I was on a boat when the sale started and my cell phone was failing me big time. Thank goodness for my pal Carla from Product Girl who was able to place my order for me. Talk about a lifesaver! Anyway, my order arrived on Wednesday and since I was in the midst of organizing my charity beauty sale, I haven’t had a chance to play with them until now.

Film Noir, Cherry Love, Starfish-Patrick and Ani

See what they look like on the nail and find out what Ji from RBL is up to next, after the jump!

Today is the last in a rare streak of gorgeous, sunny weather here in the CLE so I did a quick swatch of each polish so I could enjoy a bit of time outside before the gray gloom sets in.

I ended up using three coats of Ani (index) and Starfish-Patrick (middle) and two coats of Cherry Love (ring) and Film Noir (pinkie).  I know these aren’t typically my type of colors but I already own the majority of the RBL lineup so I’m just filling out my collection.

Ani isn’t quite what I was expecting. It looks a bit too old fashioned on me. I’m not really a beige-y gold girl to begin with but I wanted to give it a try because it looks so gorg in the bottle. I’m sure as soon ALU Mom sees this post she’ll offer to take it off my hands so at least it will have a good home.

I had asked my pal Steff from Short N Chic about Starfish-Patrick before the sale, as I was on the fence about it, and she was so right, I NEED it in my life. I already adore the other two polishes from the Marc Jacobs inspired Spongebob collection so I should have just known I would love this one too. It’s melon jelly perfection.

Cherry Love didn’t apply as well as I would expect from RBL.  It went on in two coats but the formula was a bit thicker than normal.  Has anyone else noticed that as well or is mine a fluke? Maybe it just needs a good shake and rest period. I have another bottle here, I did a group order with Steff, but since it’s not mine I’m not going to open it.  The color itself is really pretty.  A nice blue-based red creme.

Film Noir is a glossy, vampy purple that reminds me of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.  It has that same feel on the base colors are very different.  I don’t normally opt for “almost-black” polishes but when I do, I’ll be sure to grab this.

News from RBL

RBL Blog – I spoke with Ji recently and she shared with me that she’s going to be launching a blog soon.  Look for it to go live near the end of November or beginning of December.  She wanted to wait until the sale craziness was over.

Now don’t go there expecting to see her pimping her product, this is not what her blog is about.  It’s going to be about the things Ji loves and what’s important in her life.  Cooking, restaurants, non-nail beauty products, politics, books, NYC etc.  It’s an inside look at the woman who creates the colors we all love and adore.  Knowing what a foodie she is, I’m looking forward to reading about her favorite spots to nosh in the city.

Bring It Back – Of course that doesn’t mean it will be all play and no work.  One of the first things Ji is going to do is give us a chance to bring back two discontinued colors.

Ji is the type of woman who likes to look forward, not back, thus her mention on Facebook of creating Version 2.0 of colors like Opaque Nude (Jane) and Black Russian (coming soon).  However, she realizes that we have a love for her discontinued creations so she will post a poll to vote for our fave colors bringing back the top two.  Last year she brought back Scrangie and No More War thanks to an overwhelming demand via Facebook and email so she’s going to continue that tradition on her new blog.

So which two colors would you want to see come back to the RBL lineup?  Have you discovered a new RBL fave in your sale order?  Are there any colors you regret not buying and plan to pick up sometime soon?

btw, please go over to Steff’s blog and send her some positive vibes and well wishes. She’s been dealing with a lot lately and could use the nail community’s support.

Disclosure: I purchased all the RBL polishes featured here.  For more info view my Disclosure Policy.

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  1. Sian says:

    My RBL Cherry Love is thick and a little hard to work with too. I thought it was just my bottle but it must be something about the colour.

  2. Nicole says:

    Im bummed about missing out on 360. Im hoping more will be available on that one! I also have noticed the thickness on the polishes that you mentioned. My bottle of No More war was that way. Does anyone here have the 3 step base coat, base coat prep and topcoat that she makes? Does it make a huge total difference in wear time?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      I get great wear out of the RBL three step system just as I get better wear from Zoya when I use their system but I’ve worn RBL with my fave CND Stickey base coat and CND Super Shiney and had great wear as well. Personally I don’t think that thick quick dry top coats, like Seche Vite, work as well with RBL but that’s just me.

  3. Candice says:

    My Cherry Love was also thicker…. I also got Moulin Rouge, Atame and Drifter and those were a little on the thick side as well. I briefly wondered if they were old polishes left in the stockroom for a while…

  4. Winnie says:

    I got Ani also, not sure how it will look on me, but it had such good reviews and I’m always looking for a nice neutral for the occasional break from my purple/blue/green obsession.
    I also got Frugalista (the only one of the 3 glitters I didn’t have), Drifter, Recycle (!), Teal, Stormy and Concrete Jungle. Rounded out my collection nicely.
    I was bummed that Grunge was sold out, also Bikini Bottom, 360 and Orbis, but there’s always the next order (if they’re available).
    I thought you were going to get Chinoise? Was it sold out too? Oh, and I know some people were bummed that Mismas was sold out as well, glad I already have it! Hmm, I also had Film Noir in my basket at one point too… sigh…. so much polish, so little… money ;-)

    • kirsten says:

      Bikini Bottom and Orbis were my major disappointments as well! Hopefully Ji will bring them back for us! At least you know Grunge will definitely be re-stocked! I already have it and its a wonderful color!

      Also it was Glamourpuss she was going to get. She’s already got Chinoise. I remember because it was her swatches that got me to buy that entire collection of Chinoise, Purple Haze, Recycle, and Yellow Fever a couple years ago. It remains my favorite RBL collection to this day.

  5. Lauren says:

    My initial reaction to which two colors I’d vote for was Purple Haze & Mismas. But then I started to think I’d love to see a version 2.0 of them. The truth is, I wouldn’t buy them again since it would take a really long time to use them up, but I feel bad for other people who never got their hands on them! I guess I’d vote for their sake. :)

    I’m pretty stoked about the colors I got during the sale. I’ve been wanting Chinoise ever since you reviewed it, but didn’t want to spend $18 on a red. I’m glad I got my hands on it before it sold out. It’s really the perfect red. I managed to get Concrete Jungle (also thanks to your review) before it sold out too. I also got Coral, which I’m looking forward to using in the spring and summer. And I got Look Rich, Be Cheap to wear to a wedding in a couple weeks. It is going to look amazing with my dress.

    Did you end up getting Cherry Red because Glamourpuss sold out? I know you were thinking of getting that one.

  6. Sonya says:

    I hope she brings back concrete jungle! I didn’t get a chance to buy that one and I really want it. Are there any other brand dupes out there just in case it doesn’t win?

  7. Christine says:

    I’ve been actually craving the Sponge Bob-inspired collection for quite a while. Are they all jellies?

  8. space geek says:

    I have the 3 step system and like it. I’ve stopped using the top coat much because it seems I never have time to wait. I got Ani also at it is total manikin hands on me. I kind of like it. Atame is my perfect deep red for fall. Haven’t tried scrangie yet but I think it is going to be pedicure perfection. Wish bikini bottom hadn’t been sold out but maybe next time!

    • kirsten says:

      I’m still heartbroken over missing out on Bikini Bottom which I’m hearing was actually sold out before the sale had even started(as was Orbis Non Sufficit) so I too am desperately hoping it will be one of the shades she brings back! *fingers crossed*

  9. Stephanie says:

    First, thanks for the shoutout <3 Second, I had no idea that you got Film Noir and Cherry Love too! Feel free to break into my bottle and try out the formula. I have no problem with that. Third, I'm so glad you love Starfish Patrick. Definitely one of my favorites :)

  10. Laine says:

    Cherry Love is def weird in formula. I got mine the last sale and it I was very confused. Where was that dreamy RBL formula? Even with thinner it’s still thick.

    and i want MOXIE back! MOXIE!!!

  11. FionaT says:

    My cherry bottle from RBL is also thick. It must be a common problem then, what to do?

  12. Kirsten says:

    Hands down my #1 pick for Ji to bring back is Bikini Bottom and clearly since it was already sold out when I tried to buy it at exactly 11AM I must not be alone in that desire! Then my #2 is either Orbis Non Sufficit or Locavore. If I could pick a 3rd then it would be a tie between Bruised and Black Russian(which I had no idea was one of the shades she wasn’t planning to simply re-stock so now that’s the shade I regret not getting since it was still in stock when I placed my order). Not asking for much am I? LOL. Seriously though as long as she brings back Bikini Bottom I will die of blissful happiness!

    And of course I’m hoping she will also re-stock the Treatment System in time for xmas because that and her book are on my xmas list!

    Out of my haul I’m most in awe of Under the Stars, Teal, Smitten, and Dead Calm, but I’m really loving all 11 of the shades I picked up!

  13. Khabeer says:

    I would love it if she brings back “Moxie” i really love that color. I’m dying to see what version 2.0 of “Black Russian” will look like.

  14. KayDiKat says:

    I am a purple lover, so I definitely want to see Purple Haze back. I don’t know if Mismas is going to be discontinued, or if it’s just sold out, but that would be my second vote.

    I haven’t tried my entire RBL haul yet, so I can’t pick a fave yet, but I am really surprised at how much I like Jane – not part of the sale, but so worth it!

    I wish that I had picked up Diddy Mow, OrbisNS on sale before they sold out. I’m not usually into green, but RBL has amazing greens!

    Even at full price, if Bruised is restocked, I will buy it right away. Also, still waiting on Grunge!!!

  15. Laureen says:

    Thanks for the note about the top and base coats, I was just about to ask. I have been using Orly Bonder and Seche Vite w/ my RBL polishes and they chip like crazy!

  16. KatieM says:

    I would love to see Locavore comeback but I know glitter polishes are not for everyone. I missed out on getting Bruised & the base coat (a group purchased 30). I now I kinda regret not getting Film Noir after seeing your swatches (I was on the fence then decided to go with Black Russian)

    On a side note I think it’s a bit funny that Black Russian is already ReVamp 2.0, so making Black Russian 2.0 will make Revamp 3.0. (I’m easily amused)

    But what I’m dying to find out is which colors are being discontinued & which are just sold out but will be back. I know Grunge will be back but will Bruised? Was the Surf Collection a Ltd Ed?

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Actually Black Russian is ReVamp, it had to be renamed due to a naming issue with Chanel so I don’t know that it’s technically a 2.0.

      I’m not entirely sure about which colors are considered perm and which ones aren’t but from what I gather from Ji, if it’s been knocked off or duped, it will probably be dc’d. The seasonal collections are limited edition so when they sell out, they’re gone. Like from the blogger collection, she only brought back Scrangie because there was a demand on Facebook. But like the glitter collection, surf collection, etc. when they sell out they’re probably not coming back.

  17. sara says:

    I picked up 360 and Au Chocolat, but I haven’t had a chance to play with them. I know I’ll love 360 (because it’s my kind of color), but I don’t know about Au Chocolat. I’m hoping for the perfect chocolate brown creme. If it fits the bill, it’s totally my Thanksgiving Day mani! :)

  18. Ippo456 says:

    I’ve noticed that some of my RBLs are thick, too.
    I bought some RBL Tudor polishes from a local store & I find the formula very thick.
    But when I received some more RBL polishes in the mail from the 50% sale, they were fine.

  19. zb says:

    Thanks for the great review! I hope Ji brings back Killa Red. I missed out on that. I also missed out on the sale because I was on a plane. :(

    I didn’t realize Black Russian was being DC. I’ve been meaning to get a backup bottle and I guess I’m too late. I have Re-Vamp and I think it’s one of the few polishes I ration, I love it so much!

  20. Stacey says:

    Interesting enough, I find Ulta brand basecoat and X-dry topcoat to work really well. $5 a piece and we all know how Ulta always has a sale or coupon.

  21. Stacey says:

    Also, I found Dead Calm to be thick. Nail polish thinner should work to thin out some of these thick polishes.

  22. melli says:

    Good haul! My order is coming in the next week or so. I would love to see Purple Haze, Concrete Jungle, or Moxie come back.

    I ordered Ani, and will be curious to see what it looks like on me. I am so glad you love Starfish Patrick! It is such a pretty, squishy melon colour.

  23. Annie in Norway says:

    I would vote for Locavore!!! It’s such a huge lemming of mine :) And Mismas… I really really wanted to get it at the sale but it was sold out (and Orbis…)

  24. Violet says:

    The one polish I wanted to order that was sold out is Orbis Non Sufficit, so I’d love to have that one brought back. For the other polish – definitely Purple Haze. I love lavender and light purple polishes and everyone says that there is no dupe for Purple Haze and I missed out on that one, too!

  25. michaela says:

    Did anyone else find the tudors thick in formula like Ippo456? i really want Anne and Catherine H but not if they are thick!

  26. Kristina, lover of polish says:

    My friend I grouped our order from the RBL sale to save on shipping. We both included a bottle of Ani in our order and although the formula is most excellent, we agreed that it was a bit plain. My friend put a top coat of Lippmann Boom Boom Pow over Ani and LOVED it. I’m thinking Ani by itself is a good, safe color for interviews and business meetings…but jazzing it up with another top coat is a fantastic idea.

  27. Cindy Towson says:

    I also bought Ani from the sale,so was glad to see your photo wearing this shade. I also bought the base coat prep and top coat from the sale. I had just received my first RBL order on the Friday prior to the sale day – little did I know there was a sale until just before the day arrived – thanks to hearing about it here! I had ordered Stormy and Concrete Jungle as my first RBL colors and found the CJ rather thick so just used one coat of the color and found it wore well – I did find the shade to be rather more blue than I thought it would be. I like the Stormy shade very well and also just applied one coat of color -but think 2 coats would have been good and will do that next time. I hope to be able to get the RBL Base Coat sometime in the future since it was sold out.

    Any chance you will be reviewing the new Winter shades from Essie?

  28. tussah says:

    I want her to bring back Killa red…I’ve been trying to get that one…

  29. lvh75 says:

    I vote for Bruised to come back (I’m so sad I missed out on this one), Mismas, Concrete Jungle, Purple Haze, and probably the surfer collection, at least one more round, since they’ve only been out for a couple months this year and not everyone has gotten a chance to pick em up. Also Black Russian, because that just seems so beautiful, and I bet people didn’t think this one would sell out, and some have may have missed out…Just my opinion…

  30. Elusive M says:

    I love how Ani looks in the photo. I generally love those types of polishes… Lippmann’s ‘Satin Doll’ looks very similar, and OPI’s ‘Sand in my Suit’ is in the same family. I love them all!

  31. christina says:

    Oh! I want starfish patrick!

  32. BV says:

    Whoa Nelly I am so glad you posted this! I was super disappointed with Cherry Love being all thick and weird too. So strange because RBL is usually pigmented but thin which is what I love about it. I put a whole heap of Zoya Renew in it though and that worked… but strange I had to do that with a RBL!!

    Thanks again

  33. Holly says:

    I am still waiting for my order, but I know it has shipped. I purchased Ani & Drifter. I’m hoping in Ani I get a dressier version of Grunge, which I LOVE. From your (very helpful!) swatch it looks like I’m in luck! I was sad to miss out on Concrete Jungle – it was already sold out. I was super close to pulling the trigger on Bangin’ too, but decided to stick to my budget *sigh*

  34. Sandy says:

    I wanted a back-up of Diddy Mow, Chinoise, Black Russian and Orbis NS – non of which I was able to obtain and I was online at 11:00 AM sharp EST. Not complaining, because I got Ani, Cherry Love (they’d already sold out of Glamourpuss which Michelle had sold me on), Concrete Jungle had sold out and Bikini Bottom but I also got back-up of Recycle :), and some of the Tutor polishes but I’m a very happy camper! I do hope Ji comes back with Chinoise and Black Russian and Diddy Mow!

  35. Issaca says:

    yea my bottle of cherry love was thick as well. I put maybe 30 drops of thinner and it still didn’t make it thinner. I have it on now, so the end result is amazing.

  36. Fran Goldb erg says:

    I bought quite a few bottles during the early part of the sale. I was dissappointed at a little after 10 am Mismas was sold out as was Bruised. I have Ani and love it. Its chic and understated. A great office type polish. I also purchased: Black Russian, Drifter, Om, Scrangie,and Chinoise. I am sad that Grunge was not availabe. It reminds me of the old Revlon Misty Lilac before they changed the color in the mid seventies. OK I am dating myself. I do have to say that the base and top coat are the best out there. I am able to keep a manicure lasting 5 days and consider my hands are everywhere that speaks volumes. I am can even keep Chanel Paradoxl on a long time. I found that a quick touch up with the polish on the tips and Deborrah Lippmans’ Addicted to Speed works. No chipping at all on this one!!!! Too bad I cannot say the same for Butter London products.

  37. I always wished I got a bottle of Purple Haze. I wouldn’t mind if she brought it back! :)

  38. lili says:

    hi!! i really love your blog… i’m from mexico and it’s kind of hard to get the nail polishes that you review here. But I’m a big follower of your blog, thank good in my city we have sally beauty supply, so I can get some of the china glaze or orly to use them as dupee…, also i use some brands like top colors, klean colors and one mexican called Bissu… im your biggest fan!! :) and yes i’m obssesed with nails polishes, they can say a lot about us!!! greetings from mexico!!

  39. I have the 3 step system and like it. I

  40. xtine says:

    Concrete Jungle was sold out when I ordered, so I am bummed about that. I did get Teal and Scrangie. Teal is on my tips now…..there were others on my list, but they will have to wait!

  41. I ended up missing this sale due to work (fun!) but film noir and cherry love had both been on my to-buy list. I quite like film noir. I also like the other two colors you purchased, especially the melon – very striking!

  42. Molly says:

    I got my FIRST EVER RBL on the 50% sale thanks to ALU!! I went with Film Noir, Diddy Mow, Sheer Nude, Moulin Rouge and Atame (so you say I like a dark red creme?). I am LOVING them!! I’ll be in NYC in 10 days and want to pick up more color as well as RBL base and top. Thanks again, ALU!!