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Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall Collection Pre-Sale Dates

By on July 28, 2010
in Rescue Beauty Lounge

Calling all Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish lovers. I have an update for you regarding the Pre-Sale dates for the Fall 2010 collection.

rescue beauty lounge fall 2010 collection bottles. the real housewives of the tudor dynasty

The pre-sale is set to commence on August 2nd, ending on August 3rd. You must be on the Rescue Beauty email list to be invited to this VIP sale.  Pre-sale orders will ship in September.

FYI from Ji: Do not load your shopping cart prior to the pre-sale.  Those items will have to be cleared to correctly track inventory. Also, this is NOT a 50% off sale. Just a pre-sale for the Fall collection.

If you aren’t signed up for the RBL email list, do so on the homepage;  Happy shopping!

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There Are 9 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Styrch says:

    That promo image is just so gorgeous. Nice and simple. I love RBL. :) Can’t wait for these!

  2. Andrea says:

    nice colors

  3. Sharon says:

    The colors are rich, but a little on the dark side.

  4. melli says:

    Thanks for the dates…making sure I am near a computer on August 2nd :).

  5. Nice colors and also my favorite! I will wait for august eagerly.

  6. danielle says:

    hi, Wonderful work you are doing here, this site was exactly what i was looking for.

    omg i cant wait for these. specially catherine & catherineh, which are so pretty!

    i have something to ask though. For what i’ve come to, you dont have reviews for jordana or l.a. girl… anyway, nevermind. i was just wondering.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Hi Danielle! Glad you found me. I’ve never come across Jordana or L.A. Girl polishes so that’s why I haven’t reviewed them. Thanks for suggesting them to me.

      • danielle says:

        i’ve seen jordana’s in drugstores (maybe not the best place for nail poslish), but never bought one of it, although they got plenty of colors.
        some time ago, a friend came by and showed me her nail polish, it was so pretty. she only told me the name, l.a. girl, but actually forgot to tell me where to buy it :/.

  7. carina says:

    when are we going to be seeing comparisons?! :)