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Illamasqua Hectic and Strike Nail Varnish

By on July 15, 2009
in Green, Illamasqua, Turquoise
In honor of the upcoming Illamasqua launch at Sephora, I thought I’d share a couple more fab shades from their Nail Varnish line. In case you missed my post last week, Illamasqua is coming to the US and will be sold on starting July 21st. That’s only SIX days from now!! Yippee!! Now I can make all the REST of their polishes mine.

I’m also looking forward to snagging a few eyeshadows and lip glosses to try. The packaging is just so amazing I want it all. The eye quads are especially tempting. I could just go on and on but you’re here for the polish, right? Let’s take a look!

As with all the other Illamasqua’s I’ve tried, the formula is phenom. On the thick side but spreadable and smooth. Strike was pigmented enough to only need two coats but Hectic’s semi-sheer jelly-ish consistency required three coats to go opaque.

Strike – Is a bright, metallic turquoise. In the bottle it looks like it has a bit of gold flash but that’s just a reflection off the metallic particles. On the nail that pearly effect creates dimension and unfortunately, a bit of brush stroke madness. It’s not so overly stroke-y that I can’t deal though.
Hectic is an army green/pea soup creme. It’s like so fugly it’s cool, if that makes sense. I love its funky look as it reminds me of RBL’s No More War but on the lighter side of that. Color me smitten!
These along with all the other Illamasqua Nail Varnishes will officially go on sale at on July 21st and in their Times Square location on July 30th. The polishes will retail for $14/ea and should be in stores across the country come fall.

If you need some more Illamasqua enabling check out my previous swatches HERE!

So who else is counting down the days, plotting their first Illamasqua order? Which colors are you dying to try?

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There Are 19 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Vivi says:

    i cant wait to get Rampage on my fingers! im so escited about Illamasqua coming soon! i really cant wait!

  2. MoLo says:

    I'm willing to live on ramen for a month for Hectic, Milf, Phallic, Muse, Rampage, and maybe Loella.

  3. Solveig says:

    Oooh, Strike is pretty! It's so nice to see some Illamasqua swatches, it's kinda hard to imagine the color from the swatches on their website.

  4. Katie - says:

    Wow. Those go on really, really nicely. And they're aren't too expensive either =) I definitely need new nail polish, I'll have to look into this.

    - Katie

  5. naildesign says:

    Oh that turqoise seemed to be really cute in the bottle, but the streakiness I didn't like that much…

  6. crotchfairy says:

    Of course, I'm going to get Propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then Rampage and Milf. Would it be possible to get a side by side comparison of Hectic, RBL No More Ware and OCC's Swamped?

    Muse is looking more and more appealing though. It looks perhaps dupable?

  7. stephanie says:

    gorgeous! i'm so stoked to try these. they won't be cheap by any means, but the colors are all so gorgeous!

  8. Jaime M. says:

    Rampage and Propaganda shall be mine! Oh, and you know what else would be awesome? If someone could tell me how to pronounce the brandname. That is all.

  9. Mama Jen says:

    that green will be mine

  10. moonchaii says:

    Hey, wow, that's the day of my best friends birthday! She doesn't like nail polish as much as I do, so I guess I'll have to get some for her ;] Mainly Milf, Spartan, Muse and maybe Poke

  11. Anonymous says:

    your nails look fantastic!

    how does that compare to macs plasma blue?

  12. Stephanie Zheng says:

    oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE Strike! For some reason, the color really intrigues me. Can't wait until July 21st!

  13. MsSvelteNY says:

    I am foaming at the mouth. I'll be there with all my pennies.

  14. Alanna says:

    oooh this blog is perfect! ive never seen it before. This satisfies my craving for my nail polish obsession!

  15. Cali369 says:

    I succumbed this week. I had a customer meeting in London, just off Oxford Street. It had been very short notice, an early start, thankfully went very well and we were done by 10.30. So I *deserved* to pop into Selfridges and check out Illamasqua, right?! The MUA was great, friendly and helpful although I think his application skills lay in makeup not nail polish! I came away with Milf, Rampage and Muse and skittle nails. I tried the olive too but it really didn't look good with my skintone, shame cos I loved the colour. I'm soooo excited to try my new purchases out!

  16. Stef says:

    I think I'm the only person on the planet not jumping on the Illamasqua bandwagon!!! I just don't see the big deal with it. But I'm a China Glaze girl because of you Michelle, I stick with what I like!

  17. Allison M. says:

    I'm kind of loving the pea green color. It might be me, but I'm getting over the shiny metallics.

  18. Hanna Kim says:

    OOOoo I LOVE the pea soup color!! hopefully it won't be sold out at times sq!

  19. Arrianne says:

    I love it’s so fugly it’s cool colors, like Nubar Hot Lime Green and SH Lickety-split Lime.