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Rescue Beauty Lounge for Fall/Winter 2008

Since previewing the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall/Winter collection to you a little over a month ago it has already sold out once on the RBL site. Talk about a hit! Ji Baek’s vision of “luxe grunge” has come to life with these four creme polishes.

I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to test these beauties out and they all wowed me in different ways. I’ve been having this total nostalgia for the early 90s and my days of living in flannel, Birks and grunge gear after reconnecting with some of my college pals on Facebook (that site is totally addicting), and these colors fit right into that. They have this gritty, dusty, funky vibe that I’m so feeling. The creme finish makes them chic, not at all garish.

Plie is a re-promoted muted beige pink. It’s a great daytime neutral that is so out of my wheelhouse yet I’m oddly drawn to it. It was actually the first color I put on from this set and that’s so not me. I think because it doesn’t feel all super girly and frou-frou. Just elegant and classic. And for being such a light color, I was impressed with its opacity.

Bruised is a red based browned plum though I don’t really get the name. I bruise so easily and heal terribly that I could only wish my bruises had such a pretty color. I mean, when you have marks that last six months (and I’m not exaggerating) you’d much rather them be somewhat attractive. Anywho, Bruised applied like a dream and hardly needed two coats.

Teal is the hands down winner here though I’m sure you all knew I’d say that. It’s a blend of my two favorite colors, blue & green. How could this not be a knockout? It’s the color of the lake just before a storm. All murky and creepy yet stunningly gorgeous. I wore this last weekend and loved every second of it. Need I say more?

No More War – OK I know what you’re all thinking. Split pea soup. I’m not denying that. It’s totally fugly and crazy looking but you gotta give the girl props for going way outside the box on this one. I mean, who has this color in their nail arsenal? And that’s exactly the point. This is the polish version of Tyra’s “ugly pretty” on ANTM.

The Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall/Winter collection retails for $18/ea and is available now on Though as an added bonus, from now through 10/31/08, get FREE SHIPPING when you order the Treatment System. Considering how much we all bitch about shipping costs, that’s a sweet deal. I’ve heard good things about the Treatment System so now would be the time to jump on it.

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There Are 22 Brilliant Comments

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  1. violetnoir says:

    I love No More War (what a great name!). I don’t care if it is fugly. I think it is gorgeous!


  2. firepail says:

    If you order over $50 worth of RBL on Amazon, you also get free shipping. Handy for those who want the colors and not the treatment system.

  3. Palacinka Beauty says:

    No More War is great! Can’t wait to wear that one.

  4. Katee says:

    I agree – Teal is hands down my favorite.

  5. Anonymous says:

    No More War is lovely! I’m showing my grungy youth here, aren’t I?

  6. Anonymous says:

    No more war is a political statement from Ji flying under the guise of grunge me thinks

  7. stubby..... says:

    I got Teal and Bruised. I have yet to try them since I’ve gotten so many polishes in the last few months, I forget what I have! Currently I am rocking Haute Chocolat from Chanel and it is FABULOSO!!!

    Couln’t take the plunge and get NO MOre War. Too wierd for me. I feel like I would look like it put olives on my fingertips.

    I’m a vampy kinda girl so the light was just too blah….

  8. m says:

    loving the Teal and Bruised.

    i ordered the treatment system & get FAB wear with RBL. I know it was expensive but worth it IMO.

    good to know on the haute choc, i have been so vampy lately.

  9. angie says:

    Plie is so pretty. After wearing something dark on my nails, I like putting on something light. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

  10. tarotbydiana says:

    I bought Bruised, Teal and No More War. I am actually thinking of layering a really thin coat of Call My Cell-ery over top of No More War. I love olives and pea soup. The only thing that could make olives and pea soup better is sparkle. LOL.

    I bruise really easily too. There’s a homeopathic remedy from Boiron called arnica. I like the gel form. It’s amazing. If you apply it the moment the bruise starts to show, it will never turn the not so cute red-blackish purple. It will go light yellow and then be gone completely in 24 to 48 hours. I usually use it 3 or 4 times a day until the bruise is gone. Best thing ever for bruises! I swear I could bruise by thinking about walking by a doorknob!

  11. Anonymous says:

    OH MY GOD this entire collection is amazing i literally went from “oh thats cute” to “love that color” to “omg thats amazing!” to “GOTTA HAVE IT!” i serioulsy LOVE THEM ALL omgggggg does anyone have like $80 i can borrow :P

  12. Parisjasmal says:

    Hi M…already sold out? DRAT.
    I am in love with Plie, Bruised, and Teal. Sidebar-I am in love with your healthy, non scraggley, beautiful cuticles!!!
    Mine tend to always be a bit on the dry side even though I slater and oil and CD Abricot cream them.

    Is there another place to find these gems?
    Happy Friday!

  13. Parisjasmal says:

    SLATHER, not slater….even though there was a time in the 90′s when I totally would have Slater-ed (be it of the Christian or Mario Lopez Saved By the Bell variety).

    I wish blogger comments had spell check because at 5am I am not a proof-reader.

  14. Sanna says:

    I think they look very pretty! All four of them:)!

  15. Davina says:

    I love Bruised and Teal is the biz!

  16. candita says:

    I want them all. ALL!

    I will settle for Plie and Bruised…. though I really shouldn’t since I just dropped $20 on Haute Chocolat (SO WORTH IT!)

  17. candita says:

    The colors are back in stock, just so you all know!!!!!

  18. Lo says:

    wow i loved these colors!!!!! but i like organic nail-polishes better!!! at the luxuryspot they’re giving away 10 organic polishes!! check them out!!!!

  19. geekybeauty says:

    I really like Plie and Bruised – they’re such pretty colors.

  20. ashleydanielle4 says:

    i really like the first 3. i usually don’t pay that much for nail polish but i may have to since they are all so pretty!

  21. Shefali says:

    I actually really like the green…very different.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Teal is very very attractive. I will probably ask my friend who go to NYC to buy me it. But I do not see so much green in it on your photo. It is nice blue. Only. Is it really can be greenish?