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Celebrity Nail Watch – BET Awards

I was still enjoying my weekend away when the BET Awards aired but now that I’m catching up on all that I missed, I couldn’t resist a little celeb nail watchin’.

I’m hoping to catch a re-airing of the show or video clips online of the Michael Jackson tributes but for now let’s focus on the tips. The biggest nail trend of the night… Minx! As I said when I reviewed Minx last December, they’re great for special occasions and more and more celebrities seem to be embracing them for red carpet events.

Can you guess who wore Minx? I’m sure one name immediately comes to mind. Check out the nail winners and losers of the night, after the jump!

Monica, Letoya Luckett, Keri Hilson and Beyonce were all spotted with Silver Lightening nails and seeing Keri Hilson’s pic with her BET Award makes me wonder if it was intended to match the trophy, should they win.


LeToya Luckett

Keri Hilson


Of course what would Beyonce be without some blinged out craziness. Bravo on not doing the matchy-matchy nail thing. Boo to the shoes!

As if the partially shaved head wasn’t enough, Cassie has made her transformation to red carpet train wreck complete with this macrame nonsense. She topped it off with tips that are too long and too square for such a stark white. Such a pretty girl, such a shame.

Adrienne Bailon I give you credit for working the bright orange. I love an orange too. But I wish your dress had been a few shades darker or nude.
Did anyone catch the awards? Who’s nails stood out to you? If you know of any links where I could watch recaps, please share in the comments!

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  1. auroragyps says:

    I kind of like Cassie's outfit. It's sort of a post-apocalyptic meets jungle babe/Amazon chic thing going on (then again, I'm a huge Dungeons & Dragons player, so I like funky outfits ;) ). I am iffy on the white nails though and would have liked black or other super dark shade better.

  2. Amber/Brown Bombshell says:

    I love Minx! Though, I was a little surprised they all wore the same color.

    I believe you can catch video of the show on

    Great post!