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Get The Nail Look – The City’s Erin Lucas

By on May 29, 2009
in Celebrity, Essie, Yellow
erin lucas, the city, erin lucas nails, nail polish, nail color, essie, funky limelightErin Lucas of MTV’s The City is a celebrity nail fanatic to keep your eye on. After spotting her multi-colored manicure a few weeks back, I’ve been keeping tabs of this gorgeous gal’s appearances to see what her nails are up to. When I saw this red carpet image from a recent launch party, I just had to know what she was wearing. You all know that I’m on the Yellow Nail Trend kick so seeing celebs that aren’t afraid to rock a unique nail impresses me.

On a whim I tweeted Erin (who isn’t on Twitter these days?) to tell her how much I love her yellow mani and to ask about the color. I honestly wasn’t expecting a reply but you can imagine how thrilled I was that she Direct Messaged me back. Thanks Erin!

Can you guess what polish she’s wearing? My initial guess was WRONG. Find out after the jump!

erin lucas, the city, erin lucas nails, nail polish, nail color, essie, funky limelightI was dead certain that Erin had on Essie Shorty Pants but it was another Essie, Funky Limelight, that graced her tips. It just goes to show how poorly neons photograph. They’re never true to life, even with a professional photographer taking the shot.

Essie Funky Limelight is a retina-searing neon green-yellow. Take a yellow hi-lighter to your tips and you’ll get the idea. It’s so bright it hurts my feelings. There’s no WAY you won’t be noticed wearing this one. Though be forewarned, this baby is a problem child to the Nth degree. I gave up trying to get it even and streak free after the 4th coat so I just slapped on a top coat to make it glossy (neons dry matte) and called it a day.
erin lucas, the city, erin lucas nails, nail polish, nail color, essie, funky limelightEssie Funky Limelight is part of Essie’s ’09 Neon collection. It’s available now online at and in professional salons like ULTA, Regis, Trade Secret, etc.

So what do we think of this kind of in-your-face yellow? Those of you that own it can testify to how much brighter it is in person. How was your experience with the color?

image credit: Wire Image

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Cat says:

    It’s in my eyes, it’s in my eyes! I am impressed by people with the bravery and skin tone to pull off crazy neons like this. If you CAN wear it, DO wear it, I say!

  2. Kelsey says:

    I bought this as soon as I saw this about 3 weeks ago. I absolutely looove the color, but you’re definitely right about being a problem child! The compliments I get while wearing this color, however, is totally worth the effort!

  3. Emily says:

    undoubtedly one of the worst problem child nail polishes i own. i put a base coat of white and still needed SEVEN coats to reach the opacity i wanted…but i’m lovin’ it! wearing it right now :) it is such a bad ass shade…especially at dusk – it looks like it’s glowing. very cool.

  4. Gaby says:

    I’m still looking for the perfect yellow nail polish. Maybe I should try OPI Banana Bandana…

  5. Orli says:

    I have this in my cart.. I’ve been thinking about ordering it. I was worried it would be hard to apply :( I’ll probably get it anyway, it’s hard to find a yellow that I like!

  6. Jackie says:

    The yellow is definitely cute, but man, I’d kill for her ring in that picture!!! If I had twitter, I’d totally ask her where she got it!

    (Honestly though, I love how twitter is a way to actually (well, possibly) get a real response from a celeb. Even a psuedo-celeb from a reality show!)

  7. Anonymous says:

    My hair is this color…I like having nails to match :)

  8. Canadian beauty says:

    Glad you posted about the yellow nails – I seem to be able to love the hot pink polish but haven't ventured into Yellow yet… but if Erin can do it then so can I! I'm going to try Zoya's version from this summer.

  9. lucy says:

    i love it so much. i’ve loved yellow nails for a long time, but funky limelight is definitely the best ever. i’ve never in my life bought a backup bottle of anything before (budget of a student), but i bought one for this. it’s the most neon neon ever! interestingly, in some light the polish looks pale yellow, but in sunlight or shade, it positively glows. it’s incredible.

  10. Nina says:

    Wow it is soo bright and I love it!

  11. Rachel says:

    When I saw this bright color at my local Trade Secret I had to get it, but I have to use 2 white base coats and 2 coats of this color to rock it.

  12. Julia says:

    Not a huge fan of this one, I prefer more classic butter-y yellows. Still cute though!