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Barielle Sugar Rush for Summer 2009

Sugar Rush is the alternative to last year’s neons -celebrity manicurist, Elle

Barielle spokesperson, Elle, created six hot candy colored lacquers for the Shades by Barielle summer collection and I’m loving every single one of them. We’ve seen candy inspired collections in the past but never with this kind of pigmentation, consistency in formula and hello, TWO GREENS!! To steal a line from Clueless, they give me a toothache just looking at them.

I had the chance to speak with Elle about her latest polish confections and get her take on the collection. “It’s high voltage color but t
hey’re more wearable. I wanted to keep it creamy, like taffy, with a lot more pigment rather than on the sugary edge.”

You know I’m a girl that loves her brights and Sugar Rush hits that spot dead on. Neons are fun and all but they can be too harsh if you don’t have the right coloring so these shades are definitely more my deal. I applied two coats of each polish and they flowed on perfect and even with pigmentation to spare.

Let’s start with my hands down winner, Sweet Addiction. I’m so loving these variations on dusty, minty greens. Sweet Addiciton, Misa Dirty Sexy Money, MAC Peppermint Patti and Essie Greenport are all on the same vibe yet surprisingly different enough to own them all.

Swizzle Stick‘s light azure hue makes me think of my college days. My sorority’s colors were white and azure blue and now I want to go dig out one of my old t-shirts to wear with this shade.

Can I just say that I’m so not over yellow? Lemondrops totally revived it for me. Yes, the pastels are safer and easier to pull off but give me a fab golden yellow and I’m in. Think of Lemondrops as a more pigmented, creme version of China Glaze Solar Power. Very similar base shade but with a different finish and pigmentation.

Cotton Candy really is the perfect descriptor for this hue. It takes me right to the fair. And the subtle sparkle reminds me of the iridescent quality of spun sugar threads. It adds playfulness and depth to the polish. I know my skin looks a bit ruddier than normal in this pic but that’s just to get the polish color right. It’s actually a bit more vibrant in person.

Grape Escape even more vivid in person that it appears in pics. It’s a pretty dead on purple. Not too dark, not too light. In comparison with the other summer purple, Lippmann Call Me Irresponsible, Grape Escape is definitely more pigmented and a couple shades lighter. All I can say is, LOVE!

Decadence is unlike any teal I own. It has amazing depth and fire, very much like a jewel. Being the only metallic-ish shade in the bunch, it definitely stands out. I like to think that if ChG Turned Up Turquoise and Passion In The Pacific hooked up, you’d get Decadence.

The Sugar Rush collection from Shades by Barielle retails for $8/ea and is available now on And if you buy 2 colors, you get one FREE with free shipping on all orders over $50.

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  1. The Rotund says:

    That yellow just needs to shut up and meet me back at my place. AWESOME.

  2. Milan Angel says:

    I own all of these except the pink one. LOVE them! I haven’t worn any yet (waiting for the weather to get warmer and that summer vibe to set in for me) but I really can’t wait.

  3. Pumps And Gloss says:

    I am in love with the yellow one. Brit from Clumps of Mascara wore yellow n/l to one of the Makeup Show days in LA. Fun and playful.

  4. Jessica says:

    So excited. I want Sweet Addiction, Grape Escape, and Decadence. I’m wearing Date Night from the fall collex right now (was my St. Pat’s mani), and the pigmentation is just insane.

  5. C says:

    I would like I could buy Grape Escape and Sweet Addiction (I’m in love with this colors), but the Barielle’s website doesn’t ship to France: (
    Decadence is really nice too.

    PS : I’ve awarded you on my blog ;)

  6. Céline says:

    I would like I could buy Grape Escape and Sweet Addiction (I’m in love with this colors), but the Barielle’s website doesn’t ship to France: (
    Decadence is really nice too.

    PS : I’ve awarded you on my blog ;)

  7. ashleydanielle4 says:

    i so need to stay off of here because i love all of these!

  8. Anonymous says:

    azure blue and white… <>'s!

  9. rbrinkley says:

    I believe I’ve found a sister in ADPi!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The only thing that disappoints me- no any red hue. I feel that without any red no collection is complete. No red? What a nonsense!

  11. CincyFan says:

    The Rotund – I'll pass along your comment and tell it to get movin'! :D

    Milan Angel – Which one do you think you'll try first?

    PumpsAndGloss – Hey K! I agree, very fun.

    Jessica – Insane is the right word.

    Celine – Aww, that sucks. Hopefully they'll add international shipping. And thank for the award, that's so sweet. :D

    AshleyDanielle4 – Your wallet is going to be crying girly!

    Anon – Nice! <> indeed :)

    RBrinkley – You have! Pi love to you.

    Anon #2 – See I'm happy to see no reds. I'm not big on them and think there are more than enough in the polish world. I'm all about more non-traditional shades coming to the forefront

  12. Anonymous says:

    I definitely agree with Anon#2 – and add pinks to that – how many times can they do the same color and just keep renaming them? Give me something different! :) Sign me up for everything but the pink – especially the teal – there’s never enough teal in the world – and that yellow is AWESOME!

  13. luxelife says:

    I love the blue. Are you in ADPi? If so, hey sister!

  14. dicey1 says:

    OMG! This blog is gonna be the end of me, ha! I’m pretty new to the “serious” nail color scene but I find I’m now getting bored with the same ol’ same ol’ stuff and I have this blog to blame for sure! :) Never bought a blue or green before but today I ordered Barielle sw.addiction, decadence, joytini, glowtini (love me some orange) and a couple others. Yay!
    Can’t wait…my hubby just says “whatever makes ya happy babe”. Waiting impatiently for the mail. :) LOVE THE BLOG

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love these colors! The only problem is they really show any flaws in application technique – and I have a ton! Yours always looks so perfect – could you write something about your mani technique and how you get the polish so perfect near the cuticles? Thanks a TON for any help!

  16. Rachel says:

    When I saw Decadence I immediately thought of Liza Minelli in Cabaret…because of them name and the color “Divine Decadence”.
    I’m sooo loving it!