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Let’s Talk Trends – Summer 2007

By on June 21, 2007
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So we’ve seen the summer collections, I’ve tested them and picked my favorites. Now let’s talk about the trends for this summer. While I still find a shiny black nail very chic, the trend is dead people. Time to move on.

Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year and the official start of Summer in the northern hemisphere. It’s going to reach a balmy 80 degrees here in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio and I’m ready to talk trends.

I’m calling this summer as being all about Blues, Whites and Brights. And you can quote me on that. I know there’s been talk of a metallic trend and yes the OPI Night Brights has a silvery lavender and two gold tones but, I just don’t think it’s hitting like expected.

For the Blue trend people will transition from black to navy, go outside their comfort zone with royal shimmery blue and for the color shy, it’ll be baby blue on tips and toes. I’ve selected my favorite blues from my collection. Some are new, some are old and the majority are still available for purchase.

So you still want to be vampy but not dated? Check out these dark blues. Revlon Midnight Affair is a limited edition shade, part of the Dark Pleasures collection. I’ve seen it at Ulta and other drug store chains. Fingerpaints Summer Nights is only carried at Sally Beauty Supply. It came out with their summer collection but Fingerpaints tend to sell out fast so this one may be hard to come by. China Glaze Up All Night is a classic navy blue. Even though it’s technically a shimmer, it looks like a gorgeous creme when applied. As part of the Patent Leather In The City collection, Up All Night fits the bill with it’s high gloss shine.
Wanting a little glitz with your blue? Then check out OPI Ink from the Night Brights. It’s smooth purple and blue glitter will get you noticed. The holographic glitter in Glamour from the Designer Series will turn your toes into rainbows while you lay out at the pool. NYX Sapphire has a somewhat foil appearance that is bound to get attention.

Feeling brave and wanting to go full on blue? You’re a gal after my own heart. These next 3 sets of pics will fill that need.

Creative Blue Nirvana from this spring’s Optix collection is a unique periwinkle shade. OPI Blue My Mind is from the original Brights collection but is still readily available. China Glaze Drinkin’ My Blues Away from the Tequila Toes collection has that famous glass flecked formula and can be found easily online. Zoya Tart is from the Candy collection. Check the Zoya site for salon locations and purchase info. N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim is a great drugstore find. A blue for the budget minded polish fanatic.

China Glaze Sexy In The City is also from Patent Leather In The City. I feel it was overshadowed by Beauty & The Beach from the Fiji Fling collection but that it’s a much better blue. Nubar Mali-Blue can be purchased directly from Nubar. NYX South Sea can be found in many beauty supply stores, outlet malls and online. Color Club All In is a bold blue creme, very unique. I buy Color Club online from e-tailers like Head2Toe Beauty & 8ty8 Beauty.

OPI Just Groovy from the Psychedelic Summer collection and Zoya Yummy from the Candy collection are both cremes and could be sisters their shades are so close. Orly Turquoise Charm is from the Year In Rocks collection. The 12 shades are all inspired by birthstones. Turquoise Charm is my favorite of all the twelve and if you can find it, a must have in my opinion. The glitter is a pain to remove but the color is gorgeous.

Ok, so blue scares you a bit but you’re still curious. You prefer pale shades but want something different. You like sparkle but not dark blue. Well, here are the polishes for you.

Creative Aqua Jet from the Optix collection has a great iridescence to keep it from looking chalky. China Glaze Moody Blue from the original Patent Leather collection gives off an amazing high gloss shine and makes a for a gorgeous pedicure. And China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out from last fall’s Kaleidoscope collection is blingtastic.

When I think of White polish, my first flash is to the sheer boring shades that my mother wore for the majority of my childhood. Pearly, dated and blah. My second flash is to white out chalky tips. Very mod but so hard to pull off. This summer white is making a comeback in a bold and fun way that’s still extremely wearable. Whites should be opaque with iridescence or sparkle.

The three main shades for this summer are China Glaze White-Kwik-Silvr from the Surf collection, Creative Hyper Fresh from the Optix collection and OPI Fit For A Queensland from the Australia collection. White-Kwik-Silvr is my favorite. It’s a glass flecked white that will suit most skin tones. Hyper Fresh and Fit For A Queensland are bit trickier to pull off but they both have iridescence to make them wearable.

If you can find those three polishes, pick up any old white creme and make it better with a sparkly sheer white layered on top. These three aren’t the easiest to find but there are lots of alternatives out there. I just happen to own and like China Glaze Straight Up, OPI Elle’s Pearls and OPI What’s Dune? What’s Dune? from the Summer for Shore collection has a fine holographic shimmer that I adore.

Fit For A Queensland Photo Credit: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

I know, I know, Brights for summer is nothing new. Brights and warm weather go hand in hand. I’m not exactly Kreskin by calling them a summer trend. However, instead of the typical bright pinks, corals and reds that tend to be the norm, this year yellow, orange and turquoise are in the spotlight. Fluorescent is the way to go. It’s not like we haven’t seen these colors before, they just haven’t been mainstream.

Being a green lover, turquoise and teal are a great way for me to be summery and get my green fix. Nocti Nip Tuck, China Glaze Passion in the Pacific from the Fiji Fling collection and Turned Up Turquoise from the ongoing Wow Factor collection are all shimmery bold turquoise shades while Creative Hotski To Tchotcke leans more towards teal.

I know yellow is a bit too much for most people. It was a bit too much for me until I wore it. But, yellow is everywhere. Even it the idea of yellow on your nails makes you squeamish, you should at least pick up a yellow accented bag or shoe for the season. China Glaze Yell-O Neil from the Surf collection & OPI Cabana Banana from the Summer Splash collection can look like you had an accident with some Gulden’s mustard but I think they’re fun. Zoya Creamy is a much gentler yellow with a glossy finish.

Where would warm toned gals be without orange or coral in the summer? While these shades may suit the cooler skin tones, they are designed with the warmer gal in mind. Nocti Bikini is a traffic stopping day glo orange while OPI Tangerine Scene from the Psychedelic collection is a bit more subdued. Misa Um You’re Too Delicious from the Love Connections colletion reminds me of a nectarine and China Glaze Orange-Pacific from the Surf collection has smatters of glorious gold glitter.

What you thought I’d leave out pink and fuchsia? Don’t be silly. They’ll always be big in the summer. These just happen to be my favorites. Divine from the Designer Series is one of my all time favorite shades. The holo glitter and bold shade are to die for. Misa Ur Beautiful is a bit on the cool side for me but still a gorgeous fuchsia creme. Creative Scorch from this summer’s Flash Point collection has hot pink shimmer and the name says it all for China Glaze Shocking Pink from the Wow Factor collection.

So now that I’ve made my picks, what are your favorite colors for summer? Do you agree with my trends choices or think I’m way off base? Chime in with your thoughts!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see Sexy in the City getting its due! I do not understand why this is not more popular.

  2. violetnoir says:

    Oh gosh! I thought I was doing pretty well so far with OPI Bright Lights Big Color, Cajun Shrimp and Totally Tangerine. I definitely need to explore some of the other colors you listed. :):)

    Just ordered Aqua Jet, and can’t wait to get it. Can you compare it to SpaRitual She’s a River, Cincy? Thank you!

    Now for yellow, I have to tell you that OPI’s Need Sunglasses is “da bomb!” I wore it last week, and got nothing but compliments. It’s the perfect fun color for summer.


  3. Kathy says:

    Cute blog!

    I just bought OPI’s Ink and Peace Baby at Trade Secret (they were giving away free top coat I couldn’t resist). Glad I am still “in”.

    I never thought I’d ever get the change to wear turquoise or yellow again. I can’t wait to try them all.

  4. littlesunshine says:

    So many great colours I need to try. I need to be brave enough to try a yellow. Thanks for such a beautiful and informative post Cincy!

  5. Marina says:

    I don’t think I will ever try yellow, but that’s me. I like the idea of the modern whites for nail polish though.

  6. Mindy says:

    wow. very comphrehensive. it was really helpful.

    i have the China Glaze Up All Night and it has great wearability. I like to layer it with OPI Ink because the Ink tends to be a little too sparkly for me so I like to tone it down with Up All Night.

    i will def. be looking for the white nail polishes.