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Chanel Spring 2009 Preview

By on December 22, 2008
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Some of you may have already found Chanel’s Spring collection at your local counter but for those of you that haven’t been as fortunate, here’s a preview of what’s to come.

For Spring 2009, Chanel’s Global Creative Makeup Director, Peter Phillips, has created a “boho-chic” look. The collection includes two new nail lacquers including Django (beige pink), which was seen on the runways of Paris last September.

While delving through the house archives, Peter Philips, Global Creative Makeup Director for CHANEL, rediscovered gypsy dresses by Gabrielle Chanel. “The Gypsy is a heroine with very distinctive beauty codes,” explains Peter Philips. “After looking through the sketches by Mademoiselle Chanel, I also wanted to play with all of these contrasts. The gypsy’s eyes are as dark as her lips are fiery. She has the passion of travel in her veins, that of celebration, dance, and especially that of darkness and mystery.”
I was wondering when we’d finally see a purple nail from Chanel and Vendetta (dark violet) is the answer to that question.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for packaging so when I saw the LÈVRES SIGNÉES CHANEL Satin Lip Colour, I just about died. Who wouldn’t want to pull that from their purse and just stare?

It’s CHANEL lip colour as you’ve never seen it. Five lush satin lip creme shades, from pale pink to deep plum, form the legendary double C signature in a black lacquered case. Complete with a rich velvet pouch and brush applicator, the compact is the epitome of glamour.

The Chanel Spring 2009 is scheduled to hit counters in January ’09 but it’s already been popping up on counters around the country. Chanel LE VERNIS Nail Colour retails for $23 and the LÈVRES SIGNÉES CHANEL Satin Lip Colour retails for $60.

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There Are 16 Brilliant Comments

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  1. m says:

    i cant wait to see Vendetta

  2. Anonymous says:

    $23 for a Chanel polish? I think I’ll pass.

  3. Lauren says:

    I was at the Chanel counter last week when the ladies were unpacking the Spring 09 boxes and snapped up Vendetta as soon as I saw it. Purple is my favorite color to wear, and a fabulous purple polish from Chanel is what I’ve been waiting for.
    It’s almost a purple equivalent of Blue Satin: a near-black plum with shots of royal blue and purple shimmer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lipstick for $60, i thought i heard it all….

  5. Alison says:

    I’ve just recieved vendetta, form the USA (I live in the UK where the collection hasn’t been released yet) and as Lauren said it’s like a purple version of blue satin, very dark but stunning. However, as always, after seeing Django on the models nails in your pics I find I am lemming that one too!! Oh well there goes my new years resoloution to cut back on nail polish spending!

  6. Down Comforter says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to try Vendetta! I’m on a purple kick at the moment.

  7. Pink, Green && Pearls says:

    I just bought Vendetta today at Saks.. they had just recieved a shipment of 100 earlier in the week, and only 3 bottles were left. My BFF and I couldn’t resist. I just painted my nails, and its absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

  8. kimberly says:

    I’m wondering if some of the commenters have ever shopped at department stores or Sephora before. You all gawk at the prices, but in my experience, these are not outrageous. $60 for a palette of lipcolors is not bad.

  9. Anonymous says:


    i need vendetta. purple doesnt get much love… i know what i want for my birthday!!!

  10. kirsten says:

    Yay! I’ve been counting the days for Vendetta ever since I read about it on NY mag’s the cut blog several months ago. However, I had no idea about Django and even though I’m not big on pinks and neutrals this seems too pretty not to pick up. I certainly plan on at least getting both polishes and the eye quad. I so wish I could go get them now, but you couldn’t pay me to go to the mall this close to christmas so most unfortunately it will probably be after New Years before I can go get them or I might have to order them off the website. Peter Phillips is so amazing! Everything he has done since starting at Chanel has been completely irresistablle! I’ve always loved all things Chanel, but in my mind the cosmetics have never been better!

  11. The LA Pretties says:

    That lip palette is certainly something to look forward to!

  12. ocelot1 says:

    i snapped up vendetta today! i hearts it!! i swatched django too, but it did not love me as much as i wanted it too :(

    i miss ur swatches of the no collex’s!! hopefully new np collex swatches will be up soon :)

  13. thirty1seven says:

    I absolutely LOOOOOOVE this collection!! Thanks for posting about it and letting me know :D
    I’m running off now to buy some

  14. Manda says:

    Vendetta!!! <3 <3 <3

  15. Anonymous says:

    I bought django the first day i saw it i was so glad for this light in the middle of the dark colors right now (that isn’t silver or neon) it’s great i love it. my favorite color is purple so of course i got it as soon as i could because it is gorgeous and i paid 20 dollars a bottle without tax

  16. Breezy says:

    Where are you girls able to buy these from? I cannot find them anywhere yet!