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Shu Uemura for Holiday 2008

By on November 11, 2008
in Holiday 2008, Purple, Shu Uemura

After my Givenchy post from last week, I’ve been on a major purple kick. Next to green, it’s my favorite nail color. I know I’ve been all about about grays this fall but it’s a passing fancy. Purple has a perm place in my heart.

So while shopping with a gal pal at my local Nordies a couple weeks ago, I was stopped in my purple lovin’ tracks at the sight of Shu Uemura’s Mika holiday collection. Famed Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa worked with Shu Uemura to create a vibrant, beautifully packaged collection with an AH-MAZING burple (blue purple) polish.

Tanzanite Aquarium was described as blue by a Shu rep but I think it falls somewhere in between blue and purple, thus the use of burple above. Not only is it a gorgeous shade but it’s packed with holographic micro-glitter as well. It doesn’t create a holographic effect on the nail, just multicolored sparkles in the light. In fact I’d call it a blued version of China Glaze Grape Crush, which is much more red based and warm toned.

The application was smooth and easy. The brush is long, dense and firm yet it splays out nicely to give even coverage. Two coats achieved bottle color but the micro-glitter gives a slightly bumpy finish so I recommend using a thick quick drying top coat like Seche Vite or Poshe. Oh and it wears like a dream. Seriously, this formula is like iron. I went chip free for six days with very little tip wear.

Fun fact: During a recent visit to the Shu Uemura offices, I learned that their polish bottle’s unique shape was designed to fit between your fingers while you polish. No need for a bottle holder here.

The Mika holiday collection is on counters now and available online at The collection’s nail lacquers, Tanzanite Aquarium and Sparkling Garnet Aquarium, retail for $16 US.

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There Are 11 Brilliant Comments

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  1. alihodges says:

    What an amazing colour, I only have 1 purple, Coconut Kiss, but I am totally in love with this one.

  2. swong says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I was going to purchase this Shu nail polish online but wanted to see a swatch of it. Now that I’ve seen it on you. I’m buying it ASAP. Thank you!

  3. Azucar says:

    Neat little fun fact about the bottle being able to fit between your fingers. Cool color, too.

  4. Davina says:

    That color is hawt!

  5. moeysullivan says:

    OOOOOH MICHELLE!!! You got a shout-out in NY Mag’s The Cut for the Givenchy/Shu purple posts!! WHEEOOOOH! Congratulations!

    Maureen in Louisville

  6. Amber says:

    I NEED that polish. Yesterday.

  7. Anonymous says:

    wow GORGEOUS. thats going on my xmas list!

  8. CincyFan says:

    Alihodges – Coconut Kiss is a great shade, a nice vibrant purple. But this Shu is gorg!

    Swong – I’m so glad I could be of help. I hope you enjoy the color

    Azucar – Thanks! I love that they thought about how you hold the bottle when designing it.

    Davina – Yes, yes it is!

    MoeySullivan – Thanks for letting me know. I love reading The Cut

    Amber – I always thought you were a pink and red girl, I’d love to see purple on you

    Anon – Talk about a perfect stocking stuffer :D

  9. Katee "e-polishblog" says:


  10. KT says:

    You have been to the Shu Uemura offices? You are officially my hero. MY HERO! If I knew how to sew I would make you a cape.

  11. CincyFan says:

    Katee – Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

    KT – Yes, I was at the Shu office in NYC a few weeks back and it was a lot of fun. But I’m not even close to a hero so there’s no need to drag out the sewing machine just yet. But perhaps a green bedazzled crown is in order. Ha!! j/k