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Chanel Haute Chocolat for Holiday 2008

By on September 18, 2008
in Brown, Chanel, Holiday 2008, Shimmer
chanel, haute chocolat, holiday 2008, nail colour, nail color, nail polish, nail lacquer, hot chocolate, haute chocolateHold on to your wallets ladies because CHANEL is calling and you may not be able to resist. Launching in October, the Chanel Holiday collection is filled with warm, rich tones including one super hot chocolate nail polish.

The collection features three nail colours:

Rosee Perle - a warm beige pink
Dazzling – a red creme (repromote from Holiday 2007)
Haute Chocolat – a gold flecked brown

chanel, haute chocolat, holiday 2008, nail colour, nail color, nail polish, nail lacquer, hot chocolate, haute chocolateI’m also excited about the Limited Edition gold highlighting powder, Poudre Precieuse Or. I’m a sucker for gold, shimmery makeup. I covet my Bobbi Brown gold Shimmer Brick so I’m very curious about this powder.

chanel, haute chocolat, holiday 2008, nail colour, nail color, nail polish, nail lacquer, hot chocolate, haute chocolate, amy gonzoOne of the things that makes this polish so unique is its origin. Chanel teamed up with Seventeen magazine to give their readers a chance to create a nail shade in the Color Of The Year Contest. Thousands of entries were submitted but it was Amy Gonzo’s nail colour name and inspiration that triumphed. Amy, a 19 year-old from Port Washington, WI, drew inspiration from her favorite holiday drink, hot cocoa, and gave it a name with a french twist, Haute Chocolat. Looking back on her favorite holiday memories, Amy “wanted to combine the comfort and warmth of the season with the chic elegance that is indicative of CHANEL.”

Chic, elegant and warm are perfect descriptors for this rich chocolaty lacquer but the gold flecks are what really make it stand out. What I love is that it’s dark without looking black, warm yet not overly red and it flows on the nail like pure molten chocolate.
chanel, haute chocolat, holiday 2008, nail colour, nail color, nail polish, nail lacquer, hot chocolate, haute chocolate
I dug through my box o’ browns to see if I could find you all a dupe but I came up empty. The majority of my browns are very red based or extremely dark. Only OPI Espresso Your Style and Sally Hansen The Good Earth came close but neither one has Haute Chocolat’s sparkle.
chanel, haute chocolat, holiday 2008, nail colour, nail color, nail polish, nail lacquer, hot chocolate, haute chocolate, opi, espresso your style, sally hansen, tracy reese, the good earth
The Chanel Holiday collection will be online at and on counter in October with the Nail Colour retailing for $20. Also, be sure to check out the October issue of Seventeen Magazine (already on stands) to learn more about Haute Chocolat’s creator Amy Gonzo.

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There Are 29 Brilliant Comments

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  1. stubby says:

    LOVE !!!!! Can’t wait!

  2. wixbetty says:


    How does Haute Chocolat compare to the recent ChG Side-Saddle?

    Your swatches look similar and I know SS is purply-red based, but always looks straight brown after the third coat on me.


  3. CincyFan says:

    Stubby – It’s a stunner

    Wixbetty – Side-Saddle is more red/purple. This is a very true chocolate brown. I was going to include Side-Saddle in my comparison but they really aren’t at all similar.

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    So pretty! :)

  5. silverin says:

    I have such an aversion to earth tones. Maybe it’s because I experienced the ’70s firsthand!

    I wouldn’t have picked Haute Chocolat for you, but it looks great with your skin tone!

  6. thatgurl says:

    Freakin’ YUM! I can’t wait!!!!!! TY Cincy!! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Kyl says:

    Sally Hansen Salon series put out a similar color also incidentally called Haute Chocolat maybe last year? I used it a few times but ultimately traded it on MUA. It did not have any sparkle, though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s so weird that you mention this; the other day, I was reading the issue of Seventeen (at least a year old) where the details of the contest were announced, and I tried Googling it to find out what actually happened with it, but I couldn’t find anything and figured it must have been cancelled or something! Though apparently now! I’m not much of a brown-polish girl, but that colour is gorgeous. Congratulations to Amy!

    – Chess

  9. trish says:

    This shade is so pretty. But Sally Hansen salon series already has a brown shade called Haute Chocolate so this girl isn’t that original. I am definetely buying this though.

  10. ladyslatternly says:

    What about ChG Prize-Winning Mare? Seems dupish (a dark, cool brown with gold shimmer), although the ChG version may have more gold. My version of PWM is very chocolatey– the pics you posted looked much paler than what I have.
    In any case, am looking forward to seeing this in person.

  11. Roberta S. says:

    Very pretty. I thought I had enough brown polish, but I might have to break down on this one. Many may not remember that Chanel Ciel de Nuit/Night Sky was also created in connection with a Seventeen Magazine contest.

  12. Anonymous says:


    my wallet is still recovering from my current love, Kaleidoscope…now Haute Chocolate…

    October can’t come fast enough for me!!!

  13. gio says:

    This shade is so pretty!

  14. stubby says:

    Just dawned on me.. Sally Hansen already coined the name Haute Chocolate. Looks like someone in seventeen magazine didn’t do their homework!

  15. kirsten says:

    I love this shade and I have already marked my calender to remind me to pick it up next month. However, if in fact there was already a Sally Hansen polish shade with such a similar name and idea behind the color which I remember seeing at least a year ago then Seventeen and Chanel should look into it because if she knowingly copied the SH polish then that is the equivalent of cheating and she doesn’t deserve credit for coming up with that idea.

  16. Lin says:

    Do you think you could do a comparison of Chanel Haute Chocolat to Revlon’s limited edition brazil nut brown?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find the Sally Hansen/Tracy Reece collection?

  18. Ed & Sydney says:

    Oooh. I absolutely adore it. I don’t care if the name is a repeat of Sally Hansen (or anyone else), the color is stunning! I’ll be racing to Chanel 10/1!

  19. CincyFan says:

    Lisa Marie – Thanks, are you planning to pick up a bottle for yourself?

    Silverin – Thank you! I really have a thing for browns. What am I saying, I have a thing for most colors. Except sheers and most lavenders.

    Thatgurl – Hey Day! You’re welcome doll. :D

    Kyl – You’re right, there was a Haute Chocolate (with the e) out last year. But it’s way more red based and the shimmer is very fine.

    Chess – Wow, it took a year for this to happen. I had no idea. I haven’t read Seventeen in a LONG time (too long). :D

    Trish – It’s not the first time we’ve seen polishes with the same name. What can you do?

  20. CincyFan says:

    Lin – I don't have that Revlon shade. Did it release recently?

    Anon #3 – I wish I had more info for you guys. I know everyone is hunting down that collection. I know as much as you do. I still haven't seen it on counter.

    Ed & Sydney – I have a feeling a lot of you will be racing to the counters. You might want to call ahead and reserve a bottle, just in case.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Looks yummy! This must be the prettiest brown I have ever seen. I don’t own many and I’ve already called my Chanel counter to ask when they would be carrying it!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know – pretty but my new Lipmann brown eyed girl is so shimmery and I love the coppery sheen over my Essie Lady Godiva. Everyone is right though – the chocolate colors are fab now.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I stopped by the Chanel counter today while at Nordstroms and asked the girl to put my name on a list and she said they just got them in 20 minutes earlier, so I picked up my bottle and already put it on and I LOVE it!!!

  24. Lin says:

    yeah I believe it came out over summer along with a lush lime, a dark shimmery purple, and a cute teal color, it was called the rainforest collection, but I haven’t seen them in anymore drugstores since august

  25. stubby says:

    Just picked up my bottle of Haute Chocolat and I must say, it is so much prettier in person. It’s a must have for fall.

    I also picked up my all time favorite and classic Vamp.

    There may be many vampies out there today but nothing compares to Chanel Vamp!

    Afterall, we say vampies because of Chanel Vamp!!!

  26. Lauren says:

    I preordered my bottle and just picked it up this weekend. I’ve never worn brown polish (the closest I’ve gotten has been CG Side-Saddle) but once the Chanel lady took Haute Chocolat out of its box to show me it was love–the fact that it’s still so shimmery even in indoor light is amazing. It’s so gorgeous and what a perfect autumn color! I can’t wait for my manicure this week so I can try it out.
    Thanks to your blog, I’ve become a Chanel lacquerholic. I now own seven polishes–great for my manicures, bad for my wallet.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I just got my Haute Chocolat and there are no sparkles. It looks fine the the bottle, but nothing when I put it on. any thoughts?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Is this coming out in the UK? I really need it!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    i got this color as soon as it came out at my neiman marcus it looks great on my fair skin