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Chanel Holiday 2007

By on October 4, 2007
in Chanel, Holiday 2007

The Chanel holiday collection is soft and pretty filled with pink, rose, silver, bronze, gold and one traffic stopping red lip color and nail lacquer combo. Both named Dazzling, they certainly stand out. The other polish is Delice, a soft sparkling pink.

I had the pleasure of testing out the Le Vernis Nail Colour in Dazzling which Chanel describes as a true red. To me it leans more towards being an orange based tomato red even though it looks very brick red in the bottle. I found it to be glossy, easy to apply and flattering to my skin tone.

I have to admit, even though I’m not a pink polish girl, I’m still interested in checking out Delice. Anything described as “sparkling” is worth a look see.

Chanel’s Holiday collection hits stores in October.

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There Are 8 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Sass says:

    Hi dear!! I’ve been reading you since months ago when I saw a link on the Glamour mag site. I need an advice from you: see I don’t have long nails because I tend to bite them and now they’re hideous, I’ve gotten acrylics in the past but I don’t get used to the lenght so I end up getting rid of ‘em by biting the acrylic off my nails and they’re even worst now. The thing is that I want to wear the dark polishes I’ve seen lately (dark reds and navy blues) and I don’t want my nails very long but just a little and healthy.What product can I use to get them to grow and get stronger.

  2. phlegmfatale says:

    I prefer reds more akin to Cinnabar, as my skin is olive and tomato-y reds tend to look like screaming orange on me, for some reason. My birthday is Monday, and I’m doing my nails Chanel Vamp Metallic tonight with while I try to kill a bottle of champagne.

    Love your blog.

  3. Karen says:

    Chanel always comes up with very classy colors. What I haven’t liked about their lacquers is that they’re waaaay to “chippable” for the $$…and for the $$, you really have to LOVE the color. I think they could improve on the formula and if you do, they’re truly fabulous for a day or 2!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  4. GablesGirl says:

    Sass: I’ve had the best luck with OPI Nail Envy and All Laquered Up’s discipline of keeping them polished and looking good (keeps me from wanting to nibble them. But ALU has more discipline than me and hers show it. Other friends swear by Nailtiques but I couldn’t ever get it to stay on me.

    I can’t resist some Chanel colors but Karen is right about they’re staying power. But I fully caved on Tulipe Noir and both summer shades (Hibiscus and Orange Blossom) and love love love them!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Cincy! I’m the anon with the OPI holiday series question. Thanks for the reply…I was scratching my head! I had been to the OPI site earlier yesterday and was browsing the try it on studio, so when I saw the collections I thought they might be from a few years past. (They look really good, I must say.)Thanks for all your hard work; these days, I rarely buy a lacquer I haven’t previewed on your site. Thanks, again.

  6. MaryO says:

    In regards to sass, the best product I’ve found for growing strong nails is Orly Nail Defense, it goes on like clear polish, doesn’t peel or dry out your nails or cuticles (had that problem with Nailtiques) and can be used as a base and top coat. I’ve tried them all and for my nails nothing works better. Also get a 3-way buffer to smooth out the edges and don’t use a coarse file only medium for taking down length and fine for shaping. MaryO

  7. karen, says:

    Oh Cincyfan! I just started falling in love with Chanel’s cosmetics and now you’re making me fall in love with the polishes too. Drat!

  8. Kari says:


    I agree 100% with Karen. Chanel has the most BEAUTIFUL colors but the chip factor is horrendous!

    For Sass: use a crystal file when filing your nails. Never use a clipper or a standard file greater than a medium (as gablesgirl said ) and file in one direction.