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NY Fashion Week Nail Watch – Venexiana

By on February 12, 2008
in Kiss, NY Fashion Week F/W 08
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Kiss Nails invited me to go backstage at the Venexiana show to see the customized tips they created specifically for the designer. And even though I was supposed to be concentrating on the tips, I couldn’t help but find the models’ cupie doll hairstyles simply adorable. I would love to have a doll that resembles either of these beauties.On to the nails… Kiss custom designed a french manicure nail with a crystal accent at the tip. The nails came pre-glued for easy application. A quick soak in acetone helps them peel right off. No damage, no mess.I then snuck into the standing area to take in the show and see the nails hit the runway accenting a luxe collection of fux, satin, lame and metallic fabrics. I was sent home with a set of the tips to try for myself. They were easy to press on and the size range was varied enough that I could find a good fit. My main issue is with the length and brightness of the white tip. You girls know how I feel about bright white french manis (not a fan!). Also, since I keep my nails pretty short I felt somewhat paralyzed from functioning properly. However, they were easy to remove and I like that the design included the lunula to make the nail look more natural. And I’ve been told that the regular Kiss nail tips can be filed down to a more comfortable length.
What do you all think? Anyone a fan of DIY nail kits?

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. violetnoir says:

    I like my nails shorter, too, but I have to admit that these look so “real” and are very cute. :)

    I love the curls, too!


  2. Anonymous says:

    too acrylic nailish looking. I like my short, well groomed, vampie nails. an occasional french is okay, however, must be short.

  3. silverin says:

    I don’t have a problem with the length, but the pre-done french mani looks a little funny – your nailbeds are obviously much longer (lucky you!) than the nails make them look. But I always love a little bling!

  4. Len says:

    That is so un-tasty. This look is old, to me. French tips don’t satisfy my appetite for something fancier and brighter. Fashion- makers, I appeal, do it bolder and sexier!

  5. Kelly says:

    looks cute and chic…maybe a little long for me though.

  6. Shop With A Vengeance! says:

    I like them! But truthfully I’m an LCN girl (I know, I know… I get ‘em short though). They look good though for an event or something!

  7. Trina says:

    I love the colors (and the bling!) but can’t stand that long squared-off shape. I’m sorry, but it just screams “Jersey Girl” and not in a good way.

    I like my nails square when they’re short (though I usually soften the corners more than these nails), but when they get longer I have to round them off, not just for aesthetics but also for funtionality. I’m taking care of a bunch of animals, as well as housework, and those corners would catch on too many things AND are potentially harmful to my critters.

    These are definitely the best fake nails I’ve seen in a while, though! Kudos to Kiss Nails!

  8. Brittney-Lynn says:

    Broadway Nails is similar and they have ones that are sheer so that your nail shows through. They look very real and not at all harsh. With brush on nail glue they will last over a week!

  9. girl says:

    i’m actually a big fan of broadway nails fake tips. they’re good if you’re in a rush for something and need to press em on. and then you can add a coat of something sheer/tc or whatever to make them your own.

  10. Toya says:

    I think they’re really cute! In fact, they look like my nails did when I got married (complete with rhinestone).

  11. QuiteLight says:

    Not to my taste, but the beds actually surprised me with how natural they look!

    Are they just tips, or full press on nails?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like ‘em. As much as I wish natural nails worked for me, they really just don’t. My hands take too much of a beating at work to make it practical.

    I have been wearing full coverage tips for years now, and I love them. My polish stays on, and I always look well manicured even though my job is hell on my nails.