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Chrome-tastic Nails

By on January 22, 2008
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To celebrate their silver anniversary, Nails Magazine had nail tech Tom Bachik create these mirrored silver tips.

Quite a few of you have been wanting to find a polish that dries to a perfect mirror finish. Regardless of the various “chrome” polishes that have come and gone on the market, nothing has ever come close to these.

The look was created using a product called Minx; a solid nail coating that comes in foil and sparkly metallics, photo-quality designs, and any color under the sun. Minx is made of film and not polish so they can be customized with any picture, photo, or logo.
Celebrities, including Beyonce at the American Music Awards, have had the coatings applied to complete their red carpet looks.
An added bonus to using Minx; they are a green product requiring only a heat source and gentle side-to-side peeling to remove them. You can leave the nail polish remover behind.

Minx nail services are only available at salons and spas so check out their Salon & Spa Finder for a location near you.
photos: Nails Magazine and Getty Images

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love it. I want it.


    but I swore off nail salons to justify buying polish.

  2. yummy411 says:

    michelle.. love the mirrored nails, though i’d prefer them short. now… i can’t stop looking at beyonce in her dress and imagining what’s making those bumps, cuz clearly spanx or something could have helped that… is that a small set of boobs under her real boobs.. a lions face protruding from her stomach?? bad pic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yummy, you are totally right. She needs some better foundation garments or something. Is that from where she’s sucking her belly in, cause if it is I say let it go and breathe normally! It couldn’t look much worse!

  4. juvenescent says:

    Ahh finally, living in MD has it’s advantages. I wonder how it would look on my little short nails and how much it is? Hmmm…

    And about Bey’s tummy, it’s always looked like that.

  5. Helen says:

    Wow… GORGEOUS!

  6. Tink says:

    Neat stuff! In the pic her nails look short so it seems possible for those of us that like shoter nails.

  7. Lenalen says:

    This style is soooo sexy and hot! I guess the longer is nail, the sharper it seems with this kind of coloring. I like futuristic designs. But I never can wear this lenght for longer than just one night. Last time I had long nails was many years ago, and I hope that my new Wet’n’Wild base coat will do wonders soon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ICK!!!!!!!! I HATE……..

  9. Trina says:

    Well, at least now I know how they do it! I’m one of those people whose elusive HG is a *true* chrome polish. I refuse to give up hope that someday it’ll happen!

  10. BACH1K says:

    Hey Ladies,
    I created both looks. The one on the NAILS mag. cover and Beyonce’s mani for the AMAs. We went dramatically long on the cover for effect but I kept B’s short and strong. Both looks I used the Minx coverings -one on tips with liquid and powder and one on natural nails… Minx works perfectly on both .

  11. Ria says:

    I love minx nails and get the chrome silver all the time on my feet, however I want it on my nails but I have an acrylic overlay, when done before it didn't last. Is there any tips on how to get it to stay better