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Celebrity Nail Watch – The Emmys

In case you didn’t know, I’m an awards show junkie. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the award, if there’s a chance to critique celebrity fashion and beauty choices, I’m there. The Emmys however, are my all time favorite. More than polish and all my beauty addictions combined, my lifetime love of TV trumps them all. If my four Tivos/DVRs and embarrassing amount of television trivia knowledge don’t prove that, I don’t know what does. Seriously, try to stump me. I love a challenge.

So last night I was in heaven as I sat in my recliner, remote in one hand flipping between arrivals shows, mouse in the other surfing for celeb pics. I cried with Katherine Heigel, laughed with Steve Carell and a hip hop singing Rainn Wilson and raised a confused eyebrow as Robert Duvall rambled through two acceptance speeches. Talk about the picture of a couch potato. All I was missing was a can of beer. Though after having one too many at the Browns game earlier in the day, I was quite content with my big glass of flavored seltzer. Oh my aching melon!

While other blogs will be discussing the beauty and fashion trends of the evening, I choose to focus on the nails. And while the majority of the stars went with pale/nude shades there were some stars that stood out by sporting the fall trends on their tips and toes. It seems that the majority of Hollywood likes to play it safe when it comes to beauty and I don’t blame them. Stepping outside the box can spell disaster and land them on many a worst-dressed list. It’s amazing how a beautiful starlet in a gorgeous gown can get ripped to shreds over something as minute as earrings or hair adornment. Yet I still wait with baited breath to see who will be named worst dressed on E!’s Fashion Wrap. I’m only human.

So let’s get it started!

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  1. Karen says:

    I love awards shows too!!! I catch them all! I’ve loved the arrivals and watching them walk to the podium since long before they started covering this red carpet frenzy. I remember when I was a mere tot, TV was black& white, and Army Archerd was the man covering everything, then Rona Barrett stepped in. Remember that??? Everyone was basically flawless back then. It’s nice to see the return of the flawless woman, dontcha think? I mean, at least they’re trying again. I reaallly hated that scuzzy, ho-hum indifferent period, sort of whatever … but now, it’s just SO fabulous again. Helen Mirren, Katherine Heigl, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchette, Penelope Cruz, Hillary Swank, Jessica Alba,Queen Latifa, Gwen Stefani, Eve, and Angelina are almost always dead-on head to toe these days. I am SO HAPPY that Serena Williams has stepped up her image to classy glam. The nails are always the finishing touch~always have been…