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OPI Night Brights Review

By on May 1, 2007
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I finally got my hands on the Night Brights collection from OPI. In all honesty, I’m not sure how I feel about this collection as a whole. It seems to me that OPI played it safe even though they delivered a couple standout colors.Black was huge last fall/winter and there has been a lot of talk about metallics for summer so there is something for every trend lover in this mix of dark and molten hues. Transitioning from winter’s black to steely gray, midnight blue and blurple (bluish-purple) for spring, the dark side of Night Brights is my favorite.

(l-r) My Private Jet, Light My Sapphire, OPI Ink

(l-r) OPI Ink, Light My Sapphire, My Private Jet
I borrowed this pic from a fellow nail boarder to show of the blingtastic shimmer of OPI Ink. Thanks again, 8pril!

My Private Jet is one of the standout colors in this new line. OPI finally listened to the cries of the many holographic polish lovers out there and delivered a true dark holo. It’s a nice smoky black with that fantastic smooth holo glitter that OPI has perfected so well. Just like the Designer Series, MPJ applies extremely smooth thanks to the Pro Wide brush.

Light My Sapphire was a disappointment in formula, not necessarily color. The color is a bluish-black with a subtle silvery shimmer. It’s darker than the true deep navy of China Glaze Up All Night but you can definitely tell it’s not a black or charcoal gray polish. The problem with this one is the application. It was uneven, gloppy and just plain frustrating. I applaud OPI for taking the steps to rid their polishes of toxic chemicals but if this polish is an indicator, they may want to head back to the lab.

OPI Ink is by far my favorite polish of the six. It’s glorious, shimmery goodness. It’s a mesmerizing mix of blue and purple with fab pink shimmer. A must have for any blue or purple lover. If you were only going to buy one polish from the Night Brights, this would be my recommendation. I can’t wait to wear it on my toes this summer.

(l-r) Give Me The Moon, I Only Drink Champagne

(l-r) I Only Drink Champagne, Give Me The Moon

Give Me The Moon is a pale silvery blue. It reminds me a bit of the blue in Creative’s Spring 2006 collection, Rejoice, only opaque. I love the baby blue shimmer and the slight iridescence. It’s not a must have color but it’s a nice alternative to silver for summer. In my opinion, silver nails are hard to pull off. I think of them being frosty and old fashioned or super sparkly and over the top. People that can’t pull off gold but still want something with a metallic feel should check this color out.

I Only Drink Champagne is a true creamy champagne color. In the bottle it looks like it’s made of vintage yellowed pearls. While it’s not unique, it is soft and pretty and impressively opaque. A lot of light colors can end up being too sheer and you’re fooled by the bottle color. This one delivers; what you see is what you get. My only issue is with the finish. It leaves brush strokes so you have to be careful as you apply it.

I decided not to buy Golden Rules! after seeing Fivezero’s pic and reading her review of it. While I’m sure it will work for darker skin tones, like she suggests, I just know it would look horrid on me. I’ll leave you with her words and pic to decide for yourselves. Thanks FiveZero for sharing your thoughts and pic with us!

Golden Rules!, from OPI’s 2007 Night Brights collection, is actually really beautiful in the bottle—a rich, light caramel gold with loads of shimmer, to the point of being slightly frosty. The trouble with it is that it is, in my opinion, a really difficult colour to pull off. I am warm-toned (NC30-35) and it is not flattering on me in the least. I have a feeling that some darker skintones will be able to pull it off well, but it’s quite hard to say.


Finally, for the geeks like me that have so many polishes you need comparisons to avoid buying dupes, this is for you.

Left column: Creative Blue Blood, China Glaze Blk-Billa-Bong, Creative NFS.

Right Column: OPI Ink, Light My Sapphire, My Private Jet.

If you click the pic for a closeup, you’ll see that the only similar colors are Blue Blood & Blk-Billa-Bong and I still say they’re different “enough” to own both.
photos: All Lacquered Up, 8pril on MUA and Fivezero on MUA.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Are these polishes toulene and DBP free? Or has OPI not roled those polishes out yet.

  2. CincyFan says:

    According to the label on the bottom of I Only Drink Champagne, there is NO toluene or DBP. For comparison, I checked my bottle of I Get A Kick Out of Gold from the Holiday collection. Toluene was the first ingredient but it didn’t include DBP either. There is still formaldehyde resin though.

  3. Christine says:

    Thanks for the post Cincy! I’m glad that you finally got a sunny day.
    I bought LMS today, and it is a very pretty dark blue, I can’t wait to try it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The toxic formula was better than the new one. They haven’t mastered it yet like Zoya has. About the colors, they are a little heavy for summer I think they look more like fall unless you are clubbing all the time – then it’s ok.

  5. Liz says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones – I bought Golden Rules on eBay last week, and it’s a beautiful shade against my skin. (I’m half-Chinese; this probably has something to do with it!) I also have I Only Drink Champagne, and it’s also gorgeous on, but better earlier in the year before my hands start to take on colour from the sunshine.

  6. NOIRceramic says:

    Is this website allowed to quote you?

  7. JuliaMazal says:

    Oooh – thank for the Golden Rules note. I am going to try it next. Curry Up Don't Be Late did not work for me, and I'm sort-of a pale olive skin tone. I hope it'll work. Loved the MPJ info. The Champagne looks like a nice opaque alternative to my fave, the more sheer "Up Front and Personal".

  8. Rayna says:

    I read your skin tone color and it has a code no. to it. May I know how can I find out this skin tone code no.? As I am an asian, I have warm tone skin color too so its kind of difficult for me to find my matching skin tone color in the OPI website.

    Please help.

    Thank you

  9. jaimi says:

    so i bought my private jet a while back and i liked it ok, but i recently boutght it again, and did not realize it was the same color, the newest one is so much different, in low light it appears to be granite, with specks of white in the color, just like a granite counter top, then still has the brilliant holo in the sun. Im in love!!!!

  10. Ashley says:

    I just bought MPJ and it is not black it is brown with the holo sheen. I really wanted it to be black, as it looks so pretty in the pictures above. I am a tad disappointed, although I do like LMS.