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Nail Trends of the Golden Globes

Award show season is one of my favorite TV times of year. I Tivo every second of the pre-show and post-show coverage to see what the stars are wearing, not only on their bodies but on their fingers and toes. I’m a huge pop culture junkie so I love seeing my favorite stars at their best or what they think is their best.

The Golden Globes kicks off the season for me and it was an excellent show. I adore America Ferrera and I cried when she won her Globe. She’s so the everywoman. Even though I don’t watch House, Hugh Laurie makes hilarious acceptance speeches so seeing him win was a joy. And, Sasha Baron Cohen looked fantastic. I think I have a small crush on him now. He isn’t your typical Hollywood stud but there’s something about him; his charm, that accent, the mess of curls on his head.

For a polish fanatic, the night was somewhat of a bust. For the most part, the ladies were subdued. Clean, buffed tips and toes. The ones that weren’t bare had sheers or pales on. It was all about understated elegance. While they looked great, part of me wanted to see some fun color on the red carpet. And, why do they even bother with the torturous high-heeled shoes if the dresses are going to cover them anyway. Ladies, wear flats and be comfortable. Heck, wear slippers, who will know? However, there were a few standouts in the crowd; some vampy nailed ladies keeping the trend alive, some metallics and a fun, fabulous coral from Isla Fisher.

In the following posts I present my picks for the best nails of the night.
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