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Q&A – Reader Request for BMW M Symbol Color Match

By on July 3, 2010
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bmw-m-symbol-nail-polish I’m flashing the bat signal Fanatics. A reader contacted me in hopes of discovering a polish to match the iris blue in the BMW M Symbol (pictured right) and I’m stumped.

I thought for sure I’d have a match and now that I don’t I’m obsessed with obtaining that color.  I mean how gorg is that?  Reader S already found polish twins for the other two colors, China Glaze China Rouge & Shower Together now she’s on the hunt for a deep periwinkle creme to complete the set.  Though maybe it’s just my monitor but I think that Barielle Swizzle Stick would be a better match for the bright blue.

orly-cashmere-cardigan-prepster-spring-2009-nail-polish china-glaze-Secret-Peri-Winkle-operation-colour-fall-2008

I scoured the ALU Gallery and I’m thinking a darker version of Orly Cashmere Cardigan or China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle would be ideal. Anyone know of such a shade? Help a fellow Fanatic out!

***EDITED TO ADD – The image link below gives the Pantone shades which are a bit darker than what’s pictured above***

image credit:

Q & A – Looking For A Dupe

By on August 17, 2008
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Hey kids! I’m flashing the bat signal because there’s a reader who needs your help.

T. loves OPI Red-y To Help but is having problems finding a bottle. She’d love a more accessible dupe. Since I don’t own it, I can’t help but I’m hoping you can. She would love to try Zoya so if you know of a clone from that line, let us know. Otherwise, any brand with a close shade will work. Submit your suggestions in the comments.


By on November 8, 2007
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Time put on your thinking caps and help another reader. K. is looking for a sheer nude polish (nude not peach or pink) and a sheer white polish (not ivory). If you’re a long time reader you know I’m not a sheer girl; I like my nails bold and crazy. So I’m leaving K. in your capable hands. Let’s hear some suggestions. Nothing streaky or hard to find please.

And if you have a question or need advice, email me at [email protected]. If I can’t help, I’ll turn your quandary over to the masses.

Q & A

By on October 16, 2007
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It’s that time again. An All Lacquered Up reader needs your help. E. from Pembroke Pines, FL is looking for a skilled nail artist in her area. Someone that can do detailed designs. Anyone have a recommendation in the Pembroke Pines, Davie, Cooper City, Weston, Miramar or Hollywood, Florida area?

Please comment with your suggestions or feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want to keep your nail tech an inside secret. I’ll pass it along to E. for you.

Q & A

By on May 30, 2007
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Ok everyone, it’s time to help out a fellow fanatic. I got this email recently and I’m hoping that our collective wisdom can help this reader out.

Leah writes:
I am looking for a deep red/wine polish color. In the mid 90′s I had my nails done with an OPI color that was named something like “Parisian Cafe.” I LOVED it and tried to find it at the time but it must have been an older color. Since then I have been looking with no success for a similar color. I recently started wearing polish again and I have tried OPI’s “Got the Blues for Red” and “Edinburgandy” which are more “Bingo Cherry-ish” than the deep blood/wine red that I want. I also don’t like “Not a Waitress Anymore” or any of the other fun-but not sophisticated colors (I feel). I have access to OPI, Essie, Creative Nail Design and Zoya as well as drugstore brands but I am also open to purchasing online if you have a strong suggestion.

After consulting with the oh so knowledgeable OPI Queen, Webwoman, and checking Suze’s OPI database, I couldn’t find a color called “Parisian Cafe.”

In following up with Leah, she gave me a bit more info on what she’s looking for:
Essie Wicked comes close to what I want and at some point I will go try Chanel’s Vamp. I’m not crazy about the application of the Essie polish. They are both a bit “blackish” and a little less red than I want but they both have that deep wine red that I was looking for.

So let’s throw some suggestions out for Leah. What deep wine red cremes do you think she’d love?

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