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Q&A – Reader Request for BMW M Symbol Color Match

By on July 3, 2010
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bmw-m-symbol-nail-polish I’m flashing the bat signal Fanatics. A reader contacted me in hopes of discovering a polish to match the iris blue in the BMW M Symbol (pictured right) and I’m stumped.

I thought for sure I’d have a match and now that I don’t I’m obsessed with obtaining that color.  I mean how gorg is that?  Reader S already found polish twins for the other two colors, China Glaze China Rouge & Shower Together now she’s on the hunt for a deep periwinkle creme to complete the set.  Though maybe it’s just my monitor but I think that Barielle Swizzle Stick would be a better match for the bright blue.

orly-cashmere-cardigan-prepster-spring-2009-nail-polish china-glaze-Secret-Peri-Winkle-operation-colour-fall-2008

I scoured the ALU Gallery and I’m thinking a darker version of Orly Cashmere Cardigan or China Glaze Secret Peri-winkle would be ideal. Anyone know of such a shade? Help a fellow Fanatic out!

***EDITED TO ADD – The image link below gives the Pantone shades which are a bit darker than what’s pictured above***

image credit:

Q & A – Looking For A Dupe

By on August 17, 2008
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Hey kids! I’m flashing the bat signal because there’s a reader who needs your help.

T. loves OPI Red-y To Help but is having problems finding a bottle. She’d love a more accessible dupe. Since I don’t own it, I can’t help but I’m hoping you can. She would love to try Zoya so if you know of a clone from that line, let us know. Otherwise, any brand with a close shade will work. Submit your suggestions in the comments.


By on November 8, 2007
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Time put on your thinking caps and help another reader. K. is looking for a sheer nude polish (nude not peach or pink) and a sheer white polish (not ivory). If you’re a long time reader you know I’m not a sheer girl; I like my nails bold and crazy. So I’m leaving K. in your capable hands. Let’s hear some suggestions. Nothing streaky or hard to find please.

And if you have a question or need advice, email me at If I can’t help, I’ll turn your quandary over to the masses.

Q & A

By on October 16, 2007
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It’s that time again. An All Lacquered Up reader needs your help. E. from Pembroke Pines, FL is looking for a skilled nail artist in her area. Someone that can do detailed designs. Anyone have a recommendation in the Pembroke Pines, Davie, Cooper City, Weston, Miramar or Hollywood, Florida area?

Please comment with your suggestions or feel free to email me at if you want to keep your nail tech an inside secret. I’ll pass it along to E. for you.

Q & A

By on May 30, 2007
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Ok everyone, it’s time to help out a fellow fanatic. I got this email recently and I’m hoping that our collective wisdom can help this reader out.

Leah writes:
I am looking for a deep red/wine polish color. In the mid 90′s I had my nails done with an OPI color that was named something like “Parisian Cafe.” I LOVED it and tried to find it at the time but it must have been an older color. Since then I have been looking with no success for a similar color. I recently started wearing polish again and I have tried OPI’s “Got the Blues for Red” and “Edinburgandy” which are more “Bingo Cherry-ish” than the deep blood/wine red that I want. I also don’t like “Not a Waitress Anymore” or any of the other fun-but not sophisticated colors (I feel). I have access to OPI, Essie, Creative Nail Design and Zoya as well as drugstore brands but I am also open to purchasing online if you have a strong suggestion.

After consulting with the oh so knowledgeable OPI Queen, Webwoman, and checking Suze’s OPI database, I couldn’t find a color called “Parisian Cafe.”

In following up with Leah, she gave me a bit more info on what she’s looking for:
Essie Wicked comes close to what I want and at some point I will go try Chanel’s Vamp. I’m not crazy about the application of the Essie polish. They are both a bit “blackish” and a little less red than I want but they both have that deep wine red that I was looking for.

So let’s throw some suggestions out for Leah. What deep wine red cremes do you think she’d love?

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