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Emmy Awards

Celebrity Nail Watch – Joely Fisher

Joely Fisher did pale nails right. Paired with her pale yellow gown, bronzed skin and chestnut locks, her short subtle tips allow the attention to be focused on her radiant face.
photos: Getty Images

Celebrity Nail Watch – Heidi Klum

I’ve seen a few different shots of this dress and the color looks different in each one. I would have loved to see it in person. Because I love Heidi Klum, I refuse to believe that she would purposely wear clashing polish and lip shades with her dress. Even during her interview with Giuliana on E!, the dress seemed to change from purple to crimson before my eyes.

photos: Getty Images

Celebrity Nail Watch – Eva La Rue

I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of this look. The hair doesn’t fit with the style of the dress and the combination of red lips, red nails and a red bag seem like too much for me. This is a case of black, white and pops of red not working. I think Eva La Rue is a beautiful woman and I love that she was able to break out of daytime into primetime but I’ve seen her look better.

photos: Getty Images

Celebrity Nail Watch – Kate Walsh

Could Kate Walsh be any more stunning? Ok so the hair is a little odd and some may find the scarlet dress, nails and lips a bit too matchy matchy but the woman is gorgeous. Now that I’m over my imaginary feud with her character for breaking up Derek and Meredith, I am completely smitten with Addison Montgomery and dread watching Grey’s without her. Not that I don’t want Private Practice to succeed but I’d much rather see her at Seattle Grace. My Tivo would certainly thank me for the extra space.

photos: Getty Images

Celebrity Nail Watch – Christina Aguilera

Has Christina Aguilera admitted to being preggers yet? Try as she might, she can’t deny it much longer. Regardless, she killed in black and white. Very Gwen Stefani/Old Hollywood. Like Katherine Heigel, the red lips and nails totally work for her.

photos: Getty Images

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