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NYX Has Gone Green

By on July 6, 2007
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Fellow green polish lovers, rejoice! Now is the time for us. Green polishes are coming out of the woodwork. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than at NYX Cosmetics. Beloved for it’s diverse range of shades, low prices and innovative wide polish brush, NYX has long been a favorite of mine.

Recently NYX revamped their colors and came out with “new” versions of old shades. Three of them are green. Carol, Tahitian and Las Vegas have joined Neon Green and Lime Sparkle (aka Simple Sparkle) to fulfill my green loving needs.

I should note that there has been some confusion regarding the old version of the updated shades. According to NYX they do still make the older version of each color but that isn’t currently shown on the NYX website. I suggest that if you wish to place an order, you call NYX directly to verify that you will receive the correct colors.

Top Coat Challenge – NYX Oasis

By on July 3, 2007
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In considering the best Big 3 Free base coat to use for the challenge, I excitedly ordered from the new NYX Oasis line. I couldn’t wait to try out Smoothie, their ridge filling base coat, along with NYX Oasis Gloss It Up and Wear n’ Tear top coats.

Unfortunately, my excitement died as soon as I started to apply them. I included my holy grail base coat, Creative Stickey, in the trial in combination with the two top coats.

I originally did a manicure using NYX Carol (not pictured) but my nails took forever to dry and I ended up with massive dents and ripples. The second day, I decided to give them a second chance with NYX South Sea.

I knew I was in for trouble when Smoothie immediately started bubbling on my nail. As much as I love NYX polishes and as gorgeous as South Sea is, it couldn’t make the bubbles disappear. I then alternated in applying the two top coats and waited for them to dry. I waited almost an hour and during that time, the bubbles you see below surfaced. I went to bed and woke up the next morning to find ripples from my sheets in addition to the bubbles. Which is what you see pictured below.

So, even though I will continue to be a loyal user of NYX lacquer, I can not recommend Gloss It Up, Wear n’ Tear or Smoothie.

NYX Cosmetics

By on January 11, 2007
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As I was reorganizing my stash I came across my small collection of NYX polishes. It’s been so long since I’ve worn any of them, I almost forgot I had them. NYX isn’t the easiest line to come across. I’ve read about people finding them in stores but I’ve never seen them in person. I order mine directly from NYX’s website.

If you never tried an NYX polish, I highly recommend them. They have a huge color range; brights, sheers, glitters, pales, etc. The bottles have a wide brush, similar to OPI’s, that makes application so much better. In fact, I believe that they had the wide brush way before OPI introduced theirs.

If you order directly from NYX, you will only be charged $3/bottle, not the $4 posted on the site. Shipping is fast and very reasonable. I ordered 10 polishes and only paid 6 dollars and some change for shipping.

The My Diva’s Closet website also sells NYX and they have MUCH better pictures than NYX does. They charge $4/bottle so I only visit for the pictures. Here is my NYX collection.
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