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Color Change Fun with Del Sol Rock Star & Ruby Slipper

By on April 13, 2009
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All of our vacations over the past few years have included two things… beauty products and wine. Don’t ask me why but somehow I end up sniffing out an outlet mall, a dusty nail shop or some unique brand I just have to have. And similarly we usually end up at a winery, bringing some bottles home with us.

This time we didn’t bring back any wine, though I did manage to down almost two bottles of champagne at the Captain’s Cocktail Party and Past Guest Reception, but I did pack away some new nail polishes in my luggage. I was beckoned by the Del Sol store on St. Lucia after our rum punch infused day trip and even though there’s a Del Sol at my favorite weekend getaway, Put-In-Bay, I was sucked in by their line of color change nail polish.

I have a couple Del Sol polishes at home already, a light metallic blue that turns limey green (Electrick!) and a blue that turns purple (Super Hero) but I couldn’t resist the two glitter bombs sitting on the shelf, staring at me. Check out the color changing goodness after the jump!

If you’ve never been to a Del Sol store before, they carry a line of clothes, accessories and nail polish that change color when exposed to UV rays (see right). They have UV lamps in all their locations so you can see the black and white t-shirts, hats and bags burst into technicolor. Even if this isn’t your thing, you should definitely stop in just to play if you have the chance. My purchase of choice was the Ruby Slipper and Rock Star nail polishes. Both are jelly based and blingtacular.

Ruby Slipper applies as a clear lacquer packed with silver shimmer. I used three coats to get decent coverage but it’s still semi-sheer. Though as you’ll see below, it turns an opaque pinkish red when exposed to UV. Quite a transformation, no?

Rock Star reminds me of the much sought after China Glaze Dorothy Who?. It applies pretty translucent, like a glaze, requiring three pretty thick coats. Though what I love is that in spite of its abundant micro-glitter, it dries pretty darn smooth. There’s a hint of texture but any top coat will wipe that out. And of course I LURVE that it turns a gorgeous murky, sea water green.

Note: The picture above was taken on a cloudy day which serves as an excellent reminder that UV rays can penetrate clouds so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to wear sunscreen every day.

I couldn’t resist doing a mani with Rock Star since we had a glorious sunny day this past weekend. Isn’t it fun? The transformation isn’t as dramatic as with Ruby Slipper but I enjoy it.

I even got Mr. ALU to try these beauties out. In a slightly drunken stupor I convinced the boyfriend to let me paint his nails with my new finds. I did a slop ass job, alternating shades on his tips, neglecting to use a base or top coat. I’m sure you can imagine the looks he got, not that he cared. What’s funny is that the following day on St Kitts, he had little schools of fish trying to nibble his hands underwater. I guess they thought the sparkles looked like food. Weird, right?

Del Sol polishes retail for $10/ea and can be purchased online at or at a Del Sol store. The polishes are Toluene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin free but they do contain DBP and Camphor.

With summer quickly approaching, don’t you want color changing tips & toes? Has anyone tried Del Sol polishes before? Which shades are your fave?

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