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Are You Done With Nail Art? #WeAreDone

By on August 14, 2014
in Nail Art
Are You Done With Nail Art? #WeAreDone via @AllLacqueredUp

Busy Philipps is Done With Nail Art #WeAreDone

Have you heard The Madden Brothers tune, “We Are Done?” The song with the 60s vibe has spawned an internet sensation of people posting signs of what they are done with, using #WeAreDone Some of them have been really inspirational, especially from young girls saying things like, “Done with being underestimated” or “Done with being afraid.”

On that note, I was watching #Undone with Amanda de Cadenet, you may remember her from Brokedown Palace or her previous Lifetime series The Conversation, and she had Joel Madden and Busy Philipps as guests. When the topic of #WeAreDone came up, she asked Busy what she is done with and you can see her response above.

Now I follow Busy on Twitter and Instagram, I have adored her since Freaks & Geeks and am an avid Cougar Town fan, so I know she has forayed into the world of nail art. In fact, she uses the same nail artist as Kelly Osbourne. So her answer surprised me but her reasoning made sense. She simply stated that it takes too much time. And as a mom of two kids, one an infant, I’m sure her time is precious.

But it begs the question, are you done with nail art? I know it’s been riding high the past few years but how long can it continue? I’ve also noticed other celeb nail art fanatics toning it down of late. Is the massive nail art trend dying out? I know there will always be fans but is it declining, in general?

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  1. Jessica L. says:

    I have always, and will always adore nail art. I remember getting a book on nail art when I was a kid in probably, 1995? I wish I still had it, it came with these really crappy goopy polishes, but I loved it. I don’t always have the time to paint my nails, much less do nail art, just like I don’t always have time to make cookies, but I will always love them. It’s awesome nail art was in vogue for a bit, and I’m sure it will be again in a few years. Now it’s nice to get compliments for my nails again because they’re spiffy, instead of, oh you’re doing that because it’s popular.

  2. Leissa says:

    I don’t think so, necessarily. Like animal print, it never really goes out of style, but every few years it comes back in style in a big way. I also think maybe it depends on the art in question. Is it a water marble, few dots, simple art or every nail a different character from a beloved movie or book. That really complex level of art maybe waning…

  3. Kelly says:

    I love nail art! I hope it never goes away! :(
    Even though I don’t always do nail art, I do love it and I love seeing it on others.

  4. Carli says:

    Nail art is another form of Art. It will never go away, nails are simply another canvas for artists to express themselves. To be personally ‘over’ a form of artistic expression is their own opinion and perogative. But to dismiss another’s way of expressing themselves artistically is just arrogance and ignorance.
    While not being a great nail art myself, I am a glass artist and greatly appreciate other’s artistic talents, in every field, as I know how much talent, time and extremely hard work goes into creating something amazing. And that’s why I’ll never be ‘over nail art’.

    • Hi Carli, I didn’t see anyone dismissing anyone’s way of expressing themselves. I was asking who is personally done with nail art and if they think the trend is fading.

  5. Amber says:

    I’ve never really been into nail art, though I can appreciate the creativity that it takes to come up with some of the designs I’ve seen. I think I’ve done the moon manicure twice and something with striping tape once. I’m just not a fan. In fact, I don’t really read blogs that feature a lot of nail art. So I guess I can’t really be done with nail art because I was never really into it in the first place!

  6. Sarah says:

    I typically prefer my nails one simple color. Not done with nail art, but I typically prefer to keep it limited to one accent nail, if I have any at all.

    • April says:

      Sarah, How funny that I wrote almost the same comment as you! I didn’t see yours before I commented. I feel the same as you, though :)

  7. April says:

    I don’t care for nail art (probably because I’m not good at it!). I’m happy with just 1 color on my nails. An accent nail is about as far as I go.
    And I love Busy Philipps! She was great as Karen in White Chicks :)

  8. Rita Korn says:

    I am a licensed nail tech in Indiana. We may be behind the times, but nail art is going strong here – with the proliferation of all these independent companies making nail stamping plates and special stampers and polishes, I have more and more people asking for stamped designs. Of course it doesn’t hurt that mine are always decorated – that is my calling card. I hope it never goes away. And despite it going in and out of style, I will always have a design on my own nails.

  9. Smoky says:

    Nail art dying? Not in my world!! I think there will always be innovators thinking of new ways to decorate nails. It’s the nature of the beast! This is nothing but a ‘lul’. #NailartForever!

  10. kelliegonzo says:

    I love nail art and if I could do it I would. Or if I got my nails done by someone else, I would have them do art every time. Especially if I had access to great artists that are in bigger cities. However, I understand why someone would be “done” with it, because like you said, our time is precious.

  11. Lam says:

    I love looking at nail art and my daughter and her friends have gotten quite good at it. I just don’t have the patience for it, and it really doesn’t work with my job.

  12. Vanessa C says:

    I just started doing nail art a few months ago, so I’m definitely not done. I don’t do it very often, but it’s a good way to express your love for something. I like to do nail art for my favorite teams. It’s fun and it’s creative. And people get a kick out of seeing something different.

  13. Natalie says:

    I’m done.It is time cinsuming and I have time to do my nails once
    a month.

  14. LaraLeaf says:

    I totally bombed at anything I would call nail art. Every once in awhile, I do a striping tape mani, even tho it seems to grow tentacles like an octopus on me – I like the neat, straight lines you can get. Nowadays, I mainly stick with using toppers as anything other than a plain swatch. But I do admire nails that have nail art nicely done. I love most of the stamping I see – that is something else I would like to try my hand at, but haven’t yet due to the additional financial expense of it. I love the whole nail polish ‘scene’!

  15. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I am/will be… Most of the stuff I do is fairly basic and simple anyway, as I am VERY non-ambidextrous and while my left hand always looks pretty nice/ok when I get creative, my right hand ends up looking like I turned a toddler loose with polish. Dotticures and stripes and maybe even gradients seem like things that wouldn’t ever fully go out of style, just because they are so simple and fun. I guess really, it ends up being a question of what an individual considers to be nail art. I imagine that for some, even doing a reverse French tip could be considered nail art.

  16. Sarah says:

    A part of me wants to be. It does take SO much darn time…especially when I haven’t taken the time to perfect certain techniques. I also feel like some of it is getting very tired and gimmicky…but then I have days when I take the time to accomplish a new look and every other person I see the next day will grab my hand, gasp, and compliment me. I don’t think nail art is dying though…I just think it’s just a very personal thing, and for some it’s not worth it. I’ve never done decals, which is something I may venture in to, to appease the nail art part of me, but not have it be so time consuming.

  17. I’m sure a will be done someday, for some amount of time. I just hope it won’t be any time soon. We’ll see how I feel in a couple of years!

  18. JDV says:

    I thought I was over it but I’ve actually renewed my love for stamping in the last few months. But my style isn’t too flashy, I prefer tone-on-tone and matte coat stamping with maybe some strategically placed CND effects within the stamped design. But that’s about as fancy as I go. I was never into glitter bombs or texture.

  19. Melany says:

    For me, my nails are a way to express my personality and creativity. I will never be done with nail art.

  20. Mercedes says:

    Yep, I’m done with nail art. And I applaud Busy for throwing that out there!

  21. steffy says:

    I’m not over it, but then I never got too fancy anyway as my skills are limited, but I still like and admire it on others. I just wonder what’s next because how many totally “new” ideas or products can there realistically be? :) that’s half the fun, though, on the other hand!

  22. Britni Rose says:

    WHOA WHOA WHOA. Just going through my emails after months of ignoring the growing pile, and can I just say, I’m obsessed with The Madden Brothers, have been for 13 years now, and I’ve been reading this blog since about day one, so I squealed a little bit when my email had the hashtag #WeAreDone. I love this. I love you.

    As for nail art, I’ll do an accent checkered “print” but I don’t really have the time or patience anymore for much more than that.