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Olympic Hopeful and COVERGIRL Gracie Gold Talks Patriotic Nail Art and Getting Ready for Sochi

By on January 9, 2014
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COVERGIRL Gracie Gold patriotic nail art for the Olympics


I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait for the Winter Olympics to begin. While the boyfriend will be all consumed with the hockey, I’ll be focused on the figure skating. I took figure skating lessons as a kid, thinking I could grow up to be Katarina Witt or Dorothy Hamill (ps I didn’t) and I can’t wait to see the latest crop of figure skating superstars hit the ice in Sochi.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Olympic hopeful Gracie Gold who is part of the P&G Family’s Thank You Mom program and representing COVERGIRL in Sochi.  Her next step towards Olympic Gold starts today with the kickoff of the US Figure Skating Championships.

We had a chance to dish on her plans for Sochi, how she keeps her face so flawless on the ice and, of course, my favorite topic, nails!

You recently started working with legendary coach Frank Carroll. How has working with him changed your preparation for the Olympics?

The mental training has been the biggest difference, working with Frank. He’s a genius, he’s had so many wonderful skaters, so many Olympic medalists and national world medalists. He knows exactly what it will be like.

Outside of winning an Olympic medal, what is one thing you want to do in Sochi?

I would love to go watch the Women’s Ski Jumping event. I’m pretty good friends with fellow Nike athlete Sarah Hendrickson. Women’s Ski Jumping, it’s the first time it’s in the Olympics. She’s the reigning world champion and even though she’s been injured recently I really want her to be there and to watch this groundbreaking event.

Do you have a good luck charm you pack for competitions?

I always bring my lucky blankie. I’ve had it since I was a little baby. It’s my little thing

Partnering with COVERGIRL must be exciting. What’s been the best part of working with the brand so far?

One of the best things is not only being able to say I’m part of the P&G Family and COVERGIRL, that’s every kid’s dream, but the photo shoot we did was the most fun. It was makeup, hair, lighting and it was everything you could ever want.



I’ve seen you compete and your makeup is always on point. Who taught you about makeup?

My mother. I would watch her put it on in the morning. When I first started competing I was only 8 to 9 years old so she always did my makeup for me. About two years ago, [Ice Dancer] Meryl Davis, showed me everything she did and what she used in preparation for a post-competition exhibition skate. I learned so much from her. She’s not just a great skater, but her makeup is flawless as well.

It’s difficult enough keeping a smoky eye or red lip in place in the everyday world, what are your tricks to keeping your makeup from running down your face?

I always start with a liquid foundation and top it with a pressed powder foundation. It helps it stay a little more sweat-proof. Water resistant eyeliner and mascara are a must have. Even though the ice is frozen water, it’s still pretty moist in there and you start to get a little oily. When it comes to lipstick, I always use a lip brush for a sharp line and use concealer to define the lip line and keep it from bleeding on the skin.

You tend to rock a bold red lip. Do you have a favorite shade?

COVERGIRL Hot Passion is what I’ve been wearing but their whole LipPerfection line is perfect.

Gracie Gold COVERGIRL Favorite Products

COVERGIRL LipPerfection in Hot Passion, LipPerfection Lip Liner in Passion, Ink It! Eyeliner, Bombshell Mascara

Let’s talk nails. During the Summer Olympics we saw the swimmers and runners sporting all sorts of crazy nail art but skaters tend to stick to neutrals and reds. Is nail art forbidden in figure skating and what do you wear on your nails?

I think for skating, because your costumes are two different colors, a French or classic red. My dresses this year are black & white, pink and red so I think I will be able to sport some red and white nails. Though for the Olympics I’m going to toss in some blues.

Actually, right now I have crazy patriotic nails. Red, white and blue. I mean, I have a flag on my nails.

Gracie Gold Olympics patriotic nail art

Gracie Gold’s patriotic nail art

What’s your go-to everyday look?

If I’m going out with friends, I play with color but for everyday training I try to keep it minimalist because it’s a lot to do every day. I never leave the house without a little bit of concealer, mascara and lipstick.

Going between such extreme temperature changes must be challenging for your skin. What type of skin care do you use?

It’s hard. I definitely find that I’m at war with my skin a lot. In the morning, I use an Olay Oil-Free wash and moisturizer. It’s a really nice start to the day. At night because I’m still in my teenage years and we still have some of those acne issues, I actually have a sulfur-based face wash. That’s new for me because I had always used harsher chemicals. The sulfur helps clear out the makeup yet it’s very sensitive.

I’m envious of the fab braids you wear as I have no braiding skills whatsoever. Do you do that yourself and how do you keep every hair in place while spinning on the ice?

When it comes to braiding, I’m equally inadequate. My mother and my sister are the braiders of the family. My mom is amazing with French braids, Dutch braids, French twists, buns, etc. You name it and she can do it. We love watching the hair tutorials on YouTube.

When it comes to product. A mousse and a blow dry, if you want to keep it slick, helps keep some of those flyaways. Pantene Heat Thermal protection spray is really good when you’re blow drying and curling your hair all day. That really helps in the dry winter months.

Reader question from Lorraine V. – How do you keep your legs warm enough on the ice to remain flexible?

I am a big spokesperson for legwarmers. I’m probably the only freestyler that trains in legwarmers but they really help. I’m cold all the time and constantly live in Nike Sweatpants. But when I’m on the ice training I wear simple Nike Yoga Pants and tights but legwarmers save the day.

Will you be tuning in to the Figure Skating Championships this weekend on NBC? What is your favorite Winter Olympic sport to watch? Do you have plans to create some patriotic nail art to support Team USA?

Stay tuned as I bring you the break down of Gracie’s COVERGIRL nail art so you can get the look at home!

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  1. Winter Olympics Nail Art | February 23, 2014
  1. Lisa N. says:

    What a fun interview!

  2. Laura says:

    At first, great nail art! I really like the combination of blue red and white.
    Since I’m from Germany, I love biathlon, but I don’t know if it is popular in the US. It consists of alternating cross country skiing and shooting, which makes it very thrilling to watch, I can only recommend it!
    Further I enjoy ski jumping,nordic combined and luge, but I also plan to see some “not-so-traditional” sports like ski cross oder snowboarding, even if german athletes might not win a medal in those sports. And after your interview I will also keep an eye on Gracie!
    Love from Germany!

  3. Linda says:

    So what if you’re not Oksana Baul? (Remember her?) I think you’ve done pretty well for yourself! lol

    I’ll remember to watch for her in the Olympics, although I’ll have to cheer our Canadian athletes first!