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Season of Giving Giveaways – Day 1: Urban Decay Blackheart & Zodiac

By on December 12, 2013
in Giveaway

Urban Decay Nail Polish Giveaway
Let’s kick off the Season of Giving Giveaways with a couple of nail polishes that I can’t get enough of. I swooned over Urban Decay Blackheart and Zodiac just yesterday and now you have a chance to win a set of your very own!

Enter to win using the form below. Open to everyone. Giveaway ends Saturday, December 14th, 2013 at 9:00 am EST.

If you can’t view the entry form, CLICK HERE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck

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There Are 408 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Meghan says:

    I’m probably most excited to give my mom her gift. I’m knitting her a scarf!

  2. Jen P says:

    These colors look so awesome! Love your swatches, pic and blogs…

  3. Agi M. says:

    Oh, how beautiful polishes – and they are not sold in my country!

  4. Mary says:

    I am most excited to give my husband his gift!

  5. Agi M. says:

    I am the most excited about the gifts of my husband, I have found some really cool stuff for him!

  6. Jen P says:

    I am most excited to see my kids open their gifts

  7. kathy says:

    my nephew! he’s 3 and he’s getting a tiger tent.

  8. Jesika Shake says:

    I really hope I win I’m just starting to build my nail polish collection!

  9. Katrina says:

    My Grandma is a fan of my artwork, she has a whole gallery on her walls, so I’m painting her a canvas with one of her favorite quotes. I can’t wait until she sees it!

  10. M says:

    Just trying my luck!
    And thank you for the giveaway =)

  11. Icequeen81 says:

    Ummm this my sound strange but the best present I could give is a Home for the brother of my sweet dog , he is still at the shelter they had a rough start in their short live together he protected her, I wish I was able to give him a home with us. Praying for a miracle, or that he gets a nice home where he can be happy.

  12. Heather Hoagland says:

    I’d have to say my niece. She is almost 3 and I love watching her eyes light up when she gets a gift.

  13. Heather says:

    To all the kids we took up donation for this year from the Lions Club.

  14. Rebekah Johnson says:

    I love those colors and this blog!

  15. Rebekah Johnson says:

    I pushed post on my comment too soon – I’m most excited about giving my entire family of in laws gifts because they’re all handmade. I knit one item for each person and I am really pleased with how they all turned out.

  16. Marley S. says:

    I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I’m in love.

  17. Jennifer W. says:

    I love these colors. I’d love to try Urban Decay polishes.

  18. Emily says:

    I’m excited to give my husband his gift. He thinks it is out of stock, so he will be surprised.

  19. Kirsty says:

    I’m excited to give my parents a simple gift this year :)

  20. Daneisha says:

    my 3 year old! I was able to find his Resue Bots thanks to amazon!

  21. Christen says:

    I’ve never tried UD polishes so it would be awesome to win these :) Love your blog Michelle – my wallet, no so much

  22. femketje says:

    i love giving gifts to my fiance :D

  23. Melissa says:

    Ooh, I LOVE zodiak -Mostly because its green! :)

  24. Mary w says:

    My boyfriend’s little sister, my sister, and my mom will love their gifts this year!

  25. Christine says:

    are they only availavle on I need!!

  26. Loved your review yesterday and put these two shades on my Christmas list, for myself, mentally. Now I’m stoked there’s this raffle. WOOT!

  27. Carmen says:

    Most excited to give my baby brother his gifts this year. He just got his very first apartment, so we’re helping him fill it with some essentials. He’s so excited!

  28. sara says:

    My husband. It’s so hard to buy him anything that he hasn’t already thought of for himself, so I get a chance to be creative and get him things that he HASN’T necessarily thought of.

  29. Christina says:

    I’ve got something for my husband I’m really excited to get him!

  30. Sienna says:

    My son is the most fun to shop for, cannot wait for Christmas morning!

  31. Shana says:

    Hanukkah has passed, but I was most excited to give a gift to my husband!

  32. Lindsey says:

    My brother-in-law, actually. He has been a great friend over the years and is a wonderful gift-giver. This year I think we’ve matched him.

  33. Michelle says:

    I’m planning a nice set of gifts for my parents this year!

  34. Batty says:

    Long time stalker giving it a go :)

  35. Kristina says:

    I can’t afford any presents this year bc I’ve been unable to work due to medical conditions, but I wish more than anything I could give a present to my hubby.

  36. Patricia says:

    Hummmm to My sister….

  37. Amber M says:

    I’m most excited to give my husband his gift, since it’s our first Christmas together!

  38. Helena says:

    My boyfriend. He’s been wanting a small, portable workout journal to take with him to the gym, I need to find a good one!

  39. JJ says:

    My son – he’s 4 years old so he really gets into the magic of Christmas :-)

  40. Mandy C says:

    I’m most excited about getting gifts for my 4 year old niece.

  41. Christine says:

    I haven’t bought any gifts yet!

  42. Kayla says:

    I get excited about giving gifts to ALL my friends and family. Typically I get so excited that I cannot wait until Christmas Day so they’re usually opening their gift way before… haha.

  43. Eva Klinman says:

    oh! my boyfriend. I’m finally replacing the broken speakers attached to our TV and he LOVES watching movies! James Bond just isn’t the same without base…

  44. Kellie says:

    I am most excited to give my sister her gifts, she’s so fun to shop for :)

  45. Nornee says:

    I’m looking forward to giving my sister get gift this year!

  46. Kate K says:

    I made photo books of my 2-year-old (only grandchild) for all of the grandparents. I hope they like them!

  47. Jennifer says:

    I am most excited to give my children their gifts.

  48. Julie says:

    I knit my mom a ruffle scarf in her favorite color, so I am most excited about that. I love giving gifts that I make.

  49. Kerry says:

    My Boyfriend! He’s spending Christmas with my family for the first time this year and I’m really looking forward to it :-)

  50. Lynn C. says:

    I’m most excited to give my mom her Christmas gift. We’ve been collecting Barbies since I was born and I picked up the 2013 Holiday Barbie ornament for her! So exciting!

  51. Julia K says:

    I’m most excited to give my 3-year old nephew his gift. :)

  52. Sarah Tea says:

    I am most excited to give my mom a present this year. :) She’s my favorite person.

  53. Heather says:

    Love UD and love these colors!

  54. Erika says:

    I’m excited to give gifts to all of my amazing friends. So grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

  55. Sara says:

    I’m most excited to give my mother her Christmas gift. She’s one of those tricky people to shop for, and I think I’ve really hit it out of the park this year!

  56. Joann says:

    Me- I’m on the list too (UDNaked3)! :)

  57. Tessa says:

    I think I’m most excited to give my sister her presents this year. I’ve gotten her a few “gag” gifts based on inside jokes, so I’m looking forward to her reactions.

  58. Viktoria says:

    My dear husband

  59. BeeWendt says:

    I am most excited to give gifts to everyone this year. I made some super cute calenders with all the families cats, and I also made some sparkly glitter filled nail polish bottle ornaments!

  60. Catherine says:

    I’m looking forward to my kids opening their gifts this year. One of them asked for a camera and I hope he takes lots of photos with it to preserve memories.

  61. Amy says:

    My sister and her boyfriend. I got them a really nice (and expensive) pepper grinder. They admired mine when they came to visit last summer so I know they’ll like it.

  62. K Diane says:

    I’m most excited to give my entire family a gift! I’m flying in from out of state :)

  63. Laura says:

    Wow, they look really great! What and awesome giveaway ;D

  64. Helen says:

    Great giveaway! I’ve never tried UD polishes before and would love to :)

  65. Maria says:

    My daughter – she is five and so excited about Santa. :)

  66. Angel G says:

    These colors are perfect, I’ve been looking for those gorgeous darker shades this season!

  67. Laura says:

    Too soon…I love getting presents for my mother. She always gets a lot of smaller presents. Just like last year I bought her a book as well, because she liked the one I got her last year so much. It was more of a gag gift really (about a cat helping to solve a crime), but she ended up loving it. To have a similar effect, I bought one about a music journalist solving a crime^^

  68. Juli says:

    Definitely my boyfriend, as I knitted – all by myself – a beanie for him! Wonder if it will fit… :)

  69. Angel G says:

    These colors are perfect, I

  70. Darlene says:

    I am most excited to give gifts to my children. They get so excited and love everything about the day. :)

  71. Stacy says:

    Woo! Thanks so much for doing this!

  72. sara says:

    i’m most excited about giving a gift to my mom. i’m in the process of knitting a shawl for her – it’s in tussah silk and it’s her favorite color, so i’m really hoping she loves it!

  73. Stacy says:

    Also, I’m always most excited to give to my mom – she almost never buys nice things for herself!

  74. Lindsay Henderson says:

    I’m giving my husband a Star Wars Lego set. Can’t wait to see the look on his face! He is like a big kid when it comes to Legos.

  75. Rainey S says:

    My little sister!

  76. Jackie says:

    i’m most excited to give gifts to my nieces!

  77. jesi says:

    I’m worrying about giving Xmas gifts to anyone. 2013 was brutal to me and I don’t think that I have enough money to give anyone something that they truly desire. People say that it’s the thought that counts but it is still something that I will be judged for. I’m not so excited for the holidays this year.

  78. Sarah Hemperley says:

    I’m most excited about my sons gifts. He is turning 1 December 16 and this will be a exciting Christmas for my family. He was only a few days old last Christmas so he didn’t get to enjoy it as much as he will this year.

  79. Carolyn says:

    I’m excited to give my boyfriend his present because this is our first Christmas together!

  80. JGM says:

    My fellow geeky friends.

  81. Beth says:

    Thank you for doing the giveaways! These are gorgeous colors.

  82. lauren luo says:

    my gift to my dad, he is really into photography, so i got him an amazing lens he wanted for a long time.

  83. Marisa says:

    I am the most excited (and anxious) to take over the Christmas lasagna this year from my MIL, who is having surgery right before Christmas. (Not really a gift, but since I haven’t started shopping yet I can’t be excited about any of that, mostly just panicking)

  84. Beth says:

    oops, forgot to say who I’m most excited to give a gift to this year – I’d have to say, my husband, because this is our first Christmas as husband and wife :)

  85. alexskyline says:

    Yay! Thank you for the giveaway!

  86. Lia says:

    I’m most excited to give my partner her presents. I’ve been saving since August, so I think she’ll be very happy with the results. :)

  87. Natalya says:

    I am most excited to give gifts to my kids. Its so much fun watching them to unwrap their presents!

  88. Jen D. says:

    My newborn niece. =)

  89. Chrystal says:

    I’m most excited to get home to see what I actually bought everyone – I hope it’s good, but who knows! (late night or at work online shopping means that I buy things and then kinda forget they exist…)

  90. Arlene says:

    Awesome contest. Thanks.

  91. Dyanna says:

    I only really get gifts for my husband, so I’m excited for him to get his. Even tho he already has one of them.

  92. leejing says:

    absolutely love nail polish!!!! i really want this because it’s not available in singapore, or at least i haven’t seen it yet. the colours look absolutely incredible.

  93. leejing says:

    also; can’t wait to give my best friend a gift — planned a gorgeous manicure for her for christmas :D

  94. Marisa says:

    I’m excited to give my two new nephews their first Christmas gifts!

  95. Jessi N says:

    I’m looking forward to giving my dad his gift, a cologne he’s been trying to find for quite some time :o) ~ Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. Amanda May says:

    I’m most excited to give gifts to my sisters, both younger. I made up a makeup started kit for my 14 year old sister and a nail art starter kit for my other sister. They are both going to love them, I just know it! So excited to see their eyes light up once they open them!!!!

  97. Stacy says:

    These shades are gorgeous. Love the bottle caps too!

  98. Chantel Lichtenfels says:

    OOO I love the holidays!! Who am I most excited to give to this year… I would say my kiddos. My 4 cute little children make Christmas magic!

  99. Amanda May says:

    I’m most excited to give gifts to both of my sisters. I made up a makeup starter kit for the youngest sister and for the middle sister, I made up a nail art starter kit. They are both going to be super excited!!! Can’t wait to see their faces once they have opened them.

  100. LJ says:

    Lovely winter colors.

  101. PJ says:

    I’m most excited to give my daughters their gifts. There’s nothing better than giving kids gifts on xmas morning. (Here’s hoping I get a gift of some awesome UD polishes!)

  102. deena says:

    Zodiac is calling my name!

  103. deena says:

    I’m most excited to give my dad his present this year – a really unique eBay find!

  104. Colleen Boudreau says:

    My best friend.

  105. Danielle C. says:

    I am definitely most excited to give my boyfriend his gifts, since it took me so long to find something I wanted to give him :)

  106. Cassandra Wells says:

    My 3 kids, It’s always beautiful to see them happy!

  107. Lindsay says:

    I am most excited to give my dad his gift, my mom and I went havsies on it, he will be so surprised!

  108. Jade says:

    I really like giving gifts to everyone on my list but my favorite person to give to is my husband. He keeps a running list on Amazon so I always nail Christmas for him! This is giveaway is so lovely of you to do!

  109. Sass says:

    I’m most excited to give a present to my boyfriend this year, hope he likes my present :D

  110. Laurel says:

    I’m so excited for my niece to get her gift – I made her a bunch of clothes for her American Girl doll!

  111. lorien says:

    my husband! i’m making him a book of pictures of my daughter and i.

  112. Natalie says:

    My husband! He’s just like a little kid on Christmas morning!

  113. Leah J. says:

    I’m most excited to give gifts to my 4 & 6 year olds. They get so excited.

  114. TyphoidHolli says:

    I think it’s my best friend Shannah. I’m making her a duck dynasty box for her office. Lol

    Love those polish colors!

  115. Ellen says:

    I’m most excited to gift to my husband! He absolutely deserves it and spoils me every year, so now I’m doing the same.

  116. Eszter says:

    I’m looking forward to surprising my mom.

  117. MollySC says:

    I’ve got some great finds for my sister, and she would LOVE blackheart ;)

  118. Kami says:

    My mom, I’m taking her to see August: Osage County. Not necessarily a traditional “gift” haha.

  119. RaeLynn Languasco says:

    I’m most excited to give my sister a gift this year. There’s a VERY large age gap, (she’s 3), so it’s like shopping for a daughter. (:

  120. Daanielle says:

    Such beautiful polishes!

    I’m super excited to give my 5 year old cousin her gifts. I’m the only family member who is really into the glitter and princess stuff, so she’s always stoked when I get her name in the Christmas drawing. She has a new 18 month old sister and gets a little jealous, so I like to spoil my fellow princess just a little. :)

  121. Stacey T says:

    I’m most excited to give my nephews their presents. This time last year I only had one so now it’s twice as fun!

  122. Emily B says:

    My sister! She’s into a lot of stuff like Doctor Who and video games, so the last few years I’ve been getting and making her stuff from those fandoms, and she’s always so enthusiastic so it’s fun :)

  123. Nicole S says:

    Most excited to give my mom her gift. I can’t imagine she’s expecting anything this year.

  124. Ricki says:

    My mom – I think she will love what I got her this year!

  125. samantha crowe says:

    My 3 year old son!

  126. AA says:

    These are beautiful! :) Thanks for the giveaway, Michelle!

  127. AA says:

    Oh! And I’m most excited to gift my mom :)

  128. Lorraine says:

    God bless your mom and the spirit of giving she passed on to you- this is a fabulous giveaway in her honor! I’m most excited to give to my son’s girlfriend, since she has really changed his outlook on life for the better. Also my daughter’s math and science teacher. This guy is so gifted, I’m positive he has passed up lucrative career opportunities to teach, and merely because he really cares about their learning! Super nice guy who is also understanding of student needs and emotional development.

  129. Marchelle says:

    Always excited to give gifts to my baby bears (aka grand babies).

  130. Sara says:

    My nieces and nephews

  131. Jocelyn says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my boyfriend, since I know he’ll love it!

  132. Rebecca says:

    I got married earlier this year so I am most excited to give a gift to my new husband!

  133. Lauren says:

    My sister! She has no idea and I love it!

  134. Jae says:

    Wow! Really loving Blackheart. You do the best pics & reviews.

  135. Alison says:

    I’m excited to give a gift to my kids — we’re taking them on a surprise Disneyland trip for the first time and their little heads are going to explode :D

  136. CeCe says:

    I don’t know if you would call it a Christmas present, but I set up a Group page on FB to help a Mom with a medically challenged daughter. Invited all her friends and some of my friends joined in too. I know we have raised over a thousand dollars for her. They are back home now after a out of town hospital stay. Her daughter will be receiving treatment at home now. The best early Christmas present is seeing her smile again. :)

  137. Kristin says:

    I’m most excited to give my parents their gift!

  138. Jennifer Dysart says:

    My fiance—because his present is a true surprise and I love to surprise people

  139. Caitlin says:

    I’m most excited to give a Christmas gift to my friend Christina. I found the *perfect* gift for her; if a piece of jewelry could embody a person, this piece would be Christina. Super excited to give it to her!

  140. Gise Kiss says:

    I’m excited to give my mum her present, she always wanted it and she has no clue that I’m giving it to her this Christmas!!

  141. Niki T. says:

    To my 7 year old nephew! He’s the only kid in my family and we love to spoil him rotten! =)

  142. Anne says:

    The thing I’m most excited about is actually something that has already been given – my kids have wanted Guinea pigs for a long time, so this year they are getting two for Christmas. We already brought them home do it might be cheating a bit, but boy are they happy!

  143. Lou says:

    Love these, just adore the new range of UD polishes – they are all must haves!

  144. Zorbs says:

    my running mom friends.

  145. Natalya says:

    My sweet daughter.) She wants a Barbie house. Not having a Barbie.))

  146. Jamie Rose says:

    My sister. She always likes the stuff I pick out for her!

  147. Susan G. says:

    My brother! He’s so much fun to shop for!

  148. Kristen says:

    My sweet baby boy! He was born in October and so this is his first Christmas.

  149. Cajka says:

    My best friend. He’s done so much for me this year and he’s been having a rough time so I want to do something really grand for him.

  150. Crystal says:

    My brother because this is the first year he wasn’t able to buy everyone else a big gift.

  151. Zoey says:

    My best friend.

  152. Nicole Quintero says:

    My kid niece, I got her a power wheels and can’t wait to see her riding in it.

  153. Ditte Karolussen says:

    Mmm – love UD! Would love to try out their nail polish when I love so much else they’ve done.

  154. Stephanie says:

    My best friend! She is finally doing her nails!

  155. Jess says:

    I have my cousin’s name in the family gift exchange this year and I love what I found for her :)

  156. Nikki7434 says:

    My cousin! She’s the youngest by far, and sadly, missed out on years of fabulous gifts from my (late) grandparents. They were the BEST gift givers, so each year I try to fill their shoes just a little bit. Thanks for the giveaway fun! ^_^

  157. Jennifer says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my boyfriend.

  158. Marie says:

    My husband is a really great gift recipient–super appreciative and fun.

  159. Jennifer says:

    My mom – She is so wonderful to my family that I love to shopping for her Christmas gift.

  160. Jenn says:

    My daughter. She’s 9 and I’m so excited for her to open her new easel and art supplies!!

  161. Lacey says:

    My best friend!

  162. Sana Mirza says:

    My husband, and my little baby girl. Would love to see smiles on their faces and make them happy.

  163. TropicalChrome says:

    We’re giving multi-picture frames with pictures of us and our family to both my father and my in laws. I’m excited because I’ve never done anything like this before and I hope they like it.

  164. Gretchen Barr says:

    My husband’s maternal grandparents. If I can ever get that doily finished.

  165. Hannah says:

    Definitely my brother. He insisted I get him nothing this year, but really; who ever listens when someone says that?!

  166. Whitney says:

    I’m excited to give my mom her gift!

  167. Diana P says:

    My kids!!! They are getting their first gaming system :)

  168. Katey says:

    My sister- I got her the 3 Zoyas she wanted (Rihana, Julieanne, and Payton)

  169. Sarah R says:

    I am most excited to give my husband his gifts! We got married in October so it’s our first Christmas as husband and wife, which makes it extra special :)

  170. Stephanie R. Schmitz says:

    I WANNA WIN!!!! <3<3<3

  171. Sara says:

    I am most excited to give away all the indie nail polishes I have bought from IG companies this holiday season!

  172. Sarah says:

    My sons. Now that they are old enough to understand what is going on, it’s really fun to get stuff for them. Last year we redecorated their bathroom in Angry Birds, wrapped the door like a gift, complete with box, and they loved the surprise!

  173. Sarah Kipling says:

    I am most excited to see my little guy open his gifts from Santa!

  174. Jessica Bracho says:

    This is my first christmas with my adorable rescue dog. I know he will be super excited to get all the new toys and treats I stuffed in his stocking!

  175. Nathalie says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my mother in law.She surprised me last night with a Juniors cheesecake delivery from QVC last night!

  176. Mandy K says:

    I’m most excited to give my boyfriend his present. I got us annual passes to Disney. He loves theme parks and has been talking about wanting to go to Disney for months!

  177. Leslie says:

    My boyfriend. I hope he likes it.

  178. Florence says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my mom and my new boyfriend this year!

  179. annette says:

    I’m done giving out gifts this year. I enjoyed giving to all I bought for

  180. Kat Dinges says:

    I’m excited to give to my friends. Ha, I’ve still got to figure out what those gifts are.

  181. Maddy says:

    My little brother. He just got back from bootcamp.

  182. Zsuzsa V says:

    My sister :) I’d like to surprise her this year!

  183. jbrobeck says:

    Definitely my hubby!

  184. Jennifer says:

    My mom and my friend :)

  185. Rachel says:

    I am so excited to give my husband his gift this year – I’m going to make him a leather wallet by hand! So excited. I love handmade gifts.

    Thank you for these giveaways!!

  186. Jenn says:

    I am most excited to give gifts to my nine year old daughter and seven year old son. Thank you for this giveaway, and the opportunity to win!

  187. Marta K says:

    My boyfriend. I’m making a “basket” with a lot of things! :)

  188. Lindsey R says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my goddaughter– it’ll be her first Christmas!

  189. Sanne Helene says:

    I am looking forward to giving my niese a gift.

  190. Wendi says:

    I’m most excited to give my mom her gift, she’s been wanting a dvd of her favorite tv series so she can watch it whenever she wants.

  191. Elena T says:

    My best friend because we know each other for so long and buying gifts for her is getting trickier as years pass by but I love to get her things she haven’t tried before.

  192. Alexis says:

    My boyfriend. He is 31 and still acts like a little kid at Christmas.

  193. Jiin-Yu says:

    My husband who rarely buys things for himself, so its fun for me to get him the things that he has his eye on.

  194. Rachel says:

    I have 6 nieces and nephews and they are all I’m buying for, so I would say them! :D

  195. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I like getting presents for my kids.

  196. Erin says:

    I am most excited to give a gift to my sweet hubby this year!

  197. Sanna says:

    I’m so excited for my boyfriend to open his present this year. It’s something he’s really wishing for, but I don’t think he expect to get it since it’s quite expensive! I’ve teamed up with my mom and sister, and will give him it as a combined christmas gift and birthday present (his birthday is in january) =)

  198. Petra Sch. says:

    my daughter! I love to see These big eyes when she will open her 1000000 presents :)
    love, Petra Sch.

  199. SA says:

    My mother. I’m always most excited to give her something because she never asks for anything.

  200. Danielle says:

    My boyfriend! Our 6 month anniversary is December 22.

  201. Erin says:

    My husband! He always gets me the most thoughtful gifts so I try really hard to do the same.

  202. J says:

    my friend, to go with the UD naked 3 and vice set I got her. the polishes were out of stock at our location.

  203. Serena says:

    My friend who lives in another continent: can’t wait for her to receive the little presents I put together.

  204. Ruth says:

    My 4-year old son!

  205. Eileen says:

    So excited to give my daughter her gifts :)

  206. LisefromNL says:

    My son who is 6 years old and believe it is Santa Claus who bring him presents. This is so cute to see his eyes shining!

  207. Shannon says:

    My boyfriend! I can’t wait to give him his gift, my mom and I are doing a combination this year so our presents match for him! Can’t wait to see his face.

  208. Rosemary Aquila says:

    my 5 year old son, he’s so excited about Christmas!

  209. Alyssa Santana says:

    I’m most excited to give gifts to my son this Christmas! It’s his second Christmas, and I’m excited to see how he enjoys it!

  210. Emily W. says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my friend, whom I’ve not seen for many years now. Hopefully it goes well! Happy Holidays!

  211. Amanda says:

    The hubby. I am knitting him a sweater (my first one!)

  212. Heather M says:

    Definitely my kids

  213. susan schneider says:

    I’m getting married on Dec. 28th, so I’m giving myself to a wonderful man for Christmas. On a similar note, his mother is slowly dying of cancer, so I’m eager to give her what will probably be her first and last Christmas with me as her daughter-in-law.

  214. Katherine says:

    I’m most excited for my cousin’s gift – it’s a necklace she’s wanted that took me awhile to track down.

  215. Kris says:

    I’m most excited to give something to my niece!

  216. Cecilia G says:

    Probably my 18 year old sister I f

  217. Rach says:

    I just got a new car, so all my gifts are going to be a tad bit late this year (which is good, because I don’t even know what I’m giving out yet!). But I’m excited to mail Christmas cards … I do it every year and it’s a lot of fun.

  218. Sarah says:

    I’m actually pretty excited about the gifts I’ve found for my parents!

  219. April says:

    I’m most excited to give gifts to my brother-in-law as I got him some awesome Star Wars merchandise that he’ll absolutely love and be surprised to receive.

  220. Raye says:

    I’m most excited about giving my nephew his gifts! He’s just over one year old and I bought him a big set of Mega Blocks.

  221. JB says:

    My husband! I hope he likes what I got for him. I’m also excited to hear what my dad thinks about the new slippers I sent him.

  222. ashpags says:

    My SIL! I’m giving her the Deborah Lippmann Wicked set!

  223. Eleobel says:

    My Mother, she spoils me all year and is ok with my nail polish addiction! So she deserves something special :)

  224. Kara says:

    Can’t wait to give my sister her gifts :)

  225. Dj says:

    Always my godsons! They’re getting a bicycle and an electric violin!

  226. Lisa B. says:

    My new friend who is a Star Wars nerd. :)

  227. Cassie says:

    My boyfriend! He likes everything I get him, and I love surprising him.

  228. Erin Ortiz says:

    My mom! She is definitely the hardest person to shop for but this year I found two amazing presents for her :)

  229. Jenni says:

    My brother. I found a movie we both loved when we were kids and I can’t wait to give it to him.

  230. Amie Mattson says:

    Most excited to give presents to my nieces and nephew. I love seeing their little faces light up. :)

  231. Eileen says:

    I’m most excited to give presents to my nieces. Christmas is all about the little ones!

  232. suzanne says:

    i dont have anyone in particular that im most excited to give to.. everyone in my family is fun to watch open gifts!

  233. Sarah says:

    My sisters! We only see each other a few times a year, and I love seeing the looks on their faces when they open their gifts

  234. Beth says:

    Thank you for the amazing giveaways! I absolutely love these polishes!

  235. Beth says:

    I’m also most excited to give a gift to my best friends- they’re going to be so surprised by what I got them!

  236. Amy Myers says:

    My 5 year old little girl. She asked Santa for pink sparkly nail polish. :)

  237. Pdjb says:

    I’m most excited about giving a present to my kids! They’re getting old enough to really enjoy the holidays now.

  238. Caroline says:

    The BF! Stumbled across things that he won’t realise he has been missing all his life until the big day :)

  239. fatima says:

    thank you for launching this giveaway week!
    i am looking forward to surprising my neices. their joy and excitement gives me a unique type of happiness.

  240. Tanyatopia says:

    My mom, because she really wanted a printer and I just know she doesn’t think I got it for her!

  241. Michelle says:

    My friends! I have a great white elephant gift this year.

  242. Therese says:

    I can’t wait to give my sisters their gifts!

  243. Lisa Bethany says:

    My boyfriend! It’s one of his favorite things and has never bought it for himself so i’m excited to be giving it to him :)

  244. Renee G says:

    I am most excited about the husband that I bought for my husband.

  245. Kate B says:

    I’m most excited to give my bf his gifts! I had a lot of fun picking out stuff I thought he’d love, and I can’t wait to see him open them!

  246. Heather says:

    My sister. She’s the easiest and most fun to shop for because we have a bunch of shared interests. Geeky things ftw. =)

  247. Amy says:

    What a great giveaway. Thanks for hosting.

  248. Christine says:

    My better half =) He doesn’t know that i’ll be buying him a present since we generally do not celebrate Christmas so it’ll be a surprise!

  249. Christina C. says:

    I’m excited to give gifts to my family, especially my mom! :)

  250. My baby boy – I’m so excited to celebrate his first Christmas!

  251. Kajal says:

    Definitely my boyfriend. First year being with someone for christmas, so exciting!

  252. Miss Louise says:

    my mom! I bought her a bunch of Lush goodies when I was out of town! She’s only had samples from them and she talks about them non stop! Unfortunately, the closest Lush is an hour away, so she never shops there!

  253. Erica says:

    My new fella :)

  254. Bethany says:

    My friend Vivian! She loves OPI’s Ski Slope Sweetie, so I’ll have to drop by the local nail supply to get her one (and preferably get me polishes as well).

  255. Vanessa F says:

    I am really excited to give this picture book I made for my in laws of all the pictures I took of our summer trip to Washington DC.

  256. Jessica says:

    This is awesome! Great idea.

  257. Misha says:

    my brother – I got him something he really wanted

  258. Charlotte says:

    My mom, and she would love these nail polishes!

  259. Kristi says:

    My 9-month old daughter! It’s going to rock!

  260. Becca says:

    My lovely girlfriend <3

  261. amy f says:

    i would love to give it to my mom

  262. Halifax says:

    My whole family, as I get to see them this holiday :)

  263. Melanie says:

    My friend Narmai in the Netherlands! :)

  264. Brittany says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my best friend’s little girls.

  265. Tara says:

    I’m most excited about shopping for my best friends and my goddaughter

  266. Debbie says:

    My son, even though he’s 24, I still love spoiling him at Christmas!

  267. Brianna says:

    My friend. It’s really small, but I found a candle with a scent called Victorian Fantasy, which I know she will love and find as funny as I do, since we both have read a lot of historical romances.

  268. Thank you so much for a very fun series of giveaways. :) I would have to say my husband. We don’t do anything fancy, but we do get a few fun stocking stuffers for each other every year. :)

    ~ Yun

  269. Eva Beate Holm says:

    My husband, as it’s the first christmas he is my husband

  270. Melissa says:

    I’m excited to give my gifts to my husband–I got him a wool peacoat that I just know he is going to look AMAZING in.

  271. Kyla L says:

    We don’t exchange gifts. But we are going to go see The Hobbit as our Christmas treat. We only go to see a movie in a theater if it is very special.

  272. Sara says:

    My brother – I bought the most hilarious footie pajama snuggie and he’ll be horrified! :D

  273. Patty Jester says:

    My granddaughter would love this.

  274. Quinctia says:

    I got my thirteen year old cousin in the extended family gift drawing, and she asked me for nail polish! :3

  275. Danielle Garcia says:

    I’m most excited to give my dad a gift. He’s a hard worker and provides for his two daughters all on his own!

  276. Ashleya J. says:

    I am most excited to give gifts to my niece and nephew <3

  277. Patricia midory says:

    Love this chance! Thank you! Hope I win!!

  278. My husband; he’s hard to shop for but I nailed it this year. He will love what I got him. ;)

  279. Joanna says:

    I’m most excited to gift to my fiance’s sister! I found her something that I know she’ll love and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it. :)

  280. Lourdes says:

    It’s always exciting to see the young ones in the family opening their gifts on Christmas morning!!

  281. Sarah says:

    My one year old niece!

  282. Danielle says:

    My kids :) I can’t wait to see their faces when they see that Santa was here, ate the cookies and left presents.

  283. Nikita says:

    my mum! she’s been through a lot lately so I’m thinking of getting something nice for her this christmas. :)

  284. Ariel R says:

    My little sister <3

  285. my good friend Nadine she got me into indie polish and every once in a while she sends me boxes full of indie polishes because she knows times are hard for me and i cant afford the lovely indies so she spoils me so i cant wait to be able to send her something great

  286. Louanne says:

    My mom! As much as my mom already has, she is the best gift receiver ever! Even if you give her a small gift she will have the biggest smile on her face!

  287. Anika says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my younger brother! I found something perfect for him, which is always a plus. ALSO a plus – those fab polishes. :)

  288. Sarah says:

    I’m most excited to give my partner his gifts for Christmas and our 5 year anniversary :)

  289. Jamie Prouty says:

    My husband, for the first time ever he wants something obtainable.

  290. Chelsey says:

    Honestly, I’m not excited to give gifts this year at all. My family and my boyfriend already said no presents this year, and I have no idea what to get my nephew… but I’m sure once I finally figure out to get for a kid with way too many toys, I’ll be excited for that one. :)

  291. Jennifer N. says:

    My sister and my parents!!! :D

  292. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    My boyfriend! I bought him a wallet!

  293. Jane says:

    My dad. My grandpa passed away recently so he had to fly back and forth and will be coming back this evening and I am very much looking forward to getting him a good gift to cheer him up.

  294. Monika says:

    Hmm. It’s a really good question! I’m most excited, or would be if I could, to get my husband a fantastic surprise gift, but it’s super hard to shop for him – he buys electronic gadgets for himself and I’m kind of lost on other options!

  295. Joanne W. says:

    My family doesn’t exchange gifts anymore (we decided to go on getaways together instead). However, we are doing a “tree of hope” gift, so though I won’t see a reaction, I’m excited to get a stranger a little holiday joy :)

  296. Linda says:

    I am most excited to give my oldest daughter her gift. She is a nailart expert and I’m giving her many, many bottles of nailposh and stripers. She will be over the moon.

  297. Annette says:

    My mom! Got her a new kitchen aid mixer!

  298. Aimee says:

    My parents! Always fun to gift them

  299. Sw says:

    Oh must be my mom! haha.. she loves homemade gifts ;)

  300. Theresa says:

    My son and my brother. I got them rosetta stone languages to learn together.

  301. Lulu says:

    To my 4 year old niece) I hope she’ll be excited with the doll and dollhouse)

  302. KateR says:

    I’m weirdly excited to give a gift to my mother-in-law. I got her the Irish wool cardigan she’s wanted forever. I reallllly hope she likes it!

  303. Harmony says:

    Im most excited to give a gift to my mom :-)

  304. Katie says:

    I’m most excited to see my kids open their presents. Especially my 3 year old who is really into Barbies this year. We got her a big Barbie doll house. Can’t wait to see her face when she first sees it. :-)

  305. Mary says:

    My friend Angela, because she loves Urban Decay and would flip if I gave her this nail polish!!!

  306. Nicole says:

    My mom! She’s done SO much for me this year!

  307. Helena says:

    My mother because I found the perfect gift for her!

  308. Nina says:

    My nephew – I’m giving him a Bearded Dragon! =)

  309. ling says:

    To celebrate Christmas with my family! ^^

  310. Joni Tate says:

    I’m excited about giving my boyfriend his gifts.

  311. Laura says:

    My classmate who surprised me with a nailpolish earlier this semester.

  312. Laura B. says:

    My dog, LOL! We just got her a week ago, & she’s super sweet! I want to get her a special treat for Christmas! xD

  313. Cari Hensley says:

    I am most excited to give gifts to my 4 daughters!

  314. Kendra says:

    I am always most excited to give gifts to my husband and son. I try to put a lot of thought into their gifts and I love the feeling that I picked out the right gifts!

  315. Anne F. says:

    I’m most excited to give gifts to my husband and my parents!

  316. my kids =) I love their excitement on Christmas morning!

  317. jill says:

    Always excited to crochet something for family :)

  318. Crystal says:

    I know my best friend will love what I got her! (Although I have to admit, I always get a kick out of shopping for my cats, too!)

  319. emily o says:

    my boyfriend because i think he will really like what i bought him!

  320. Jade C says:

    I’m SOOOOO excited to give gifts to my PawPaw and Grammy. Because my mom is disabled and my dad is gone, they have done for my sisters and I like no other. I really can’t wait for them to open their gifts on Christmas. They are my heart.

  321. F Goodier says:

    My son. I love watching his face light up as he opens his presents! :)

  322. Katarin says:

    My best friends have really been there for me this year and I got some EXCELLENT presents for them this year.

  323. KAREN WALKER says:

    My son, he is my only child. He’s a teenager but I still love enjoying Christmas through his eyes.

  324. Eleanor says:

    I’m most excited to give a present to my friend Vicky, who’s been an absolute rock for me this year.

  325. Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola) says:

    My parents and sister back in England. I love knowing that they will be getting a surprise delivered to their doorsteps from us on Christmas. Miss them a lot.

  326. Chelsy says:

    I really look forward to giving to my husband, it’s always so fun to see his face light up when I get him something he didn’t expect :).

  327. Christine says:

    I am most excited to give my dad a 55″ Samsung wifi TV!!!

  328. Megan Russell says:

    Most excited about giving my boyfriend his gift.

  329. Jessica says:

    I cannot wait for my mother to see her Christmas gift. I almost lost her in June and did not think we would get to spend another Christmas together.

  330. Geeni says:

    To my sister-in-law, because she’s been having a tough year! Plus, we are buying her a new computer, which she desperately needs. Should be exciting.

  331. My brand new husband! It may be cheesy but this year is even more special since we finally sealed the deal.

  332. Can’t wait to give my daughter her first iPhone for Christmas.

  333. marissa says:

    Im most excited to have relatives visitng, they live far away

  334. Leanne says:

    Looking forward to seeing all my family open their presents (but I do love seeing my dogs unwrap theirs the most!)

  335. I am most excited about giving gifts to my three little children. I just love seeing their faces light up with excitement. Another thing that we are doing that’s super exciting, is sponsoring a family in need. It has been great seeing how excited my children are to pick out items for other little kids who may not have the chance otherwise.

  336. samantha says:

    I’m most looking forward to spoiling my nephews with gifts! I’ve got a new one this year, so it’s time to lavish him!

  337. anissa says:

    i’m always most excited to watch my youngest daughter open her presents. but honestly, i LOVE shopping for gifts and giving them, for everyone on my list. for me, that’s the best part of a holiday like this, where everyone gives & receives (rather than like birthday for just that one person), because i OD on the joy of giving!

  338. Nikki says:

    Most excited to give to my mom – she’s getting a new TV :)

  339. Malissa says:

    I am most excited to give my boyfriends daughter her giift, she’s 11 and autistic, loves the little balls from ball pits so I am getting her a little tent ball pit and 200 pit balls, I cant wait to see her face when she opens them. Shes my littlest girlfriend and a light of my life

  340. Kayla says:

    I’m excited to give to my mom! She is an avid crocheter and I learned this year–she will be getting gloves and an earwarmer :)

  341. Cassie C. says:

    I got my mom a gorgeous pair of handmade earrings that also support breast cancer research. I know she’ll love them!

  342. Jamie O'Kane says:

    My three year old because her eyes always light up.

  343. Lisa Garner says:

    I’m most excited to give my teenage daughter her gift.

  344. katie says:

    beautiful polishes! Not giving real presents for Christmas, alas, so I’d have to say watching the secret santa in my class, and everyone’s pleasure in it.

  345. Katie says:

    My fiance! This year we are both giving to our favorite charity or church ministry, instead of each other. Since we don’t have any serious needs, we want to bless those who do :-)

  346. NailPolishFan says:

    I’m most excited to put up the tree and watch the lights change colors. Love it.

  347. NailPolishFan says:

    and give a gift to my dad

  348. Kellie says:

    I love giving gifts every year but I’m most excited to give my son his gift.

  349. Vanessa says:

    My niece, nephew and step daughter. Now that my niece and step daughter are older I enjoy giving them clothes. My future fashionistas!! My nephew still loves his superheros and transformers. I try to find the most unique thing, he likes that : )

  350. Nicole C. says:

    I am most excited about giving a gift to my daughter.

  351. Sarah says:

    I am most excited to watch my son open his gifts

  352. Violet says:

    My family and all of the awesome nail girls I’ve met!

  353. Kyuu says:

    eeeep thanks so much for running this giveaway ;_; too kind

  354. Karolina says:

    i am the most excited to give a present to my boyfriend:D

  355. Anastasiya says:

    I’m always most excited to give gifts my parents and my bioyfriend :) <3

  356. Meg says:

    My friend, she always manages to find the perfect gift that I never would have thought to buy for myself. It inspires me to be more creative in gift giving.

  357. Marsha Gilbert says:

    I am not working right now, so the only gift I will be giving will be cooking a family dinner.

  358. Claire says:

    My secret santa! (santee?)

  359. Amanda says:

    Each year at work I pick one locale charity to have coworkers help donate gifts to. I am excited to take our charity this year a bunch of gifts for kids in the foster system!

  360. Angie F says:

    I’m excited to give all three of my kiddos their gifts!

  361. Angela O says:

    My boyfriend! Got him something awesome

  362. Chris says:

    I bought a bunch of toys for a toy drive that will help impoverished children. It’s the best gift I have given in years.

  363. Kimberly says:

    I’m the most excited to get presents for my parents this year because they helped me through an incredibly tough time this year.

  364. Kierra says:

    my daughter. :)

  365. shawna says:

    I would love this for my daughter.

  366. Bcteagirl says:

    My mother. She got a Benefit advent calendar, so she already has it ;)

  367. Tami says:

    Looking forward to giving my wonderful nephews a great Christmas!

  368. Emma says:

    I’m most excited to give a gift to my brother. I found a present that he’s going to love.

  369. liz says:

    My husband! I love the look on his face when he opens his gifts

  370. Karen Matlock says:

    I have 3 grandsons under the age of 5. Can’t wait to see them open gifts!

  371. Paula Tavernie says:

    Im excited to gift my grandsons this year!! I cant wait!!

  372. Julie Lawson says:

    I am most excited to give a present to my niece. She is 2 years old.

  373. Oooh, I love these polishes! I’m excited to give my niece her present.

  374. Amber Wilson says:

    My husband is going to be so excited, I can not wait to see his face!

  375. meghan says:

    I’m really excited to give my BFF her presents because I think she’s gonna love them (no spoilers tho!). :)

  376. Breanne says:

    I’m most excited to gift to my sister.

  377. Amy says:

    My family isn’t exchanging gifts this year, but I’m excited for my online Secret Santa person to get what I’ve mailed her!

  378. Amanda says:

    I’m most excited to give my husband a gift this year, he’s had a tough run of things so it’s always nice to surprise him when I can.

  379. Leslie says:

    My husband. I bought a watch he’s wanted, and have managed to keep it a secret for two months now. I usually buy him gifts and give them to him in less than a week because I just can’t wait, but I’ve toughed it out this time!

  380. Leanne says:

    My Mom because I know she will love the lark Rise DVD set!

  381. Trisha McKee says:

    My daughter, because she has such a good heart and is the best gift I ever received.

  382. Theresa says:

    My teen daughter! She is a nail polish nut!

  383. Jaclyn says:

    My puppy has his own stocking! I look most forward to buying for him each year!

  384. Sand says:

    My new nephew! He was born in September and is beyond adorable!

  385. Joy Q says:

    My niece would love this.

  386. Sarah says:

    I’m most excited to be giving my mother and sister the cowls I designed and knitted for them.

  387. Jennifer A. says:

    My mom. She’s always been there for me, and I love to show my appreciation.

  388. danielle Marie says:

    my best friend alicia. she is going to love it.

  389. Rebecca R. says:

    My hubby! Although we’re actually so broke this year my presence is going to have to be present enough. Lol.

  390. Michaela R. says:

    I would give it to my friend :)

  391. Amaris says:

    I’m so excited to give my roommate her present because I know she’ll love it! :)

  392. Clare Tea says:

    my nephew is the one!

  393. Felicia says:

    My new son-in-law. I want to welcome him to our family!

  394. Andy Merritt says:

    My step-daughter: she cycles to school every day and will really appreciate a new (lighter) bicycle!

  395. susan smoaks says:

    i am really excited about giving a gift to my husband this year, i know he is going to be super happy with what i chose for him

  396. Sonya says:

    My mom :) She’s had a rough year so I have a great gift planned!

  397. Anna says:

    I’m most excited to see and give a gift to my boyfriend.

  398. Gail says:

    I Love giveaways!

  399. Gail says:

    I am most excited to give this gift to a coworker who also loves nail polish

  400. Teresa says:

    Definitely my kids! My youngest still believes in Santa so I will be cherishing this while I can!

  401. Tiffany Hearn says:

    My daughters! I love seeing their faces on Christmas morning!