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Win It! – Essie x Bergdorf Goodman Spring 2013 Giveaway

By on April 22, 2013
in Essie, Giveaway, Spring 2013

Essie and Bergdorf Goodman have teamed up to offer an exclusive packaged set of the Essie Spring 2013 nail polish collection. The mirrored box contains full sized bottles of the six shades from the Madison Ave-hue collection and I have a set just for you!

Win it! - Essie x Bergdorf Goodman Spring 2013 nail polish collection

The set, which retails for $48, is available at Bergdorf Goodman stores and but you can win a set just by filling out the form below. You have from now through Sunday, April 28th, at midnight EST to enter. If you can’t see the form, click the “Enter ALU Rafflecopter giveaway” link. Good luck!

Enter ALU Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Esmeralda says:

    I really am digging Essie Madison Ave-hue. I love shimmer!

  2. Jasmine D. says:

    I love the colors in this set. I hope I win!

  3. Cort says:

    LOVE these colors!

  4. Ci Arruda says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  5. Victoria S. says:

    Loving Maximillian Strasse and Hip-anema! They dont seem like very unique shades but would still love to have them in my collection!

  6. Jennifer P says:

    I love Essie Madison Ave-hue!

  7. sommer petroski says:

    Love these colors! Perfect for spring and summer!

  8. Heidi says:

    Madison Ave-Hue and Hip-anema are my faves

  9. Heather says:

    Essie is my favorite!

  10. Danielle says:

    I love Essie Hip-anema!

  11. Becca says:

    These shades look gorgeous for spring/summer!

  12. Roopali S says:

    Avenue Maintain is such a pretty blue and blues are my favorite.

  13. Amy says:

    I’ve been in love with the shade Madison Ave-hue since I first saw it. I love the microshimmer.

  14. Michelle says:

    My favorite is definitely Maximillian strasse-her. I love its grey-green color.

  15. Lacey S. says:

    Maximillian Strasse! Freakin’ stunning!

  16. Amber says:

    I am partial to Avenue Maintain, that’s my favorite, second is Hip-anema.

  17. Lindsay says:

    My favorite color from the collection is Maximillian Strasse too! Essie is my favorite brand, I always love everything they come out with

  18. stephanie says:

    loove avenue maintain! you can never have too many blues…;)

  19. Tiana H says:


  20. Erika W. says:

    My fav is Madison Ave-hue! Will look so good with my (future) tan! :)

  21. Nyltiak says:

    Maximillian Strasse and Hip-anema are my faves.

  22. Kelly Ann says:

    Loving all the colors!

  23. marsha says:

    Go Ginza

  24. Jennifer W. says:

    Love all these colors!

  25. thithi says:

    Perfect shades for the season!

  26. Sash says:

    I’m so obsessed with Maximillian Strasse Her. Amazing! Thanks, xoxo

  27. Abby says:

    My favorite it Avenue Maintain.

  28. Kelly Ann says:

    Bond with whomever is not only a great color but loving the name as well.

  29. Cindy says:

    Hip-anema! :)

  30. Christine says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite!

  31. Leslie says:

    I love Essie Maximillian Strasse.

  32. monica says:

    Essie Madison Ave-hue!! Thanks for the give away

  33. Kate says:

    Madison Ave-hue is my favorite.

  34. sara says:

    I love Avenue Maintain (the only one I already have), but Maximillian Strasse Her is so pretty!

  35. Steph says:

    I love them all! Especially Madison Ave.

  36. Erica Jane says:

    Maximillian Strasse to be sure! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  37. Deena says:

    I am not usually one for reds, but Hip-anema is calling to me!

  38. Hannah says:

    Avenue Maintain! Or Madison Ave-hue! Or Maxmilliam Strasse! Or Hip-anema! I’m indecisive.

  39. Zero Style says:

    I love Hip-anema! It immediately caught my attention because of how bright it is compared to the rest of the collection. And I do love a good tomato red!

  40. monica says:

    Is this open to Canada?

  41. Samantha Rae says:

    I really love that bright pink, shimmery Madison Ave-hue.

  42. It must be Essie Hip-anema! I love reds!

  43. Jennifer says:

    Madison Ave

  44. Deleeylah says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway! i’m in love with maximillian strasse-her!

  45. ruth says:

    love maximillian strasse

  46. Robin says:

    I love the bright and happy Essie Hip-anema! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  47. Kathy says:

    Avenue Maintain is the one I like best!

  48. Kalynda says:

    Love the colors!!!

  49. Melinda says:

    These are such pretty spring-into-summer colors.

  50. LaNeisha S. says:


  51. tabitha says:

    i am loving bond with whomever probably bc purple has always been my favorite color :)

  52. Maureen says:

    Great set !

  53. Aida says:

    Very exciting!

  54. Jessie says:

    LOOOVE Hip-anema

  55. Aida says:

    My favorite is Madison Ave-Hue

  56. Caitlin says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite!

  57. Vi Thai says:

    bond with whomever is probably my favorite

  58. Charlotte says:

    Madison Ave-hue is a must have for me :)
    I love the little sparkles in it!

  59. Shana says:

    I love Hip-anema!

  60. Tina says:

    maximillion strasse-her for sure!

  61. Julie W says:

    A skittles mani would be fun with these colors!

  62. Kristin says:

    Wow, what an excellent set! I’d love to see more full collections sold as a set like this in the future.

  63. Anke says:

    Is this giveaway open internationally? I’d love to win this gorgeous set!

  64. Jessica says:

    Love all the colors. Would definitely fill in some gaps in my collection

  65. Tamarus says:

    While ALL of the Spring colors are gorgeous, there is just something about Hip-anema that is screaming FIERCE to me! I think it’s gonna be my go-to color this season.

  66. Anke says:

    PS: Maximilian Strasse Her is my favorite! :-)

  67. Melissa says:

    I’ve had my heart set on Madison Ave-hue for weeks!

  68. Lea V. says:

    My favorite is Bond with Whomever :)

  69. azzie says:

    My favorite is hip-anema :))

  70. Christina says:

    Maximillian Strasse is my fave…so unique! :)

  71. Gina Montaleone says:

    Bond with Whomever is my fave!

  72. Mary says:

    wow this is awesome! thanks

  73. Luc says:

    Maximillian Strasse for sure! Im coveting a good grey.

  74. Beth says:

    I love the bright pink shade

  75. ildiko says:

    Madison Ave-Hue – absolutely!

  76. Erin Ortiz says:

    Go Ginza is my favorite :)

  77. shuzluva says:

    It’s a toss up between Hip-Anema and Avenue Maintain, but if you had to really twist my arm, I’d say Avenue Maintain.

  78. Meherin says:

    All these colors look amazing!

  79. Amoki says:

    Madison Ave-Hue!

  80. Kaitlin says:

    Awesome giveway!

  81. amy rouse says:

    Madison AveHue

  82. Rawley says:

    My favorite is Hip-anema! :D

  83. Carmen says:

    I have hip anema and avenue maintain. I think hip anema is my fav from the collection.

  84. Tamara says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite

  85. Carrie says:

    I really love Avenue Maintain, especially since that shade seems so popular this spring! Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  86. Trine Rasmussen says:

    Bond with Whomever. But i loved them all

  87. Lauren W. says:

    Hip-anema is gorgeous!

  88. fishgirl182 says:

    i love hip-anema even though it’s kind of a tongue twister for me. thank you!

  89. jessica maria says:


  90. Cat Wendt says:

    Maximillian Strasse is right up my alley!

  91. Amy Griffin says:

    maximillian strasse her is my favorite too!

  92. Natalia says:

    Hip-anema is my favorite.

  93. Avenue Maintain is my favorite. I probably have something like it already, but I’m a sucker for that color!

  94. Vanessa says:

    I’m loving the avenue maintain and the bond with whomever

  95. Louise says:

    My favorite is definitely Maximillian Strasse! I’m dying to see it in person!

  96. Sara says:

    Go Ginza is my fav! So dainty!

  97. Nikki says:

    Madison Ave-hue

  98. Kate says:

    I’m loving Maximillian Strasse Her

  99. angelyn hood says:

    GINZA…the pink cherry blossom one, yep that’s my favorite, but the entire spring collection is sexy cool! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win! Good Luck Everyone!

  100. susan schneider says:

    Love them all, but Maximillian Strasse really speaks to me!

  101. Natalie G. says:

    Madison Ave-Hue :)

  102. Becky says:

    Maximillian Strasse for sure! It’s the most unique from this collection!

  103. The blue is my favorite from this set.

  104. Allison says:

    My favourite is Bone with Whomever!

  105. Anni says:

    I love the Hue! SO pretty

  106. Amaris says:

    Bond With Whomever :)

  107. Andi says:

    That gorgeous bright red color.

  108. Chelsea says:

    All of them are my favorite :) I can’t pick one lol

  109. Tessa says:

    Although I’m not really a fan of cremes or reds, I really do like Hip-anema. It’s such a loud, popping red, a shade that I’m really lacking in my stash.

  110. Vanessa says:

    LOVE that pretty blue!

  111. Madeline says:

    That red is amaze-balls!

  112. I’m loving the green greige of Essie Maximillian Strasse

  113. Hamaila says:

    I really like Maximillian Strasse Her! You can never have too many mints

  114. DeNeige says:

    I love them all but Maximillian Strasse is probably my fave in this set.

  115. I like Essie Ginza a lot!

  116. Kassi says:

    That blue shade is my favorite from this collection

  117. Sam says:

    Avenue Maintain, omg! This is my long lost signature color…

  118. Laura says:

    Maximillian Strasse! Such an amazing shade of gray :)

  119. Brittany R. says:

    Go Ginza looks amazing

  120. I absolutely adore Maximilian Strasse Her & Go Ginza!

  121. Melissa says:

    Madison Ave-hue!

  122. Ellen C says:

    Madison Ave-Hue!

  123. Sarah H says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her is beautiful!

  124. Sienna says:

    that coral red looks fab!

  125. Kathy T says:

    Essie Maximillian Strasse looks gorgeous!

  126. Natalya says:

    I’m totally in love with Maximillian Strasse Her!

  127. zimmy_b says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her :)

  128. Mariella says:

    Avenue Maintain, love the blue hue :)

  129. Rrmom says:

    I love them all!!!

  130. Alexandra says:

    My favorite is definitely Madison Ave-Hue!

  131. Callie says:

    I though that Avenue Maintain would end up being my favorite until I actually got them in my hands… Maximillion Strass-Her ended up being my favorite hands down! Avenue Maintain and Madison Ave-Hue were both tied for 2nd though ^_^

  132. Kirstie says:

    I feel it’s a little boring to pick a red but I actually don’t have many of them and I really like Hip-Anema! (Also, I find it hilarious that Allison above wrote – presumably accidentally – ‘Bone with whomever’ hahaha.)

  133. Liz says:

    LOVE Avenue Maintain! I’m a sucker for bright blues!

  134. Brittany says:

    Avenue Maintain and Maximillian Strasse look gorgeous!

  135. Amber says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite!

  136. The blue is so pretty, but the gray looks interesting, too!

  137. Shannon says:

    I am most excited to try Madison Ave-hue! I’m a sucker for bright pinks. This one seems like it will be amazing with the shimmer to it.

  138. Ah! I would kill for this set (not literally but its a pretty awesome collection!!!) x

  139. Tina says:

    Can’t decide between Hip-anema or Maximillian Strasse

  140. Hannah says:

    I like all of them

  141. My favourite shade is Bond With Whomever

  142. EmilyMarie says:

    I love every one of these colors!

  143. a.mer says:

    Hip-Anema and Avenue Maintain

  144. Lindsey R. says:

    Love all of these colors!!! Maximillian Strasse is my favorite!

  145. Kristina says:

    I love Avenue Maintain!

  146. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    avenue maintain

  147. Maiju says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her

  148. sarah g says:

    Totally in love with that poppy red shade!

  149. kate says:

    Avenue Maintain!

  150. Chris says:

    Oh to be able to say “winner winner, chicken dinner” when this is over!

    And how to pick just one?
    Turquoise and Caicos

  151. Sarah says:

    I go for Avenue Maintain, it’s so nice and bright like the shy in spring.

  152. Crystal Lewis says:

    Great giveaway, great collection. I love the colors. They are perfect for the summer.

  153. The creamy red is my fav!

  154. Jamie W says:

    Madison Aven-hue!!

  155. Jennifer Brown says:

    I loveeee go ginza!!

  156. Liz says:

    Maximillian Strasse! Love love love!

  157. Kaitlin says:

    Hip-anema definitely!

  158. Aleksa says:

    Definitely the poppy red shade!

  159. Melissa says:

    Love love love Go Ginza!

  160. Sierra says:

    Love love love the Essie Hip-anema

  161. kim says:

    Essie Bond with Whomever

  162. Katie says:

    My fave is Hip-Anema!

  163. Meghan says:

    Maximillian Strasse

  164. Patricia says:

    This is exciting the colors are nice colors for spring!!

  165. Michelle says:

    I adore maximilianstrasse her, as a matter of fact I’m wearing it right this minute. Love it.

  166. Nicole says:

    I’m liking Avenue Maintain!

  167. Alison says:

    Love the muted green!

  168. Amanda K says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her

  169. Liz says:

    Love all the new Essie’s! And I’m happy to be seeing new posts on alu!

  170. Emma H says:

    I really like madison ave hue and avenue maintain

  171. lindsay says:

    I like Essie Bond with Whomever

  172. Jenn says:

    I would love to try Maximillian Strasseher, as well as Avenue Maintain.

  173. auroragyps says:

    While I’d usually go for the green (sadly, this one is too grayed out for my skin tone), I gotta say I love Essie Madison Ave-hue. I can’t help but be happy when I wear pink polishes.

  174. Cori says:

    I really like the pink, Go Ginza!

  175. Marisa says:

    I’m loving Maximillian Strasse-her!!

  176. Amanda Z. says:

    I love Maximillian Strasse & I love how you paired it with Beyond Cozy! It looks amazing!

  177. Vicky says:

    I love the look of this collection, pretty colours!

  178. Leslie says:

    I love Hip-anema

  179. Desiree says:


  180. Desiree says:

    I really like Essie Hip-anema because is not the normal spring color but looks so fabulous!

  181. Denisse H says:

    I love Madison Ave Hue!

  182. Simone says:

    I like all of the colors!!!

  183. Alice says:

    Hip-Anema is my favorite, without a doubt!

  184. S says:

    I have Maximillian Strasse-Her and love it! All of the colors are so pretty :)

  185. Emerald M says:

    Hip-anema and Madison Ave-hue are gorgeous!! :)

  186. I’m digging on go-ginza!

  187. Jessica says:

    Maximillian Strasse-her, absolutely. That sage looks ah-mazing. :)

  188. Jennifer A. says:

    Maximillian Strasse-Her

  189. Elaine says:

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  190. Elaine says:

    I love Madison Aven-hue

  191. Clara says:

    My favorite is Hip-anema!

  192. em says:

    i love avenue maintain!

  193. Tonya says:

    Love the colors in this spring set!

  194. Krista says:

    Would love to win this awesome collection! Big fan of your blog.

  195. Lesley M. says:

    I think I like Hip-Anema the best..I have nothing like it!

  196. Vanessa says:

    Ahhh, I love them ALL !!

  197. Jessie P says:

    My favorite color from this collection is avenue maintain – LOVE!

  198. Emily says:

    I’m loving maximillian strasse-her

  199. Kellie says:

    I can’t choose just one…I love them all!

  200. Lisa says:

    Maximilian Strasse. I’m such a sucker for grey/greens.

  201. beeanka says:

    Is it worldwide?

  202. Michelle C says:

    maximillian strasse her!

  203. beeanka says:

    Avenue maintain

  204. All the color are fantastic, but I’m partial to blues! Thanks for hosting this fantastic giveaway! :-)

    ~ Yun

  205. Danielle says:

    I love the blue of course!

  206. Bonnie Z says:

    I would love to try Maxmillian Strasse Her

  207. Hannah says:

    Maximillian Strasse

  208. Kendra says:

    I LOVE Maximillian Strasse Her! Such a unique color!

  209. titeju says:

    My favorite shade is Hip-anema !!!

  210. Samantha says:

    need this!!

  211. Coralie says:

    Maximillian Strasse
    Want, Need,Love =)

  212. Amanda says:

    I was just drooling over these the other day…I think Avenue Maintain is my favorite.

  213. Kelly says:

    Normally I love purples/lilacs, but I am IN LOVE with Essie Hip-anema!!

  214. Alchemy says:

    Have to say Hip-anema looks absolutely stunning and so very creamy!

  215. Casey K says:

    I really like Bond with Whomever, but I don’t own anything like Maximillian Strasse.

  216. Aleva McDaniel says:

    Bond With Whomever is beautiful and delicate.

  217. Andrea says:

    Great giveaway!

  218. Katy says:

    Go Ginza.

  219. lillian says:

    Maximillian Strasse is my favorite but I love them all!

  220. Danielle says:

    the pink is perfect!

  221. Sarah says:

    I currently have Hip-Anema on. Love!

  222. Maureen says:

    I love Essie’s application and the colors look amazing! Very spring-y1

  223. Cherie Montorio says:

    I like Madison Ave-hue.

  224. Kg says:

    Maximillian strasse. Glad you’re back blogging

  225. Eleobel says:

    Hip-aenema is my fav! Such a cute, bright colour :)

  226. Andrea B says:

    Love the muted green!

  227. Rose ambrai says:

    Love the green shade!

  228. Cristina says:

    Wow! All these colors are fantastic. I really love the Hip-Anema.

  229. Kim says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain is my favorite

  230. Iliana says:

    Essie Hip-anema. It’s gorgeous!

  231. Heather H. says:

    Love them all!

  232. Madison Ave-hue is my favorite!

  233. Kim L. says:

    I love Madison Aven-hue!

  234. Kelli B says:

    My favorite shade from the Spring 2013 collection is Maximillian strasse-her!

  235. i am really loving the blue, but the green is also gorgeous looking – honestly who can pick just one of any polish!?

  236. Raina Hunt says:

    Such pretty colors — love that red in particular. Awesome giveaway :)

  237. Nina K says:

    Max. Strausse her is my favvvvv!

  238. Nina K says:

    Max. Strausse her is my favvvvv!!!

  239. Tara says:

    My favorite is Maximillian Strasse

  240. Romina says:

    Maximillian Strasse looks amazing

  241. Lili says:

    Hey, first of all, thanks for doing this, it’s awesome! And second, my favourite Essie shade would have to be Essie Maximillian Strasse! I just love the colour of the grey, and how it just pops out!

  242. Brianna says:

    I like all of the colors, but Maximillian Strasse is my favorite.

  243. Becca says:

    Maximillian Strasse!

  244. Leisel says:

    Maximillian Strasse

  245. Olivia says:

    These are so pretty!

  246. Bobbi says:

    Love Avenue Maintain for a tres chic look au printemps!

  247. mitch fj says:

    Loving Avenue Maintain.

  248. Ricki says:

    I love Bond with Whomever.

  249. Emily says:


  250. Holly B says:

    I love Madison Ave-hue!

  251. James says:

    I love Essie Avenue Maintain

  252. brenda says:

    i like go ginza

  253. Catie says:

    Looove those purples!

  254. Medusa says:

    Definitely the blue shade!

  255. Heather says:

    Lovely Parisian Blue is my fav!

  256. Pamela says:

    I really love the blue in the collection

  257. Corrine says:

    Avenue maintain for sure. I love love bright blue this season

  258. Patricia says:

    I want them all!!!

  259. Jasmine says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her

  260. sallie d says:

    avenue maintain!

  261. Mandy says:

    Avenue Maintain is lovely!

  262. Amy B says:

    I love the shimmer flecks in Madison Ave-hue!

  263. Cecilia says:

    My favorite is definitely Maximillian Strasse!

  264. Melinda says:

    Avenue Maintain!

  265. Zhar says:

    This collections is a fantastic mix of colors! Perfect spring shades.

  266. Elisquared says:

    I love Maximillian Strasse so very much!!! I like that it has a gray tone to it, making it so wearable!

  267. Emily says:


  268. cole says:

    madison ave hue

  269. Christina says:

    love maximillian strasse her!

  270. Ashley says:

    I’m a sucker for a cheerful blue!

  271. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! What a great prize!!

  272. Kristen says:

    I’m most excited about Maximillion Strausse Her (spelling?).

  273. TamTam says:

    These are all so pretty! I think my favorite is Bond with Whomever.

  274. Snookie Wegner says:

    What a generous giveaway! Thank you! This is probably cheating a wee bit, but I like them all. (^_^)

  275. amy h says:

    i love the madison avenue hue!

  276. Okay this time I’m not too late to enter the giveaway! You rock!

  277. Melissa says:

    My favourite is Maximillian Strasse! It’s such a beautiful, unique green!

  278. Cindi says:

    Maximillian Stauss-her is my favorite.

  279. jo says:

    Maximillian Strasse is awesome!

  280. Yvonne says:

    Maximillian Strasse ftw!

  281. Carrie says:

    Maximillian Strasse or Avenue Maintain :D

  282. Laura Catano says:

    My favorite is Madison Ave-hue!

  283. Laura Catano says:

    My favorite is Madison Ave-hue! It’s pink and has some sparkle to it, what’s not to love?!

  284. Nikki T. says:

    My favorite is definitely Go Ginza! =)

  285. Heather says:

    I love the color Ginza

  286. Grace says:

    Maximillian Strasse-her

  287. Jen says:

    Maximillian Strasse-her!

  288. Jessica W says:

    Avenue Maintain is absolutely calling my name!!

  289. Deana M says:

    Hip-Anema… love the poppy color!!

  290. Helen Blank says:

    Madison Ave-hue is gorgeous!

  291. Cara says:

    Ooh, yes please! I love Essie Hip-anema and Maximillian Strasse Her!

  292. Rena says:

    I think I like Bond With Whomever the best but they are all so pretty!

  293. Louise says:

    Beautiful colours! Thank you for this :)

  294. NailPolishFan says:

    The blue one is my favorite.

  295. Dawn E says:

    Go Ginza is my absolute favourite, though they are all lovely.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  296. ashpags says:

    Oh, and my favorite color is the blue, Avenue Maintain!

  297. Kate says:

    I love the entire collection, but I think Maximillian Strasse is pretty awesone–I love that it can transition the seasons, too!

  298. Joyce says:

    my fav is definitely go ginza!

  299. Melissa says:

    Maximillian Strasse is amazing!

  300. Susana B. says:

    I’m a big fan of blue polish, so my favorite is Avenue Maintain :)

  301. Agi M. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hip-n

  302. Ashley0107 says:

    I love the red! :)

  303. Lourdes Colon says:

    Hip-anema is my favorite!!!

  304. MelodyJ says:

    Madison Ave-hue

  305. Love Essie & those pastels are gorgeous. Thank you for hosting that great giveaway!

  306. lionnen says:

    Really summer colors!!

  307. beth says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her!

  308. Kate & Zena says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain

  309. Ana Carolina Lima says:

    Love, love, love hip-anema :)

  310. go ginza is my fave…

  311. Sarah says:

    I love the blue!

  312. Caroline says:

    Avenue Maintain!

  313. Zo says:

    Essie Maximillian Strasse is really nice!

  314. Vivian says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite! Love love love blues!

  315. collar wilson says:

    My favorite is Bond With Whomever. Can’t get enough of those spring lilac shades!

  316. Maximillian Strasse Her is my favorite!

  317. Patricia says:

    I love the ginza an de the Essie Bond with Whomever

  318. Margje says:

    My favourite is Maximillian Strasse! I have nothing like it in my collection.

  319. irma says:

    avenue maintain looks lovely!

  320. Denise F says:

    I love blues so it would have to be Avenue Maintain!!

  321. LisefromNL says:

    I think the one I prefer is Avenue Maintain

  322. TikiBarbie says:

    Madison Ave-hue.

  323. menyus says:

    For me it

  324. Michelle L. says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain

  325. Nati says:

    My fave is Essie Madison Ave-hue! such a nice shade of pink

  326. Natalia says:

    Oh, I love Maximillian Strasse… gorgeous!

  327. Mary Jones says:

    Great set and with Mother’s Day approaching… Madison Aven-hue is my favorite.

  328. Ana says:

    Bond with whomever from the new Essie Spring Collection is just gorgeous!! Definitely my favourite :P

  329. Loving the look of Maximillian Strasse.

  330. TamalaF says:

    I like avenue maintain!

  331. Amie Mattson says:

    It is a tough choice between Avenue Maintain and Maximillian Strasse. If I had to pick only one – I would pick Maximillian Strasse.

  332. Jan T. says:

    That poppy red shade belongs on my toes!

  333. ceil says:

    The poppy red shade is gorgeous!

  334. Tammy W. says:

    I LOVE them all!! :)

  335. Lisa M says:

    Madison Ave! I NEED it! Love, love, love!

  336. Brenda says:

    All of these colors look great. I especially like the light blue gray color, not sure of the name.

  337. Natalie says:

    I love Avenue Maintain! So summery.

  338. Irina Lavrentieva says:

    maximillian strasse-her

  339. Lydia says:

    Wow I love that pink color!

  340. Rebecca says:

    Madison Ave-hue!

  341. candice says:

    luv maximillian and dying to try the mint shade

  342. Sarah L says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite! (I just bought it, but would be happy to gift away another!)

  343. Dolly B. says:

    Madison Aven-hue is my fav!

  344. Victoria S Andrews says:

    Max a strasse. Love that color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. Michelle Ramos says:

    Come here!

  346. Hannah says:

    I ? Madison Aven-hue!

  347. Lilith says:

    My fav is Madison Have-Hue even though I only have Bond With Whomever, which is SO pretty ?

  348. ashley says:

    the pink one!

  349. Carrie says:

    Loving Maximillian Strasse (her) – so different!

  350. Gen says:

    That’s a though one, but I’ll have to say Bond whith Whomever. Thanks for the blog and the giveaway!

  351. Kaitlyn says:

    I love Ginza!

  352. Joni Tate says:

    I’m really loving the 2 purples, but I think Bond With Whomever is my favorite.

  353. Jiin-Yu says:

    Madison Ave-hue is so pretty! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  354. Katerina says:

    Go Ginza! Delicate and feminine.

  355. Veronique says:

    these are so beautiful, I want them! madison ave-hue is my favorite :)

  356. Andrea says:

    I like them all but, Avenue Maintain is my fave.

  357. Amy says:

    I like Avenue Maintain the best.

  358. Tami Swanson says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her!!

  359. Stacey Kaye says:

    OMG what an amazing giveaway! I love your blog, it’s my favorite. HUGS

  360. Vicky L says:

    The lilacs are really pretty!

  361. Donna says:

    Avenue maintain is my fav!

  362. Kara says:

    Gorgeous set, perfect for spring!!

  363. Deja says:

    Maximillian Strasse

  364. Susan says:

    Love Madison Aven-hue

  365. samara says:

    the coral

  366. Elita says:

    I like Avenue Maintain!

  367. kristina says:

    such a lovely set – i would love to win it! :)

  368. Alicja K says:

    Oh, this would be such a great gift for my mum! :)

  369. Jackie S. says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain

  370. Lisa says:

    I don’t know the name, but I love the bright blue!

  371. Sara says:

    Avenue Maintain looks amazing!

  372. Sharon says:

    I’ve had my eye on Maximillian Strasse-her for awhile. Love it.

  373. mariamarvel says:

    I love Essie Madison Ave-hue )

  374. april says:

    My favorite is Maximillian Strasse-Her, but I love the bright red also! Thanks for the giveaway!

  375. Valerie says:

    the pastels, of course! thanks for the giveaway!

  376. allison says:

    Tie – Ginza or Maximillian!

  377. Belle says:

    Yey, another blue and green!!!!

  378. Pretty obsessed with Hip-anema!

  379. Ruby says:

    Love, love, love the pale green Maximillian Strasse!

  380. Sachiko says:

    Hip-anema is awesome!

  381. Cecilia Massironi says:

    Essie Maximillian Strasse!!

  382. Julie says:

    Im loving the Essie Madison Ave-hue! What a hot color!

  383. Vy says:

    bond with whoever

  384. Zoey says:

    I like Essie Avenue Maintain

  385. Meg S says:

    I love Ginza!

  386. Alyson says:

    Gorgeous, loving Ave. Maintain!

  387. Dana P says:


  388. Krystal Caracol says:

    I’m totally digging Hip-anema

  389. Heather USA (FB: rosie areola) says:

    Bond With Whomever

  390. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely Maximillian Strasse! Love all the art I’ve been seeing with it as well.

  391. tihana says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain!!!

  392. Domniki Sarri says:

    Pastels!!I love them!

  393. Olivia F. says:

    Avenue mountain I think! :)

  394. vvn says:

    Maximillian Strasse for sure, it’s so unique!

  395. Vanessa says:

    At your recommendation, I went and picked up Maximillian Strasse (her) and LOVE it!

  396. Iliana says:

    All of them!

  397. Mariska says:

    Such a pity i don’t have pinterest but ive done the other things. Would love to win these polishes. thanks for doing this :)

  398. Madison Ave-Hue is da BOMB!

  399. melanie says:


  400. cc says:

    hip-anema looks great

  401. Emily says:

    I absolutely love Maximillian Strasse! All of these polishes really…

  402. Nikki b says:

    Awesome giveaway n love the new colors

  403. Agus says:

    Essie Mint Candy!

  404. Amanda says:

    Definitely Maximilian Strasse Her.

  405. Alana says:

    Love Essie Hip-anema! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  406. Maggie says:

    Love Maximillian Strasse.

  407. Dee says:

    Maximillian Strasse!!

  408. Jenny says:

    Love all the colours!

  409. Sw says:

    Oh, my fave would be either Avenue Maintain or Maximillian Strasse.. I can’t really decide!

  410. Faith says:

    Avenue Maintain :)

  411. Renee C. says:

    Go Ginza is my favorite!

  412. C says:

    poppy red!

  413. Kimberly Herron says:

    Madison Ave-hue is my favorite!

  414. Angela says:

    those colors are gorgeous :D

  415. Alexandra says:

    Madison Ave-Hue!

  416. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love the colors in this collection!

  417. Sandy says:

    Maximillian Strasse all the way!!

  418. Ambrrr says:

    Maximillian Strasse, for certain.

  419. Juliana says:

    I can’t pick just one favorite!

  420. Monica P says:

    I love Maximillian Strasse!

  421. Enjoli says:

    They all look great, but I think I am more drawn to hip-anema.

  422. Jennifer says:

    Maximillian Strasse looks awesome!

  423. Shelby says:

    I love me some Essie! Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Andrea says:

    Loving Hip-anema :)

  425. Steph Couponsx says:

    i love mint candy

  426. Katharine says:

    Go Ginza

  427. Erika says:

    My favorite is Madison Ave-hue!I love how it’s a different sort of pink.

  428. Laura says:

    Favorite polish is a toss up between Ginza and Hip-anema!

  429. Abigail Sharik says:

    I like Bond with Whomever
    By the way great giveaway c:

  430. Giuliana A. A. Budke says:

    Essie Bond with Whomever

  431. Laura says:

    I haven’t seen them in person yet but I love that blue!

  432. Bethy says:

    Maximillian Strasse(her) :)

  433. liz l says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her

  434. Adrian R says:

    don’t ask me to choose. I love them all!

  435. Kristen says:

    Maximillian Strasse!

  436. Lisa says:

    I love them all!

  437. Helena says:

    Hip-anema is so bright and pretty!

  438. Kelsey says:

    I love Maximillian Strasse Her

  439. Caitlin G-H says:

    I love Maximilian Strasse! Gorgeous!!

  440. Candace says:

    Avenue Maintain and Madison Ave-hue (which is surprising because I DON’T do pinks. At all. But it’s gorgeous!

  441. Bree says:

    Cool, thanks for the giveaway! Lovely collection

  442. HRM says:

    Love maximillian strasse-her

  443. Bee says:

    Maxmillian Strause is the most appealing to me!

  444. Yvonne B says:

    my favorite is madison ave-hue

  445. I’m loving them all, but I think I’d like Madison Ave-hue best!

  446. Hel says:

    Maximillian Strasse

  447. mntrinemo says:

    First timer – I

  448. Justine says:

    Essie Hip-anema

  449. Olya says:

    Essie Ginza is AMAZING!

  450. Sasha says:

    I love, love LOVE Avenue Maintain. Such a lovely blue!

  451. Gina says:

    it’s so nice that they’re selling them as a set like color club does ^_^

  452. Carissa says:

    Essie Madison Ave-hue pinks aren’t really my thing (I have like 3 out of about 200 polishes), but this looks gorgeous! I’m thinking perfect pedi for summer.

  453. Anne says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  454. Melissa Lau says:

    I love the pink shade!

  455. Angela says:

    I’ve had my eye on Maximillian Strasse since this collection came out!

  456. Jill says:

    I love this collection! Mint Candy especially

  457. Amy says:

    I used to have a huge collection of nail polish, but sadly I’m down to only a few bottles, so I would love to win these!

  458. Riley G. says:

    I love Madison Ave-Hue! Cute names!

  459. Sarah L. says:

    Maximillian Strasse-her!!

  460. Mary Ellen Adkins says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain

  461. Amanda says:

    Hip-anemia, for sure!

  462. Melissa says:

    I can’t decide between Go Ginza and Hip-anema. They’re both awesome.

  463. Lorna England says:

    Lilcaism for me!!

  464. Samantha says:

    I’m thinking Hip-anema

  465. Krystal Best-Pickup says:

    I don’t think I can chose a specific shade from the collection. They all look fun to wear. But if I have to chose one I would probably wear Avenue Maintain the most.

  466. Deborah says:

    Great giveaway! My favorite shade must be Maximillian Strasse, such a unique and chic color!

  467. Corrina says:

    Avenue Maintain is gorgeous. I don’t have anything like it in my polish collection.

  468. amanda m. says:


  469. amanda m. says:


  470. Julia says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m glad you’ve started blogging more as well! :)

  471. Julia says:

    Forgot to mention that hip-anema looks great!

  472. Dash says:

    First Timer

  473. irina says:

    Essie Ginza

  474. Katie W says:

    Essie Maximillian Strasse is without a doubt my favourite. I have nothing even remotely like it in my collection.

  475. Caly says:

    My fav is Essie Ginza!!

  476. Anika says:

    Such pretty colors! Love this. I think Avenue Maintain and Hip-Anema have to be my favs.

  477. Nadia says:

    Maximillian Strasse. My love for greys and greens is kinda ridiculous.

  478. lisa says:

    I’m loving the blue and the lilac shades. (:

  479. Emilia says:

    I hardly have blues in my collection so Avenue Maintain is my fave.

  480. Cheerda Ly says:

    Love Madison Ave Hue

  481. kiera says:

    so excited about this giveaway!

  482. Kat says:

    I love Avenue Maintain!

  483. Rebecca Russell says:

    I love Avenue Maintain!

  484. Tami Willis says:

    Hard choice, probably In The Cab-ana. Thanks for a chance to win :)

  485. Avenue Maintain is my fave! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  486. Kierra says:

    Essie Hip-anema is my fav

  487. Jana M says:

    Maximillian Strasse is gooorgeous!

  488. Taylor Russell says:


  489. Raina says:

    Ahh I love the silver flecks in Madison Ave-Hue!

  490. Colleen Boudreau says:

    Maximillian Strasse.

  491. andrea says:

    Avenue Maintain!!

  492. Megan says:

    My favorite shade is Maximillian Strasse

  493. Angel says:

    Go Ginza, love the colour inspiration and anything Japanese!

  494. Meghan says:

    first timer :)

  495. Yen-Ju says:

    I love love love this color pick! But it’s super expensive here in Taiwan. But I think my fav would be Maximillian Strasse-her.

  496. Jeanie S says:

    Avenue Maintain

  497. Delphine says:

    I’m in love with Essie Maximillian Strasse !!!

  498. Rachel says:

    My favorite is definitely Madison Ave-Hue, a great pink color!

  499. Melisa says:

    My favorite is Avenue Maintain!

  500. Anna Strzalek says:

    I can’t decide between Avenue Maintain and Madison Ave-Hue!

  501. karel says:

    I like Madison Aven-hue.

  502. Georgia says:

    Love the Maximillian Strasse and Avenue Maintain shades… Want! :)

  503. Melissa B says:

    Madison Ave-hue

  504. Hannah says:

    I love the light pink!

  505. LG says:

    I love Avenue Maintain and Bond with Whomever, but my favorite is the Maximillian Strasse! Gorgeous collection! :-)

  506. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    Essie Hip-anema is my favorite from this collection! :)

  507. samantha m says:

    Love Madison Ave-Hue

  508. Stacie Fourroux says:

    Is there such a thing as nail polish addiction?? Cuz I am OCD with it!?!? I LOVE my pedi’s what can I say!!!! Lol! Good Luck Beauties!!! ;)

  509. Tessa says:

    Maximillian Strasse is GORG.

  510. Eva says:

    In love with the Maximillian Strasse

  511. Meryl says:

    Love Ginza!

  512. Paulina says:

    LOVE Essie Madison Ave-hue

  513. Vanessa says:

    Need to punch up my reds, so I’d go with Hip-anema!

  514. Mary-Frances says:

    Love the colors.

  515. Natalie says:

    Maximillian Strasse Her is my favorite!

  516. Ashlee scott says:

    I am really excited about the whole collection, but hip-anema would be a great summer bright.

  517. Rosemary ford says:

    The light pink is lovely but I love them all

  518. Jessica says:

    Love Maximilian. Strasse

  519. Lisa says:

    I love the bright Hip-Anema!

  520. Jennifer says:


  521. Allison L says:

    My favorite shade is Maximillian Strasse

  522. Sandra Maria Barbosa says:

    I love avenue mantain

  523. Sherri K (Curlilocks) says:

    Avenue Maintain is my favorite!

  524. *Ky* says:

    I love Avenue Maintain! :D

  525. Jennifer Renesca says:

    I really love the “Bond with Whomever” color!! Reminds me of Cinderella :)

  526. Cathy M says:

    Bond Whom Withever is my fave!

  527. rebecca says:

    I am a big fan of Madison Ave-hue based on swatches. Awesome giveaway!

  528. Jennifer says:

    I love Avenue Maintain!

  529. Kristen N. says:

    I love Maximillian Strasse.

  530. Jennifer Brewer says:

    Loving the Maximillian Strasse!!

  531. Benedikte says:

    My favorite is “bond with whomever”! It’s amasing!

  532. Olga says:

    Essie Avenue Maintain and Essie Madison Ave-hue. they are gorgeous

  533. Christa says:

    Madison Ave-hue…that hidden shimmer is so yummy!

  534. Pennie P. says:

    Love Bond With whomever, and Maxamillian Strasse-Her

  535. Sarah says:

    love them all

  536. Lisa B. says:

    Maximillian Strasse is my favorite!

  537. Abir says:

    First timer is WOW!!!

  538. Winn says:

    My favorite is Maximillian Strasse, especially with the Beyond Cozy accent!

  539. Oristila says:

    My favourite is hip-anema!

  540. Carolsue says:

    The shade I like best is Essie Avenue Maintain. Petty blue color!

  541. Jamie Rose says:

    My favorite shade is Avenue Maintain. So pretty!

  542. AmandaC says:

    Essie Madison Ave-hue is definetely my fave. I love pink and it just stands out.

  543. Faith says:

    Maximillian Strasse for sure!

  544. nam says:

    I’m in love with this set!

  545. nam says:

    favorite is Maximillian Strasse!

  546. Erica says:

    I love Madison Ave-hue!

  547. Rayla says:


  548. Elena says:

    All of these colors are gorgeous!

  549. francesca says:

    Love the colors so great for summer.

  550. Ma says:

    I looove Madison Ave-hue!

  551. Amy Soar says:

    Maximillian Strasse! It’s beautiful :)

  552. Eileen says:

    Maximillian Strasse is my favorite.

  553. Emily says:

    Lavenders are my favorite color so it is this one
    Essie Bond with Whomever

  554. Cynthia Jasmine says:

    Avenue Maintain is the color for me, come on it’s blue!!!

  555. shannon says:

    I like Avenue Maintain. And I think I can wear Madison Ave-Hue to work, at least for a couple months.

  556. Rose says:

    I love the Avenue Maintain color, definetely my fav

  557. michelle koerner says:

    Madison Ave-Hue!

  558. Caroline W says:

    I like Maximillian Strasse!

  559. Andy says:

    Maximillian Strasse is definitely the one I like best!

  560. Shaina says:

    Hands down Maximillian Strasse!

  561. Sabrina says:

    So hard to choose! Madison Ave-hue and Hip-anema are my top ones but the entire set is so delicious!

  562. Nicole Schick says:

    Maximillian Strasse

  563. Jessica says:

    My favorites are avenue maintain and bond with whomever!

  564. Spencer says:

    Maximillian Strasse!

  565. Erin says:

    Madison Ave-hue!

  566. vedra says:

    My fav is Maximillian Strasse!

  567. Valerie C. says:

    Essie Madison Ave-hue is my favorite.

  568. Ash says:

    They are all so pretty, maybe Maximillian Strasse….

  569. Ashley turicik says:

    I love the Madison ave hue

  570. Sylvia S. says:

    These colors are amazing!

  571. Vanessa Oldham says:

    I really like the entire collection but my favorite is Avenue Maintain!

  572. Wren says:

    Maximillion Strasse Her looks so beautiful!

  573. Sylvia S. says:

    These colors are amazing! I love Maximillian Strasse the most!

  574. Donna says:

    I think they’re all nice but my fave one is Hip-Anema. Think it would look great with a tan! nice and bright!

  575. Suzanne says:

    Essie Madison Ave-hue