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Mannequin Hands at the Golden Globes

“Mannequin Hands” made their way down the Golden Globes red carpet on the tips of Fergie and Mariah Carey last night.  What a fun coincidence that they are both singers in nominated films rocking the flesh toned polish.  Of course you need to look past Mariah’s in-your-face cleavage to even notice her nails but perhaps that why she chose such a subdued shade.

Those of you who have seen Nine, is there any angle I can sell the boyfriend on to get him to see it with me or is this strictly a take-your-girlfriends type of flick?



What do you think of their mannequin hands? Are you feeling Fergie’s extreme oval shape?  What colors would you guess they’re wearing?

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There Are 17 Brilliant Comments

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  1. I dunno, not a fan of Fergie’s nail shape or color, they kind of look like talons, imo. I think Mimi’s nails look nice, I like the color on her!

  2. Jeanie says:

    I love the color on both of the ladies, but I think I tend to like the cream shade that Fergie is wearing over Mariah’s. Is it me or does Mariah’s body look 3 times darker than her hands. It doesn’t seem right.

    As far as going to see Nine? I say skip it. Wait till it comes out on DVD. I love my musicals, and I didn’t care for this one. I would’ve rather spent my $10 on a nice NP.

  3. I agree with Jeanie on NINE, I was very disappointed, it was visually nice, the costumes and whatnot, but I was let down, and this is coming from a gal who has yet to find a musical she didn’t like. (until now)

  4. Kirsten says:

    I’m soooo not feeling the ovals. Hate them with a passion. The rest of her looks great though.

    I really do like Mariah’s nails and nail shape.

  5. KittytoKaren says:

    Loved Fergies dress/hair/makeup – she looked gorgeous!! But those nails are srsly fug in my opinion. I don’t like the colour or the shape – maybe thats just because I know it would look terrible on me? I’m definitely feeling Mariah’s nails! I don’t know what colour it is but I’m wearing Essie Jazz and it looks similar on me. I love how contented she seemed in interviews!

  6. sooshi says:

    LOVE them! Mannequin hands are my one of my fav looks on fingernails. but OMG, Mariah is orange and way too boobilicious.

  7. Arrianne says:

    Geez Mariah, put those tits away! Haha, I don’t like Fergie’s nail shape or color. Neither do I like Mariah’s color, but I do like the shape.

    Not a musical fan whatsoever, so I’ll definitely pass on that movie.

  8. Arrianne says:

    Oh I forgot to add, Fergie looks like an old hag, so those talon like claws she’s got there fit her perfectly. :)

  9. Tammy says:

    I’m still a little iffy on the mannequin hands. I’m not too sure about Fergie’s nail shape either. Her song was my fave part of Nine, though. She really surprised me. I think they only way to sell your boyfriend on seeing the film with you is to tell him that Penelope Cruz does a sexy song and dance in lingerie!

  10. wixbetty says:

    Almost looks as though Mariah has a little tone-on-tone striping goin’ on.
    Maybe it’s just her index finger, but it appears to have some textural element, either matte stripes or a subtle nude sparkle stripe…Interesting.=]

  11. stubby says:

    I’m not a fan of Fergie or Mariah nor mannequin hands! If I had to choose, I would say Mariah’s look better. Now Fergie reminds me of the old ladies that use to live here in Miami Beach on Collins Ave that were like 100 years old and waiting to die under the warm Miami sun. IDK, not a good look, it makes her hands look really old!

  12. Diane says:

    I liked the color on Fergie but not the shape. At all. Mariah’s nails look nice, but that’s all that looks good on her. She really missed here.

  13. Denette says:

    I really like Mariah’s shape and I LOVE the color!! I have to agree with Jeanie on this one, her body is about 3 shades darker (orange) than her hands and it looks bad. I haven’t tried the Mannequin Hands look on me yet, but I think once I find that perfect shade I will love the results!

  14. Faye says:

    Fergie’s nails are okay, I guess, but I’m too diverted by her overall look, which is kind of . . . harsh. Mariah needs to stop dressing like a Sunset Avenue hooker.

    As for Nine, not only shouldn’t you convince your bf to see it, don’t waste your time/money either! I adore musicals and have spent endless money on them, either in movies or especially on Broadway, but Nine was so not worth it. What a disappointment from a production with so many great people involved!

  15. Kathryn says:

    I would say that MC is wearing Lippmann’s Satin Doll. I think it is the color Lippmann creater with/for her.

  16. shar wah says:

    My friend styled Mariah last time she was in the UK and apparently she ALWAYS wears that colour. Check her old shoots to see….

  17. Sarah says:

    Loving the nude nails.
    Not so much loving Fergies nail shape.
    Squared nails are much more flattering, in my opinion.