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Katy Perry’s Blinged Out Nails by Kimmie Kyees

By on November 10, 2009
in Celebrity, CND, Silver
Katy-Perry-diamond-nails-2009-MTV-Europe-Music-Awards-Berlin It would be safe to say that I’m involved with Twitter. I love seeing what all my blogging friends are up to, interacting with fellow Fanatics and, being pop culture obsessed, keeping tabs on my fave celebs, especially ones with a passion for polish.

Katy Perry is a perfect example since she posts shots of her nails on the regular. Remember her groovy flower power Minx manicure I wrote about last July? Well she has topped herself this time Fanatics. Last week, Katy showed off the blingtastic look that she wore as host of the MTV EMAs in Berlin.

With that amount of sparkle going on, her nails should come with a warning to wear shades before viewing. We’re talking full-on glitz. Being the nosy nelly that I am, I had to get the deets on this look and thankfully Celebrity Manicurist Kimmie Kyees was available to answer all my questions.

Get the scoop and see my modified version of Katy’s nails after the jump!

katy-perry-bling-nails-kimmie-kyees Check out that sparkle! I told you it was blinding. Just imagine what it looked like in person. I’m sure she got plenty of compliments that night.Kimmie created the look using a base coat of CND Silver Chrome nail polish. She then attached Swarovski crystals using gem glue and a toothpick. There are 76 crystals on the thumb alone!! To make sure she didn’t inhibit the effect, she did not add any form of top coat.
katy-perry-bling-nails-mtv-vma-2009-video-music-awards Observant Fanatics will know this isn’t the first time Katy has rocked this look. She donned the bling for the VMAs in September. Katy flipped for a demo set Kimmie had on display so she recreated it using Swarovski’s from As Kimmie says, “It takes some patience because its one nail at a time…but its so worth it.” Agreed!Now I don’t know about you but I don’t generally have thousands of Swarovski crystals on hand but there are times when a blinged out mani sounds fun, say NYE. What’s a girl with a need for glam and no stockpile of nail gems to do? Do what I did and add a top coat that looks like crushed diamonds. Check it!

I started with a layer of CND Silver Chrome. It’s so pigmented that I only needed one coat. Plus, with brushed metallics I find that the fewer coats, the better. You end up with less stroke marks.




For the top coat, I tried a few including all the CND Effects, China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat and Nubar Tiara (from the Gems collection). What worked best for me is the now discontinued CND Disco Ball. The glitter reflects color like a crystal would though one coat (below) just wasn’t enough.


Adding a second layer of Disco Ball definitely made a difference and gave the look I was going for. Is it as special as Katy’s nails? No, but it’s easier and more user friendly.


CND Silver Chrome is available now at salons nationwide and online at our fave e-tailers. Unfortunately CND Disco Ball is discontinued but I did find one bottle online at for $2. Race for it Fanatics!

Now I’m sure there are other glitter top coats that give a similar effect as Disco Ball, it’s just what I happened to have on hand. What top coat would you suggest to get this look? What do you think of Katy’s nails? Would you have the patience to attach all those crystals?

images: Katy Perry (via Twitter) and Celebutopia

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  1. uberVU - social comments | November 20, 2009
  1. JAJ2018 says:

    I would try Cover Girl City Lights or Disco Dazzle top coat. One is just small sparkles and the other has bits of silver flakes in it.

  2. keerthamina says:

    I LOVE Katy Perry's mani – I can't imagine how much time that took to do! I wonder if I'd have the patience to rhinestone just my ring fingers… because over Zoya Trixie, I think that would make the perfect New Year's Eve mani!

  3. Pumps and Gloss says:

    Very pretty!!!

  4. Helen (Nice Things) says:

    I'd use any of the Nubar silver glitters / flakies…of which I cannot remember the name of a single one right now!

    I'm following you on Twitter by the way, as HelenNiceThings :)

  5. Denette says:

    I LOVE her mani! I second keerthamina's idea of doing one finger! Would the new China Glaze Khrome Millennium work instead of CND Silver Chrome? I have not seen either in real life so I am not sure how they compare. Either way, I want to try this!!

  6. All Lacquered Up says:

    JAJ2018 – Thanks for the rec. I'll have to look for those.

    Keerthamina – I love your idea of doing just one finger. That's still a lot of work but certainly more attainable than a whole hand.

    Pumps & Gloss – Thanks K!!

    Helen – I haven't used any of those. If you remember any specific ones, let me know. And thanks for following me on Twitter!

    Denette – Millennium is a bit different than the CND but if you're layering over them or adding stones, it shouldn't matter much. I'd say the ChG is more brushed looking like the back side of aluminum foil.

  7. The Glitterati says:

    Wow, I don't think I've ever been so enraptured by nail art before, not even the lace overlay that I loved. This is amazing! I wonder if her fingers felt heavier with all that bling…

  8. Allison M. says:

    I love the final look on your nails. Love it!

    I have no patience for that but I would let Kimmie do mine!

  9. rileyanne says:

    I have a mysterious magic bottle of Bed Head polish called After Party that's got the perfect size silver hex glitters for recreating this look. I don't think I could bring myself to actually use it on all ten fingers though, since it's my only bottle and I can't find mention of it anywhere to even begin to locate a replacement.

  10. Stef says:

    I love love love Katy Perry's blingy manicure, but the texture of all those rhinestones would drive me nuts! I'd pick them all off by the end of the night, so it's not for me. I do love the recreation you did Michelle, that I could live with!

  11. Beauty Shed says:

    wow these look stunning omg i want some blinged up nails, although there not diamantes nubars royal gems tiara glitter does make your nails looking fit for a queen !!

  12. Mimi says:

    I've got on China Glaze Luna right now- its CRAZY blingy. At only 2 coats. Little circle holo balls of glory.

    I thought about using Sally Hansen Xtreme hard nails (whatever its called) in Celeb City. However, 2 coats of Luna seems to have enough of a chromey base with lots of blingy circles!

  13. Jason says:

    Wow! Being a guy, I can't say I'd ever try something like that kind fo bling, but it is kind-of fun to see on her.

    I like it when people are inclined to be creative and do the 'fun' stuff that you don't normally see. Thank you for being 'out there' so that you can bring us these cool examples!

  14. Blondie says:

    I love Katy’s manicure! I would love to see this in black.

  15. I your blog – excellent !

  16. Lauren says:

    I went to a wedding in the summer so I decided to bing out only the ring finger on right hand, lots of compliments.

  17. Courses says:

    how much did these cost Katie

  18. Jadyn says:

    I love all the nails you displayed! Im starting to get back into the whole nail polish thing it fades for me but now is the time btw essie and OPI ( my fave nail polish brands) are really bringing their stuff! So im deffinitley getting into it.