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Get The Look – Blake Lively in Marie Claire

By on November 5, 2009
in Celebrity
Everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, is on the cover of December’s Marie Claire and what’s the first thing I notice? Is it her perfect flowing locks, the subject of hair envy worldwide? Is it her flawless complexion that makes me curse ever going near a tanning bed? Is it her sparkling blue eyes that make my almost-black peepers seem boring? Of course not! It’s her nails!

Finally some nail color on a cover! Not just another boring nude. Even if it’s just a thumb I’ll take it because that means you’ll see more inside. Maybe it’s just me but Marie Claire seems to be one of the few mags that doesn’t shy away from color on their cover girls and to that I say bravo. Of course it also helps to have my genius pal, Celebrity Manicurist Elle, on set to influence that decision.

Thanks to Elle, I’ve got the scoop on Blake’s nail color straight from the set. Find out what she’s wearing and discover Blake’s penchant for polish after the jump!

Since Marie Claire has been venturing into nail color for its covers, Elle felt it was time to, “move past the gray realm and onto something new and different.” And Blake is, “that perfect, young girl who can carry it.”According to Elle, Blake is a fellow nail fanatic with a collection that can rival any polish enthusiast. She guesstimates that her collection tops 200 bottles and shares that she’s in the process of installing racks to display them as art. I would LOVE to see that!

I asked about Blake’s input regarding her photo shoots and according to Elle, Blake definitely has her own opinions in regards to style. Stating that she is her own stylist. While some celebrities rely on stylists, Blake is really confident in who she is and knows how to pull a look together. She referenced last night’s Chanel benefit and the genius way she attached a broach to her necklace. That’s all Blake!
For the Marie Claire shoot, Elle chose Slate of Affairs from the Barielle All Lacquered Up collection and Blake loved it. To think, a shade we created together was worn by Blake Lively!! I’m sorry, I need a minute.

Moving on. If you haven’t picked up a bottle of Slate of Affairs yet, you are seriously missing out. And I’m not just saying that because I had a hand in its inception. It truly is a unique blue and the slightly grayed out feel is perfect for the season.

Slate of Affairs can be purchased directly from the website for $8/ea. As always, Shades by Barielle polishes are Buy Two Get One Free. Oh and Barielle is holding their monthly contest and for November they’re giving away the entire ALU collection. Run on over and enter.

image credit: Marie Claire and FanPop

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  1. Keke says:

    she looks gorgeous as usual and the nails are great! so happy for all your success with the barielle collection!

  2. virginiaisforluvrs says:

    I was totally wondering what color she had on her nails and was planning to ask Marie Claire! LOL. And to think, I already have this color.

  3. sssdawna says:

    i can't wait to get this issue in the mail! that blue is a beautiful color, too

  4. Ayrton says:

    Yes, she is gorgeous!

  5. Lisa says:

    Just to let you know, I checked Barielle's UK website – and your colours are finally there! It obviously takes the UK site a little longer :) Looking forward to getting some of those beauties for Christmas.

  6. Midnight Cowgirl says:

    I love that color!

  7. Grace says:

    Was reading the latest Lucky magazine and they had a little feature on dark greens being the new hot sophisticated nail color (including RBL Orbis non suficit). Immediately thought of this blog!

  8. Catherine says:

    I love this article, thank you! Blake is my favourite Gossip Girl and I always look to see what she has on her nails. I love knowing she has a large polish collection like us other fanatics and would love to know more about her favourite shades!

  9. thisizkim says:

    I have that issue and I was totally in love with her nails!!! Glad to know she's a fellow nail polish fanatic. hehe.

  10. Mel says:

    I could give two hoots about Blake Lively, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shade of polish!

    And here I am, picking out a (boring) nude polish (Always Sheer Camisole) to go with my work outfit tomorrow. Heh.

    • All Lacquered Up says:

      Sometimes you have to go with boring. Is your workplace strict on dress code?

      • Mel says:

        No, very UNstrict, actually. But with this stupid eye stye, I just need something easy (on the eyes… heh) to get me through the end of the week. It’s a color much like the “mannequin hands” color you posted on RBG.

  11. Mc Huggs :) says:

    Hi Michelle:

    I was planning to get that very same issue of “Marie Claire” magazine because they have a story about the Bravo’s TV Project Runway (PR) series finale! Plus, I have that nail polish color! Why! Because I recently purchased your entire signature collection and going through my stash of nail polishes, I just saw “Slate of Affairs.” It’s a gorgeous blue shade and I plan to use that color for my next pedicure choice, LOL. I am partial to blues and purples but this blue is beautiful. Thanks Michelle for making my choice easier. Your nails could not be anymore beautiful than they already are.

    Note: I also plan on posting my review of this season’s PR Finale (and have all 13 looks) of the three woman fashion designers on my web blog sometime this week in the event anyone would love to see the fashions for the reality show or maybe would love to talk about this season’s PR fashions.

    Have a Great Thanksgiving Day everyone.

    Mc Huggs :)