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CND Green Scene Colour and Gold Sparkle Effect

By on August 4, 2009
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Today I bring you two more colors from the upcoming CND Colour & Effects line. To recap, CND is revamping their brand by introducing 50 Colours and 15 Effects that can be layered to create over 800 different nail shades.

The Colours include a range of cremes from white to black, vivid primary and secondary hues and three chrome metallics. The Effects include pearls, shimmers and sparkles in various shades like violet, copper and emerald.

I’ve been playing with some of the Colours and Effects I brought home with me from Cosmoprof and today I’m sharing my latest combo Green Scene and Gold Sparkle. Take a peek after the jump!

A green lover like me couldn’t resist the lure of Green Scene. I swear it was calling me from across the room at the CND launch party. It’s like I could hear it saying, “You know you want me. Get over here and play!” And play I did. When it came time to swatch the new colors, I had a ball testing different Effects over Green Scene and my fave of them all is Gold Sparkle.

Green Scene is very vibrant with a slight bluish undertone. The formula is smooth and well pigmented only requiring two coats. As I mentioned in my last CND post, the brush is flat but not too wide with triangular bristles that make application a breeze.
Adding a layer of Gold Sparkle totally blinged out the look. Gold Sparkle is a clear base filled with multiple sizes of gold glitter. There are some large flecks dispersed among the micro-glitter giving a gilded finish.

The CND Colour & Effects line will launch in the Fall at salons and spas in the US. Colours will retail for $9, Effects for $11. CND is carried in over 90 countries and you can find a salon or spa near you using the Salon Locator on the CND website.

Also, I wanted to address your comments and tweets regarding the pricing. We all have our own points of view regarding price and what is expensive to one person may be justifiably affordable to another. With that in mind, I try to review polishes without regard to cost but so many of you have been vocal about the price jump with CND. While the Colour price is not that much higher, the bottle is smaller. And if you want to recreate the look I’ve shown you, it will cost $20. Then again a bottle of Chanel is $23 and it’s just one look. It’s all in the eye of the shopper.

Now I’m not going to comment personally on the pricing but I will throw out my theory regarding the increase. The concept behind this line is that you’re compiling a nail wardrobe. That these are the only colors you need to create 800+ nail colors. In essence, once you buy their entire line, you’re done. So perhaps they feel this price is appropriate for the amount of color combinations you’re getting. That’s up to you to decide. Again, this is just my explanation and not coming from CND.

So with all that out of the way… what do you think of Green Scene? Don’t you just love how well Gold Sparkle compliments it?

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There Are 28 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Mama Jen says:

    i need that green NOW…i don't own a green nail polish like that, it is so pretty

  2. gildedangel says:

    I love that green! I might pick up that gold sparkle effect too! Thank you for swatching this and sharing it with us!

  3. mookiej says:

    Love the color! Thanks for showing the pics!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are the Effects compatible with other brands of polish (i.e. Essie, OPI China Glaze, etc.)? If they are, it might justify the $11 price tag. I know that some formulas don't work well with other brands, though… Is there a way to know?

  5. All Lacquered Up says:

    Mama Jen – Thank you! It's like the perfect mid-tone green.

    Gildedangel – You're welcome. The gold sparkle really makes it fun but I'm drying to try it with the Gold Shimmer to see how they differ.

    Mookiej – Do you like it better on its own or with the glitter?

    Anon – I don't see why it wouldn't work with other polishes but I'm not a chemist. I haven't tested the wear of an Effect over a non-CND polish so I can't say for sure but thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know how it works out.

  6. Tanya says:

    Thanks for the pictures…I am LOVING this blog. Some of the products shown here i probably wouldnt pay much attention too if i hadnt seen it on here. Great Job!

    I am really liking that Gold sparkle effects….cant wait to see the rest of the effects line. I dont see why they wouldnt work with other polishes.

  7. tigra1411 says:

    The effect is so cool! Pity I can not buy it here in Germany

  8. moonchaii says:

    If there are any really nice colors or effects, I might get a bottle or two, but there are so many glitters, shimmers, etc (I mean, look at China Glaze, releasing all those glitters soon!) that I doubt I'll spend 9 to 11 dollars on a small bottle.

    On another note, that green looks a lot like pictures I've seen of Nubar Green Tea…

  9. DWJ says:

    The green alone is divine. It's a true kelly green and I love it! I'll definitely want to try it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    what colors did you pick for the zoya 5000?

  11. All Lacquered Up says:

    Tanya – Thank you so much. I'm so glad you found me and that it's helpful. And I agree, I think the Effects should work with any brand.

    Tigra – My CND contact said that Douglas Parfumeries carries the brand in Germany and you can locate salons using their Salon Locator

    Moonchaii – I'll add Green Tea to my comparison list.

    Anon – I haven't ordered yet. I heard they were having site issues so I'll probably wait until tomorrow. The code is good until midnight tomorrow.

  12. Tval Skincare says:

    About a million years ago or so (when I was briefly working with nails in Sweden before I moved to Canada), CND had a fall line with 5-6 nail colors and a glitter polish that when applied on top of a color was meant to make the it look like tweed. I loved it! It had black, copper and red glitter in different shapes and sizes. Do you remember it? Did you see any "fun" effects like that in the new line, or all they all more or less monochromatic glitters?

  13. Anonymous says:

    where can you buy it in canada?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Green Scene is a must have for me. I'm indifferent to the glitter toppings so far. You mentioned they will launch at at salons and spas.. I've never seen CND around here (NE Ohio), besides treatments at Ulta and Trade Secret. Do you think Ulta might carry this line? Or Trade Secret? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Luv that green! I have a question for in your opinion what is the best top coat. I've been using Seche V forever but I was wondering if there was something better out there.

    Thanks Ann

  16. Anonymous says:

    Will there be a list of places where we could buy these? Why don't they make them available to order from their website? Thanks! =]

  17. sweetpea85 says:

    anon–I'm in canton and we have a full display of CND in our "north coast beauty supply" store. cnd can be found up here! :)

  18. All Lacquered Up says:

    Tval – Hi there! I'm flattered that you read my site. I've read nothing but raves about your products online.

    You know, I don't remember that collection but it sounds soooo cool. I played with most of the effects and they seem to be all one color, like emerald shimmer but, like the sapphire sparkle looks purple/raspberry in some light.

    Anon #3- Check my comment above and click on the Salon Locator link to find a salon near you.

    Anon #4 – I'm in NE Ohio as well and Trade Secret used to carry them. I had the best luck at the Great Northern location but I have a feeling with the relaunch they'll pop up in more places. I know John Roberts used to carry the line and they still sell their treatment products. I'll have to put the idea in their head when I go for my brow waxing tomorrow.

    Anon #5- other than the Nails Inc one I posted about on Monday, I've been loving Olan Labs Quick & Slick. It's not as thick as Seche Vite or Poshe so it doesn't get goopy halfway through the bottle. Though I do love CND Super Shiney if you want super glossy & don't care as much about dry time.

    Sweetpea85 – Another Ohioian, yay! I know I've seen them at beauty supply stores and when still had a storefront in Strongsville they carried it.

  19. Sanna says:

    Oh, I love it!!!

  20. beautyjudy says:

    I love this swatch, thanks for sharing! Green has been one of my new favorites lately and this color is a great green! I look forward to the line launching in fall! The price just might mean I buy less of the product and enjoy what I get more :)
    PS – I posted a blog yesterday about teal toes for ovarian cancer awareness and although I have something for today I might just leave this up as it's getting a lot of hits and I'm glad – I'm hoping many women hear about this and paint their piggies teal for this great cause!!! I wanted to let you know about it because, well, you're All Lacquered Up!!!! :)! I'd be curious to know if you like teal and what your favorite teal is!

  21. Tval Skincare says:

    Michelle, I'm the flattered one (that you've heard about our products). I've been reading your blog faithfully for years! :)

    I dug up the polishes I have left from that collection and they are: Metro (a steel blue), Overnight (a plum? I'm so bad at describing colors!), Midnight Express (a deep cream wine), Nomad (a shimmer taupe), Care Free (the glitter top coat) and a green shade I couldn't find right now.

    To get the "tweed look" you used Nomad and then Care Free on top. I loved it!

    I've been googling to see if I could find pictures of them somewhere, but couldn't find a trace of this line. So sad :(

    I have to say that I loved working with CND products (I took their nail courses in Sweden, so that was the brand I was using). I miss that!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I like the idea but the "effect" isn't enough. It lacks the depth of a traditional sparkle or shimmer polish because of the lack of layers

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog! It's so addicting – in a good way! I live in Houston,TX and trust me, I've been all over CND's locations for Houston and have called all listed salons and cannot believe no one sells CND laquers! Help!

  24. Janice says:

    I really like the way this looks. There's a tree in my front yard that has leaves of this exact green color and with the gold sparkle it reminds me of how it looks in the morning, with the sun glinting off the dewy leaves. Nice.

  25. Melasma says:

    I have tried all kinds of nail color but never a green one.I never knew it would look so gorgeous.Thanks for the great photos.

  26. Raye says:

    I was in a Sally Beauty Store yesterday and ended up telling the clerk about your blog. She mentioned she loved green polish. I said oh you def have to check out Michelle's blog !!!!

  27. Sandi says:

    I imagine if you live somewhere that there is a place you can just walk in and play with combinations until you find one you think is worth $20 it might be feasible. Unfortunately, i have yet to find a salon much less a store) in my area that’s going to let you walk in and play. I know what the ingredients in polish cost and anyone charging double digits is suffering from delusions of grandeur. I may still pick up an occasional bottle from the core line because I love the way they apply so much but it won’t be long I think before CND no longer has anything to offer me.

  28. Sarah says:

    soooo i just discovered these while playing in my local discount beauty store. i just bought the gold sparkle effect after seeing it coated on top of OPI We’ll Always Have Paris. I love the effect and it definitely works on other brands!!!