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Zoya Dare Collection Review and Swatches

zoya, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collectionZoya Dare has landed and after much anticipation, I’ve got your first look at them on the nail. As you may remember, the Dare collection of Zoya’s Truth or Dare Fall lineup is a group of chic, dramatic shades with five cremes and one shimmer. Let’s get right to it and check out the colors, shall we?

With the exception of Ibiza all the Dare collection polishes are cremes. They all glide on smooth and even in spite of the formula’s thickness. The shades are well pigmented requiring only two coats and dry with a high gloss shine.

Demi is a midtone reddish purple, you might call it a mauve. In the bottle it looked a bit Barney-ish but it’s a very pretty on the nail.
zoya, demi, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collection
Ciara has a sundrenched raspberry look about it. Don’t get me wrong it’s vivid and rich, not at all dusty, those are just the first two words that came to mind when looking at it. zoya, ciara, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collection
Vanessa is a berry based cool red. It applies very close to bottle color on the first coat which is always a plus with reds.
zoya, vanessa, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collection
Pinta is the definition of burple (bluish purple). It definitely leans way blue but you can see its purple roots in bright light. My issue is that it’s so dark that unless you’re in sunlight, you’re the only person who will know how truly stunning this shade is.
zoya, pinta, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collectionFor that reason I decided to take a sunlight shot of it. You see I shy away from direct sunlight swatching because I find it to be SOOOO inaccurate and I don’t want you kids buying a color and being disappointed when it looks NOTHING like what I showed you. So for the purposes of displaying the base color only, I did this sunlight shot for you.
zoya, pinta, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collectionEnvy is a mossy deep forest green that has an earthy, camouflage feel to it. What’s funny is that as I applied it, the first coat had a graininess that looks like watercolor which I originally mistook for shimmer. With the second coat it’s pure glossy creme. Though if you want the bottle color and not an “almost black” make sure you apply two thin coats. Three is way too much.

Ibiza is a shimmery deep sapphire blue. The color is so dark and the shimmer is so subtle that you barely notice it outside of direct sunlight. Honestly, I love Indigo, with its multi-colored micro-glitter, so much that Ibiza is just OK for me.
zoya, nail polish, truth or dare, fall 2009, dare collectionThe Zoya Dare Collection polishes retail for $6/each and are available for PRE-ORDER now on with a ship date of July 15th.

So all my DARE girls out there, what do you think?

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There Are 26 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Denette says:

    I really like Demi and Ciara. They are both really pretty! I think I would consider getting Ibiza if it were a close dupe to MAC Naughty Nautical (one I don't have but really really really want!!), but it looks too dark.

  2. Brianne says:

    I really like Envy but I'm wondering if there are any other polishes that are similar to it?

  3. Miss Yaya says:

    demi pinta envy ibiza! come home to mama – she will make you feel loved!

  4. Raye says:

    I like all of them surprisingly but live in the middle of no where and have never seen Zoya. Will have to check online. As usual, thanks for the reviews and saving me $$$. It really does help to see swatches when one mostly has to shop online.

  5. shuzluva says:

    Pinta, Envy and Ibiza here I come!

  6. vbie3714 says:

    Pinta looks like a dupe for OPI Siberian Nights….Hrm…..

  7. Phyrra says:

    Pinta looks really pretty :)

  8. moonchaii says:

    I think I'll get Pinta, which surprises me, I thought I'd like the shimmery Ibiza the most. Could you compare Ibiza to OPI Russian Navy?

  9. Kaybee says:

    Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate the tips, such as not putting on too many coats or knowing that it looks different in the sun. That is so helpful! I've been looking for something like Demi, but none of these colors seem very original.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Does Pinta look anything like Sparitual solititude?

    on pictures, i think they look alike

  11. Rachel says:

    Yeessssss. I still want Envy.

  12. bargainbeautyblog says:

    Love Envy and Pinta! Envy turned out MUCH better than I expected– I thought it would be wayyy too blackened to look green inside. So this is a happy surprise!

  13. Debbie says:

    Suffering serious nail envy – have had massive flaking which leads to biting so my nails look nasty when normally they look ok, short and healthy. Have you ever conducted a poll to find out how many of the nail obsessives that visit your site are reformed nail biters, none of my friends that have never bitten their nails are anywhere near as obsessive as I am on this subject! btw the green's nice the rest are pretty unexciting!

  14. Lena says:

    given i've always loved zoya's previous greens (suvi, irene, midori), i'll get envy just to be sure :D

  15. gio says:

    Pinta and Demi look gorgeous!

  16. Laura says:

    Pretty, although not terribly original, in my opinion.
    Hasn't Ciara been done to death? Looks like Moxie, Miami Beet, Overexposed in South Beach, etc.
    Thanks for posting!

  17. Sanna says:

    Envy looks awesome!

  18. Susanna says:

    Hmmm. It seems like a nice collection as a whole, even though none of the colors are especially exciting or innovative. I might get Pinta though. Thanks for the review!

  19. Francine says:

    Great review! Pinta & Ibiza look really cool. Envy… …had high hopes for that, but now I'm not sure…

  20. sunshower! says:

    these are beautiful polishes! truly!r

  21. Anonymous says:

    Not happy with Envy =/ It looks like one of my muddy green Zulu franken attempts.

  22. Bionic Beauty says:

    Pinta and Envy are definitely my favorites. Thanks SO much for these swatches… can't wait for this collection to come out!

  23. Erin says:

    I'm so getting Envy and Pinta! They are gorgeous!!

  24. All Lacquered Up says:

    Denette – Unfortunately Iziba isn't anywhere near as light or vivid as Naughty Nautical. That one is a unique beauty. If I ever come across a dupe, I'll be sure to post it.

    Brianne – I'm planning to check my stash for dupes this weekend. If I find something close, I'll post it.

    Miss Yaya – Girl, you crack me up. I'm sure they'll find a good home with you

    Raye – You're so welcome. There is a salon locator on the Zoya website. Maybe you have a salon that carries them but you just don't know it.

    Shuzluva – those are my three faves of the bunch

    Vbie3714 – Siberian Nights is a bit more blackened than Ibiza

    Phyrra – Glad you like it.

    Moonchaii – I'll add that comp to my list but RN has that purple tint and multi-colored shimmer that make it different than Ibiza

    Kaybee – I'm so happy to help.

    Anon – Solitude is a bit more grayed/dusty, lighter and not as blue.

    Rachel – Are you planning to pre-oreder or buy it locally?

    Bargainbeautyblog – Definitely. I was worried about the blackened syndrome as well

    Debbie – You know, I've never conducted that kind of poll but it's a great idea. Thanks!

    Lena – You can never have to many greens! :D

    Gio – Totally! If you're into purples, you'll love them

    Laura – You're right, colors like Ciara do seem to be a dime a dozen. I think us color lovers get more excited about the blues, greens, yellows, etc because for so long the market was lacking in them. Now we're almost at the oversaturation point.

    Sanna – It's even better in person

    Susanna – Anytime! I'm here to help.

    Francine – what makes you unsure? Is it too dark, too mossy?

    Sunshower – I agree. Very pretty

    Anon #2 – I'm sorry it's not what you expected. I do see what you mean with the Zulu comparison. Maybe this was Zoya's version

    Bionic Beauty – So glad you find them helpful!

    Erin – Yay! Great choices.

  25. Sarah @ Salescoop says:

    This collection is amazing! I'm loving every single color of it. It's such a new feel because from Essie or OPI collections, I generally only love 2 or three colors max. Maybe it's time to switch over to Zoya with all these fun colors.. I especially love the color Ciara. It's easier to wear berry colors than a red color. Thanks for the great review!