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Wearing My Cleveland Pride – Go Cavs!

By on May 5, 2009
in Gold, Orly, Red, Sally Hansen
The Cleveland Cavaliers kick off Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs tonight at home against Atlanta so it’s a perfect time for a sports themed manicure. Confession: I’m not really a big time Cavs fan. I’m not even going to pretend be. Like a lot of folks here in the Cleveburg, I’m a fair weather fan of all Cleveland sports teams outside of the Browns. We’re just a football kind of town, regardless of how many win-less years we face.

However, when the Cavs or Indians do well (which is rare) I’m all on board. So this season, color me a fan all the way down to my fingertips. Last week my friend Steph asked for a Cavaliers color rec so I went hunting through my stash for the perfect wine and old gold.

In an attempt to keep my color choices accessible, I decided upon and Sally Hansen Wine Not? and Orly Gold Rush only to learn that Gold Rush is discontinued. Which is a shame because it matches the Cavs’ logo the best. I picked up Gold Rush at a local CVS last year so there may be bottles still floating around. Some great alternatives would be Sally Hansen Tassel from the Tracy Reese Spring collection, Zoya Goldie and OPI Curry Up Don’t Be Late.

I took a shot of it using flash to show how rich the tones are and the subtle twinkle in Gold Rush.

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Eeeradicator! says:

    I’m the same way about teams here in the Cleve (I never watched a Cavs game in my life before this season), except the Indians are the team closest my heart (despite the fact that they are constantly breaking it). Maybe it’s because I’m a transplant, but I’m just not as much of a Browns fanatic as…well, everyone else.

    You’ve inspired me, though, to do a Cavs mani as well. Maybe Zoya Richelle…but I have to check my wines. Hmmm.

  2. Stacey says:

    I didn’t know you were from the Cleve! I married into a Cleveland family so am “required” to be a fan of all Cleveland teams. I’ve spent many a Spring Break at spring training games with the Tribe, and frozen my toes off with the Brownies. But being that I’m a Dallas girl, I default to the Cowboys and Mavs personally – both of which could give me an excuse for a team spirit mani/pedi in fun blue and silver! Oh, and we also have the Texas Rangers, but really, they don’t count for much…

  3. Ariadna says:

    I read your blog religiously but I have never seen this post. I googled Cavs mani because even though I’m from Nebraska the Cavs are my favorite team (thanks to my husband really) even with the Lebron debacle we’re Cavs fans through and through!! Thanks for the mani inspiration!!