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The ALU Archives – OPI Hey! Get In Lime!

By on March 26, 2009
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The ALU Archives focuses on older, beloved shades from the All Lacquered Up stash.

This week’s Archives pick is the result of your comments and emails regarding MAC Peppermint Patti dupes. A number of you suggested or asked whether OPI Hey! Get In Lime! is a match. Since it fits with the green for March theme I have going I decided to end the month with your request. Check out my comparison after the jump!

Hey! Get In Lime! is a pastel mint creme that released with the second set of OPI Brights in 2006. It’s in the old OPI formula so it’s thinner and needed three coats. It’s definitely a perfect fit with the minty trend we’ve been seeing of late. Too bad it’s discontinued. I try to only include attainable shades in the Archives but since so many of you wanted this comparison, I hope you don’t mine me sharing this one.
As you can see, next to MAC Peppermint Patti, Hey! Get In Lime! is a little softer, a little lighter but not dramatically so. I’d say that if you own the OPI and missed out on the MAC, don’t stay up at night crying about it cuz you have a pretty close dupe. If you don’t own either, get to frankening you own or try Essie Greenport.
That’s it for the month of green kids. I hope you enjoyed it. Next month I’ll have a new ALU Archives theme so check back next Thursday!

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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Milan Angel says:

    Thanks for doing this comparison. I didn’t realize how close these two were in color. I have them both *swoon*

  2. Nessa says:

    I think I might actually like Get in Lime better! Thanks for letting us know!

  3. yourhermione says:

    Hey it looks like e-beauty warehouse still has Get in Lime in stock!

  4. Christen says:

    it’s so funny you did this review because i just painted my nails with Hey, Get in Lime! A couple days ago, I wandered into a local beauty shop and they had one bottle of this at 50% off, so I bought it without really knowing if the color was popular or anything. I did think of how it reminded me of MAC’s peppermint patty, but since I didn’t buy that, I didn’t dwell on that. So nice to know I’m somewhat hip without trying. I love the color, althogh i don’t see the lime part. and it took me 4 coats to achieve the opacity i love.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ah… you’re making me regret buying Get In Lime. I was planning to get this but I got some other color instead…

  6. Emily says:

    I may actually like Hey! Get in Lime! better than MAC Peppermint Pattie. I’m gonna have to hunt it down. Which formula is better?

  7. Maja and Sussi says:

    I just bought Hey get in lime from :D Looking forward to trying this on.. yay

  8. colly mack says:

    I love Get In Lime but the formula is kind of thick and streaky. I still wear it anyway but just don;t let anyone look up close.

  9. George says:

    THis green shade of OPI’s “Hey Get in Lime” was featured in the older OPI Brights Poster Ad. The model is wearing amazing make-up and her fingernails are “OPI, “Hey Get In Lime.” I bought this shade for that very reason and love it on my toes wearing my flip flops. I didn’t know how it compared to MAC.

    I think you can still purchase this nail color from

  10. blogoogle571 says:

    I bought this from transdesign & one bottle says "made in the usa" and it's a great minty color but the other says "made in the netherlands" and it's all gray! what's up with that?

  11. lucy says:

    i know that OPI “gargantuan green grape” is in no way a dupe to these more mint-green shades, but i’d appreciate a swatch all the same. especially with OPI’s new mattes (which include gargantuan green grape) coming out…

  12. Heather says:

    This was a great post. It has also made a huge comeback this fall for nail art and early fall late summer designs. I didn't realize how close it was to the mac makeup one either.