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Chanel Moscow Nail Colour Collection

By on December 15, 2008
in Chanel

Spring boarding off the huge success of last summer’s Robertson Nail Collection, Chanel is introducing yet another set of limited edition polishes. The brainchild of Global Creative Director, Peter Philips, the Moscow Nail Collection consists of three glowing and intense looking glittery, black-based polishes inspired the beauty of Russian women. Making an appearance at the Chanel Paris-Moscow show on December 3rd, the colors are now available for purchase.

Now I don’t know Peter Philips but I have a bit of a crush on him. During my trip to NYC in October I had the pleasure of having tea with Chanel’s PR team. During our meeting, the ladies shared what a polish fanatic Peter is. That just made my little heart flutter. To see a prestige brand that recognizes the power of polish. That realizes that it isn’t just an ancillary product but an important part of the overall aesthetic. To that I say BRAVO! It’s now my goal to meet Mr. Philips some day.

Or De Russie

Nuit De Russie

Feu De Russie

“The Or de Russie nail colour we used on the models at the show comes from the new CHANEL Moscow Collection, composed of three shades that I specially created for the show,” states Peter Philips. “The base of these three shades is black, to which we added a different sparkle for each of the colours: red, gold and blue. The Feu de Russie shade is intense and reflects passion. Or de Russie has a slight gold patina and evokes richness, while Nuit de Russie blue is full of mystery. When you apply the shades, which are rather dark, the surprising element is that they capture light so well that they create a fireworks effect – the shades dazzle with an unbelievable sparkle.”

The 2008 collection looked to Moscow, capital of a country and a culture which fascinated Gabrielle Chanel. With the Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich, Mademoiselle discovered the splendor of the tsars. In 1927, with Ernest Beaux, the perfumer of the tsars, she created her own fragrance, Cuir de Russie. She borrowed the pea jacket and pelisse from her lover Dmitri and gave them a feminine touch. The lavish embroidery and the byzantine accents of the Russian empire jewels are recurrent leitmotivs in the world of Chanel. But her most brilliant connections with Russia are still those with the Russian artists like Stravinsky, Diaghilev and Lifar.

The Chanel Moscow nail colour collection is available exclusively at CHANEL boutiques, CHANEL Makeup Studios and on Suggested retail price: $30.00

Stay tuned for a full review and swatches but in the meantime, who’s buying?

info and product images courtesy of Chanel. additional images: Vogue UK

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There Are 22 Brilliant Comments

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  1. stubby says:


    Those are SO mine!!!!

    *falls over and dies*

  2. Online Shopping Chick says:

    Very elegant colors. Love the gold shade.

  3. styrch says:

    Those look amazing! Do you think they are worth the $30 price? Which do you think is going to be the most sought after (if any)?

  4. Anonymous says:

    They don’t seem to be so original to me. I’d say it’s continued versions of Haute Chocolat, Blue Satin and Tulip Noir.

  5. yummy411 says:

    i love these. i want to even buy them, but i know i have similar colors except for the the gold one.. but $30..?? $20 was way too much last year. $30?? no thanks!

  6. GablesGirl says:

    I’m on the fence too — especially at $30 when Chanel doesn’t seem to last on my nails the way other polishes do. The gold one looks the most unique. Maybe once I see your swatches and can tell if they really are unique… :]

  7. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I was thinking “all three will be mine!” until I got to the part where you revealed the price tag. WTF Chanel?!

  8. melsh says:

    i agree 100% with anon:
    Okay, I was thinking “all three will be mine!” until I got to the part where you revealed the price tag. WTF Chanel?!

  9. redrunner says:

    The only one i think i want (and can afford) is Nuit. They’re all beautiful, and at first i wanted Or, but its too brown and I wish it was more black with gold. The red is pretty, and if i can afford it, i will get it. These will be my first Chanel Polishes!

  10. Davin says:

    Damn, those polished are hot!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    What is Chanel thinking? I wouldn’t call Robertson a huge success since these are still available online long after release, and Gold Fiction at $30 is still sitting on a lot of store shelves. Sales of high end cosmetics are down this year substantially compared to last year. Is this the time to be trying to extract even more ridiculous premiums from consumers? Ranting aside, if these are unique enough, I may still buy them!

  12. The Glitterati says:

    Oh… wow! To be honest, I was ready to roll my eyes at another overhyped Chanel release when I read the title, but then I saw the colours and they are breathtaking! The blue and gold, especially.

    Okay, so maybe I won’t fork out $30 for them (or maybe I will, after seeing swatches!), but this is one lemming I can appreciate!

  13. wixbetty says:

    Didn’t Revlon already do colors like these in the Dark Pleasures collection, for under $10 a piece?

    Do you have Scarlet Letter, Talk Dirty, and/or Midnight Affair?

    If so, what are your thoughts?

  14. Sara says:

    I like the colors, but as always Chanel is late to the party. Those colors have probably been done many times before in recent polish collections. And I hate when they do fake swatches like that. It’s so obvious that they’ve used the same picture for all of the colors. Sorry Chanel, I think you can do better than that!

  15. Alison says:

    I think these are gorgeous and would definatly purchase one (don’t know which I will wait for your swatches). However, I live in the U.K. and like the robertson coll, and haute chocolat they are not available here, I hate that they do this. If I really want a colour my only choice is to turn to evilbay and fork out shedloads of money (Chanel polishes are more expensive here in the U.K. to start with!)

  16. Duffi McDermott says:

    Oh NO. Chanel polishes that I might actually want? I love the blue. And the gold.
    What’s a broke woman to do? They are beautiful. I’ll wait for swatches.

  17. Lauren says:

    No, no, no! I just caved in to impulse and bought a bottle of Chanel Vendetta (a burple from their just-unpacked Spring 2009 collection) last Friday–the last thing I needed to see were more gorgeous Chanel sparklers to tempt me! Must…resist…

    (Word verification: puwamit. Yeah, I know “pu” “wam” “it”!)

  18. MizzX says:

    I’m buying, if they come to Europe! Dead expensive, but hey..they’re special.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Eh, they seem rather bland compared to the nail industry right now. But they may be something special once on the nails. Can’t wait for you to swatch.

  20. SF Makeup Junkie says:

    Okay I completely caved after reading this post and went to my local Chanel boutique and bought them all. I didn’t intend to do this but I was helpless when I actually saw them with my own two eyes.

    They are lovely and look better on. I agree that there is polish out there that is similar but the glitter in these is so fine that I plunked down the cash and will try not to think about how much I spent on nail polish!

  21. Candace117 says:

    I ordered all three, as well as Django and Vendetta :) I can’t wait to get them!