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Celebrity Nail Watch – Julia Allison

Julia who? That’s the exact question I was asking just a few months back when my pal Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie excitedly shared a link to her interview with Julia (a fab read btw). The former Editor-At-Large for Star Magazine, Julia Allison was a “talking head” on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Currently she writes a weekly dating column for Time Out New York and lifecasts on, the website she co-founded with her friends.

Thanks to Amber’s article, complete with a link to Julia’s lifecast, I’m now obsessed with following her daily happenings on my feed reader. She’s beyond stunning, wizard smart and dresses like Blair Waldorf. What’s not to love? Oh and I’m also convinced that I need a shih tzu puppy like her precious Lilly (pictured above).

Anywho, in the interview Julia discussed her beloved beauty products and application tricks. When the topic of nails came about, she mentioned her favorite brands (Essie, Sally Hansen, Rimmel) and that she wears fakes. Oh the horror! You girls know how I feel about that. I’m all natural baby! Now even though I’m opposed, I get it. When you’re on TV and being photographed regularly, having nice nails is essential and not everyone has the time for a mani each week. Though that is not in ANY way an endorsement for acrylics on my part.

I have to give the girl props though. Julia loves herself a bright, funky nail. I was scrolling back through her lifecast archives when I came across a couple of her past nail looks. Yay, I’ve found another green lover!! How can you not adore her?

Being my nosey self and a green fanatic, I tried get in touch with Ms. Julia to find out what she was wearing. FAIL!! Sad that I would never know the name of that lovely green shade, I was delighted and surprised to see a picture of her fridge (pictured below), filled with nothing but nail polish and water, show up on the NonSociety talk show, TMI Weekly. Lo and behold the mystery green revealed!

I spy Nars Schiap, Essie Shorty Pants, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Marine Scene and Sinful San Francisco. What do ya know? Sinful Colors are loved by people outside the nail fanatic world. Good times!

Well Ms. Julia, you may be too busy to email me back but your fabulous nail style is worthy of an All Lacquered Up Celebrity Nail Watch. No matter what Mary Rambin says, I love that you aren’t just a sheer/pink/nude wearing gal.

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There Are 10 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Katee "e-polishblog" says:

    Funny post LOL. I love her little dog!

  2. Amber says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, doll! Welcome to the Julia Allison club :)

  3. melli says:

    Great post! My hairdresser, who is a fellow nail polish fanatic, keeps telling me to keep my polish in the fridge before it hits the best before date (usually 3 years). What do you do with your older polishes, Michelle? I am just curious, as the fridge thing may require my buying a new fridge just for polish. :)

  4. Phyrra says:

    Sinful is great for the price :)
    I prefer Sinful and Sally Hansen of the drugstore nail polishes. There used to be something called color waves too, but they got discontinued.

    I’m so glad I found Emerald Sparkle, as my friend had been dying to find the perfect green :)

    I’ve heard of keeping polish in your fridge, but haven’t done it. I usually keep mine tightly capped and don’t have much of an issue, unless they’re more than 3 years old. Then I tend to suck it up and toss the polish.

  5. C. Dishmey says:

    Just browsing on because I think I'm becoming obessed with nail polish. I have Essie Sexy Divide to thanks. I thought I would share.

  6. Ms Glam says:

    The green appears to be Rescue Beauty Lounge in”Recycle”…take a peek at the fridge.. there is one square bottle that looks like a Rescue bottle. I sell the brand in my store and one staffer in particular makes that her go-to shade! aka Ms Glam

  7. gymnastgirly says:

    Yup, there’s that Sinful! One of my first polish swaps on the board :) I love that green…

    Isn’t it funny when you can pick bottles out like that?

  8. Pinky says:

    I truly despise this girl. So vapid and self-obsessed. But I like the fact that she likes nailpolish. This is a somewhat redeeming quality in my book.

  9. ladyslatternly says:

    Ugh, did you really just post a gushing review of JULIA ALLISON?? I’m with pinky, that girl is the worst.
    I have to go lie down now…

  10. Anonymous says:

    the yellow looks cute lol