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Chanel Preview – Robertson Boulevard Collection

By on May 7, 2008
in Chanel, Summer 2008

Just when I thought summer bright streak was slowing down, I catch wind of this. Chanel, in celebration of their new boutique on Robertson Boulevard in LA, is releasing a set of four limited edition polishes designed by Peter Philips.

MELROSE – A fun, hot pink destined to become spring’s must-have pedicure
SUNRISE – A primary yellow as bright and cheerful as its name
L.A. SUNSET – A warm tangerine — just the thing for an afternoon shopping splurge

RODEO DRIVE – A purple splash: girl power meets the power lunch L.A.

Is Chanel going pop art on us? I have to say that just seeing the product image has me excited. Such a bold nail color statement seems out of character for the brand but I’m loving it. Who would have thought that such crazy shades would make it to high end chic? Maybe it means I’ll stop getting stares or comments when I have bright green or yellow on my tips.

The lacquers will be available exclusively in-store at the Robertson Boulevard Chanel Boutique beginning May 30th and on in July 2008. Price: $25.00

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There Are 20 Brilliant Comments

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  1. diann_co says:

    Is a polish truly worth $25??

  2. CincyFan says:

    I dunno, I guess it depends on the buyer. Is DiorShow worth $24 when you can get a drugstore brand for $5-10? Is La Mer? Is NARS?

    I’m not defending the $25 price tag but I’m sure there are people that will find it worthy and gladly shell out the $$$.

  3. m says:


    I would like to see the purple.

  4. silverin says:

    Pretty daring for Chanel, but the colors don’t look all that to me. You’ve posted about other brands that have similar colors without the outrageous pricetag.

    But I know what you mean about getting funny looks from people. I actually overheard two women at the grocery check-out line discussing my age versus my blue nail polish!

  5. m says:

    wowee, I wonder if this means I can get away with this at court???

    Umm, maybe not. At least not on fingers. OPI Ink drew envious stares & questions (Is that the Chanel? Nope, I need to charge more if I want that) on toes last year.

    Formerly anonymous lawyer in Louisville

  6. m says:

    That is funny silverin. I have been painting mine with the OMG hologram colors from China Glaze the last week and I am 40 something and I wonder what people think.

    These colors are to die for but I am disappointed in how they are wearing. Chipping after 2 and 3 days for the first 2 colors I have tried (natural nails). Stickey base coat & Posh top coat (wish sure dries fast, awesome!)

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is only worth big price if there aren’t any alike versions. So I think..
    I can’t afford anything Chanel, and I won’t die because of that. :)

  8. saysitopipi says:

    For what it would cost to buy these 3 colors, I could buy 19 zoya polishes, which I just did because of your blog! Nailpolish has replaced shoes and purses as my new obsession. It is nuts, I dont know how I will ever figure out what color to paint my nails now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not to be the odd one out, but I’ll probably buy at least one of these. I love Chanel and I also love bright polish, so why not? I wouldn’t buy all four, but just one would be fine!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Sorry but I’m going to tell Chanel to stick it. I don’t care how fancy your brand is, $25 dollars is WAY too much for nail polish.

  11. vbie3714 says:

    They want us to go broke! Of course I want 2 of them…

  12. Pinkerbelle says:

    Sadly, despite the price tag, I really want the pink and purple ;0) But I just look at it like this…if I can pay for MAC lippies and stuff like that, that will go bad WAY sooner than the nailpolish…its not that much different ;0)

  13. BeautyChick101 says:

    I am actually really excited for this. I think $25 is a lot, but I love Chanel … so I might have to splurge on a bottle or two!

  14. rach says:

    I’ve heard Chanel polishes chip like mad. I’ve yet to excuse spending $AUD35 on a nail polish, so I wouldn’t be able to say from experience. There’s a real trend towards punchy bright cremes at the moment, especially with Australian brands like Kit Cosmetics and Bloom, and the new OPI Brights is in the mail for me. So I think I might skip these.

    I think that with other cosmetic items, like foundation and mascara, you can really see a difference with price. I can often by quite stingy, but you can take my NARS from my cold, dead hands. With nail polish, on the other hand, I think you can get truly great quality and innovative colour without the sticker shock.

    That said, the purple is quite tempting…

  15. georgia says:

    oh my gosh these are so beautiful. i think i like the purple the best. i’m a big fan of the chanel polishes. i’ve found them to be pretty chip resistant, and while $25 is pretty steep for a polish, i just love seeing those pretty little bottles sitting on my shelf.

  16. selkie says:

    The purple is nice, maybe the pink, but I agree w/ Saysitopipi: when you can get such hi-quality n/p cheaply, why pay the $25?

    Besides, isn’t all this super-luxury stuff looking kind of tired lately with the emphasis on conservation, global warming, etc? Maybe it’s just me.

    And life’s way too short to worry what other people think about your nail polish! Except when their opinion REALLY counts, like a job interview or a judge! :- D

  17. ocelot1 says:

    i think its too expensive for colors that are so readily available elsewhere for a cheaper price tag. again, not unique enough for that price so i wont be slapping down any moola on these. now that kalediscope one i heard about…thats another story.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you think its too expensive, dont buy it. More chances of me getting it ;)
    && to make your chanel nail polish last longer, use base & top coat & paint the tips of your nails a little extra right before you seal it with a top coat.
    first time i used chanel it chipped the first day, i re-applied to doing that, and it lasted a week with very few chips.

  19. Gina says:

    After my previous experiences with Chanel (inefficient brushes, iffy opacity, serious chipping and wear issues – even with basecoat and topcoat reapplications), I can’t see shelling out $25. I can understand the allure, though: the colors are pretty, and of course, it’s Chanel. But it’s personally not a choice I’ll make again.

  20. Anonymous says:

    those colors are gorgeous but defenitely noth worth the price! i love chanel dearly and use or at least have used many of their beauty products and can absolutely say that it’s not worth the $19 let alone $25. it is by no means chip resistant and it the brush and bottle are just awkward. perhaps within the first few hours it looks pretty and you feel like it’s worth the money but once time passes by you just feel like an idiot. word to the wise: dont get it. stick to their mascara or lip sticks.