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Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2008

By on March 19, 2008
in Sally Hansen, Spring 2008

For Spring 2008 Tracy Reese drew inspiration for her Ready-To-Wear collection from the culture of North Africa. She translated that concept into her fourth collaboration with Sally Hansen’s Salon collection.

I have to tell you, I’m extremely impressed with their Big 3 Free formula. Unlike the majority on the market, these lacquers flow very smooth and even on the nail. The consistency is thin and workable yet highly pigmented. It’s no wonder Sally Hansen dubbed this the Salon Line as it puts most drugstore polishes to shame.

All polishes are shown with two coats of color and no top coat. Exceptions are noted.

Feverish Rose is bright hot pink creme. It’s even more vibrant in person. As with all the cremes in this collection it dries to a high gloss finish. FYI, Feverish Rose is a close relative of OPI I’m Indi-a Mood For Love only Feverish Rose is a little less cool toned. Sultry Fuchsia… is the perfect name for this shade. It’s bold and sexy and has me mesmerized. I loved testing it out so much that I made it my vacation tip shade. It has a bit of warmth in spite of its cool pink base. Spicy Scarlet has that juicy tomato quality. A red orange creme that is very vivid in person.Arabian Night is the one that’s causing a ruckus on the MUA nail board. Ever since I posted a preview swatch this golden grape sparkler has created many a lemming. I’ve read tales of gals calling six or more drugstores trying to hunt this shade down and I don’t blame them one bit. It’s totally worth it. An added bonus; regardless of its glittery goodness Arabian Night dries smooth and is easy to remove.Cherry Glaze isn’t your average cherry bomb red. It has the faintest whisper of shimmer running throughout. It’s not visible it just adds pizazz.With its jelly like finish, Sumptuous Petal is a carnation pink semi-sheer concoction. I chose to show it opaque with three coats but thanks to its streak free quality it’s also lovely as a one coat sheer. Tunisian Sand was the shade chosen for the Tracy Reese runway show last September. It’s very cafe au lait which as a creme would be iffy on me. In my opinion, what makes this golden nude work is the multi-colored micro-glitter. The silver shimmer cools the shade’s warmth while the gold shimmer adds depth. The Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring collection is available even if it’s hard to track down. Check with your local drugstores for availability.

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  1. stubbynomore says:

    Very nice! I really want the Arabian Night. Thanks for the great swatches, as usual.

  2. jolene says:

    love the colors! it’s perfect for spring. unfortunately, I can’t find this anywhere in the drugstores around me, including target and walmart.

  3. violetnoir says:

    So I guess Stormy Blue does not debut until later this year, M?


  4. Anonymous says:

    Try newly built Walgreens, it’s the only place I was able to find this.

  5. JB says:

    Those are great! Thanks for the review. Arabian Night is gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, Sultry Fuscia looks a lot like OPI “My Throne for a Cranberry Scone,” one of the greatest colors of all time. I’m hoarding my little bottle because (of course) it’s discontinued and impossible to find except through ebay scalpers.

  7. Stephanie says:

    OMG I want this collection soooo much. I’ve been to 8 different walgreens and still nothing.

  8. Janet in Atlanta says:

    I looked at one Walgreens and it was a no-go. I’m lemming all the colors :-P

  9. kirsten says:

    I actually found Arabian Nights at the Walgreens down the street from my house just this past weekend! I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet because I’ve still got too many other new polishes to test out, but since you swatched it awhile back I have been checking everytime I go in Walgreens for it so when I saw they had a couple bottles of it I instantly grabbed one. As usual people where I live are completely unaware of the value of items like this so when stores get them in stock it is always easier for me to find them than it is for alot of other beauty addicts from other areas.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone been able to find Arabian Night in New Jersey?

  11. nilla cookie says:

    I really like Sultry Fuschia! Thanks for sharing? I must go check out the drugstore now :)

  12. nilla cookie says:

    Whoops! Not Thanks for sharing?.. thanks for sharing with an exclamation mark! :)

  13. Jennifer says:

    i went a bit crazy and bought 4 of the colors (Arabian Nights, Sumptuous Petal, Sultry Fuschia, and Tunisian Sand). Thanks for the swatches, they were really helpful in making my decision.

  14. jolene says:

    I found them! Thanks to the anonymous tip to try a new Walgreens. It’s funny, the colors look different on me than the swatches, but they’re beautiful nonetheless. It’s nice to spend a teensy bit less on nail polishes, compared to what I normally pay for Essie and OPI. It justifies my need to buy more of the colors. :)

  15. Shefali says:

    I’m so excited b/c I actually found them after visiting 4 other Walgreen’s. I also found mine at a newly built Walgreen’s…right in the front of the store. I bought Spicy Scarlet, Sultry Fuchsia, and Tunisian Sand. They never got Arabian Night in…strange.

    I also found Sinful Colors San Francisco…the closest I’ve come to Nars Zulu. I bought the last two (one for me and one for sis-in-law).

  16. Anonymous says:

    One Walgreens in Louisville (not newly built) has the collection, and Sinful Colors San Francisco as well. Ask for Steffanie at the Bardstown Road store. They had the sense to hire a artist & retired art instructor to sell makeup. Brilliant.

  17. Fashion Ivy says:

    I love ur blog. I am obsessed with nail polish. Loved this post. Gonna add u to my link list. Hope u do the same

  18. Anonymous says:

    I was in my local Walgreens and they are in the makeup ailes in the shelves not by the noral Sally nail polishes. Its says “limited edition” just fyi for you all.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have Arabian Nights on right now, and it’s absolutely fabulous! Perhaps too sassy for the workplace, but I adore it. It’s definitely my new fav.
    I got mine at CVS; I’m in Boston

  20. Janet in Atlanta says:

    I got AN, SF, SP, and SS, & the cherry color I love the shinny jelly like finish on some of them. Great haul!

  21. kissthefishies says:

    ooh, I really want these now. i’m in love with 2-3 of these colors :DD hehe.

    anyways, this is off topic but i noticed you blogging about China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and was wondering if you had the problem of it refusing to dry when you layer it with another polish? or has mine gone bad :(