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For My UK Gals – Nailed by Sleek

By on December 17, 2007
in Big 3 Free, Green, Sleek

When the lovely people from UK brand Sleek Makeup read about my yearning for NARS Zulu (which has been fulfilled!) they were kind enough to share with me a gorgeous green polish from their NAILED lacquer line.

The shade, Poison Ivy, is a blackened forest green shimmer. It’s probably one of the truest deep forest greens I’ve seen. Unlike CND NFS it doesn’t lean towards teal. I’d say that it’s OPI Jasper Jade’s vampier older sister. The shimmer is pronounced enough to make my tips resemble little jewels but not so over the top that it looks like I’ve dipped my fingers in glitter.

The formula is Big 3 Free, highly pigmented and thick in consistency. Yet it applies like a dream. I only needed one coat to achieve bottle color and it was very easy to control. Since Nailed by Sleek is a new brand to me, I decided to give it a full trial run and my findings are puzzling.

I wore Poison Ivy for 5 days with just a base coat (Nubar) and no top coat. It lasted the full 5 days with just the slightest bit of tip wear. Next I decided to wear it again with Nubar’s top coat to help keep the lacquer’s luster. This time the polish was peeling and lifting after only 2 days. I really can’t explain it. There must be something in the combination of ingredients that didn’t mesh well the second time around. Regardless, this color and formula get two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Since I knew my fellow greenies would be asking, here are some comparisons.

Zoya Suvi, Sleek Poison Ivy, OPI Jasper Jade

Poison Ivy vs. CND NFS

Nailed by Sleek polishes retail for £2-£3 and can be found in independent beauty supply stores. The rest of the Sleek Makeup line can be found at SuperDrug.

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There Are 11 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Christine says:

    That is truly an amazing green! I hope they make these available in the US sometime!

  2. Davina says:

    I’m loving Poison Ivy & it looks good on you too!

  3. Kate says:

    I am so heading to Superdrug tonight – it’s fantastic!

  4. tulip red says:

    poison ivy is on my christmas list, along with lancome”s le magnetique.

  5. diann_co says:

    Funny how monitors change these. It looks grey on my pc for the most part, and in 1 comparison it looks green and next to NFS looks like NFS with glitter…???
    Anywhere us US gals can get the line?

  6. Sara ( says:

    That color is to die for! Why do they always have to be hard to find?? *argh*

  7. phoebe says:

    are they not available in the US at all?

  8. CincyFan says:

    Sorry gals, Nailed by Sleek is only available in the UK. That’s why I said this is “for my uk gals”

    We can’t get every cool color, the rest of the world deserves them too.

  9. juvenescent says:

    This is so funny. I came here to talk about someone selling Nars Zulu on ebay for $95. My online friend sent me the link because I have been struggling to find a dark green color that wasn’t teal or too Christmas-y. And here you are showing me my dream in living color! You brought the lurker out! I need someone to send me two bottles of each. LOL!

  10. emalc says:

    Very cool color – and your nails look perfect in that first pic!!

  11. Ana says:

    Zulu is back up on the NARS website!