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By on October 16, 2007
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As I start to focus on dark colors for fall, in the Southern Hemisphere our fellow nailies are gearing up for Spring and Summer. It’s so easy to forget that we aren’t all on the same page seasonally. Thanks to a lovely reader, H. from South Africa, we get to peek at the nail fashions from her part of the world.

Excerpt from: Watch Your Step by Sandie Cormie. Dischem Benefits Magazine, Spring 2007.

There was time when red toenails were taboo since this was associated with a certain profession. But thankfully, the generation responsible for preserving this notion is nearing extinction and we are free to wallow in glorious, rich reds without damaging the family name.

The colours for the season are bold and vibrant – fabulous reds, pinks and corals. Remember the fashion of the 60s where lively, psychedelic designs and colours pulsated from the pavements? It was a period of rebellion, liberation and new thinking, everything was orchestrated to generate fun, shock, and to elicit a reaction. It worked, and now the 60s are back!

But remember, bold, bright, colours draw attention so it it absolutely essential to have neatly-manicured feet. These lively colours look wonderful on darker skins and tanned feet. They will look sensational on a bare foot at the beach and around the pool and do great justice to the peep-toe espadrilles that will be strongly in evidence this season. Red, particularly, adds sophisticated drama to any animal print peep-toe shoe or sandal. These gorgeous colours will also be a knockout when worn with glitzy high-heeled sandals adorned with diamanté and coloured crystals – essential to making a statement at any party, wedding or evening celebration. Please – just remember the Cinderella principle!

The deep wine, red-black “gothic” colours remain very popular and are best suited to a short squared toenail on a pale and slender foot. It represents the dichotomy between bold and frail.

Metallics never lose their appeal and gorgeous golds, bronzes, coppers and pewters are still very glamorous. These colours look fabulous in any strappy or peep-toe sandal and will lend an air of contemporary sophistication whether you’re heading for the beach or the office.

The classic French manicure is eternally elegant on any foot. Neutrals represent elegance, grace and a stylish understatement that will never date.

Make Prada proud! Live is for living so have great fun trotting around in wedge heels, satin covered shoes, peep-toes, espadrilles, ankle ties, animal prints, diamanté et al! Be sure to shock people with your great sense of style, fun and those fabulously manicured and feminine feet.

While H. doesn’t necessarily agree with everything in this article she loves the idea of dark shades on pale feet. Personally I abhor the french pedicure but I agree that metallics are sophisticated and glamorous. It’s a shame they didn’t hit big this past summer here in the US.

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  1. Liz says:

    I’m glad someone else doesn’t like French pedis! My Mum asked me to do one for her when she last went on holiday, and I did, because she wanted it. I did a good job but thought it looked really, really trashy. (She loved it though…)