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Top Coat Challenge – Poshe

By on August 31, 2007
in Top Coat Challenge

And now another chapter in the never ending journey that is the Top Coat Challenge. At bat, Poshe Super-Fast Drying TopCoat. Poshe has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. I consider it a holy grail item in the realm of quick drying top coats.

As with the last challenge I posted for Seche Vite I tried different polish/base coat combos with CND Stickey and Zoya Anchor bases and Nocti and China Glaze (old formula) polishes. Here is how it fared…

In terms of application, Poshe has a thinner consistency than Seche Vite making it easier to work with. It gives me more brush time to make sure I’ve covered my entire nail. It dries just as quick and leaves the same glossy finish. There’s a reason it’s been named an Allure Editor’s Pick five times now.

Right off the bat I could see that I got less pullback or tip shrinkage with Stickey as a base coat, regardless of the polish formula, the Nocti holding up the best. Oh and ignore that unsightly dent in the first picture, that’s just a UBI (Unidentified Beer Injury). Overall Poshe reduced chipping and tip wear when paired with Stickey.

Using Zoya Anchor (misprint in first pic) with Poshe didn’t work out as well but I’d say it’s on par if not better than the Anchor/Seche Vite combo I tested. My nails were still glossy after 5 days and tip wear was typical not extreme. It’s not my top choice of base coat to use with Poshe but it’s certainly adequate.

Now this review was not intended to knock Seche Vite but simply to compare the two. For me personally, Poshe is the clear winner but everyone has different experiences. It seems there are two camps, Poshe fans and Seche Vite fans. Use what works for you and rock your gorgeous nails.

I pick up Poshe top coat at Sally Beauty Supply (get a discount with a Sally card) and online retailers but it’s also been spotted at Big Lots from time to time. The top coat does tend to thicken with use but they do make a thinner as does Seche. Poshe top coat is toluene and formaldehyde free.

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  1. pcsocake says:

    Have you ever tried Revlon base & top coat? It’s been a staple for me for years and also the HG coats for most of the salons in Indonesia. With correct application, no chipping and no bubbles, and you just can’t beat its price.

  2. jbuchanan00 says:

    i have been using seche vite for too months and i love it but i found poshe in the dollar general for $3.00 what a deal i seen thay have four more left i am going to get them

  3. Victoria says:

    Have you tried wrapping your tips? I found in personal experience and after researching sv that when you don’t wrap your tips with Seche vite it causes major shrinkage but if you Do it lasts for about a whole week without wear or chips! (At least for me). Hope this helps :)