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China Glaze Metallics Collection

By on August 15, 2007
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Dear China Glaze,

You know I love your polishes and all the amazing colors you create. I am a loyal and faithful customer but I am so not in love with this Metallics collection. Please don’t hate me.

Love, Me

Ok, so I’m sure the rest of you know what’s coming but I have to put it out there. This collection did nothing for me. With rich metal shades coming out for fall, this lineup could have been huge. Hey, it still might be. I’m just one little polish lover and there are tons of people out there that could love these.

Let’s start with the good. For one, my mom is wearing Platinum Pearl right now and she has received so many compliments on the shade. Believe me, the colors are not the problem. All three polishes are well pigmented, filled with glitz and very fun. For example, Platinum Gold is extremely unique and my favorite of the bunch. It’s very wearable and makes me think of fall leaves, hot cider and cozy sweaters. And Platinum Silver would be a great shade for New Year’s Eve.

It’s just that the formula isn’t right in my opinion. Even my nail tech commented on it when she applied Platinum Pearl to my mom’s nails. The consistency is thick and goopy, making it difficult to apply which makes brush strokes imminent. As you can tell below, I had major issues with it pooling at my tips and looking uneven. I even redid the manis below and still couldn’t make it work.

I’m not telling anyone not to buy these, I’m just sharing my experience. I never claimed to be a nail tech so if you have no problem with these polishes, kudos to you. I’d love for you to comment and share with the group.

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There Are 11 Brilliant Comments

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  1. mina says:

    I’m not really feeling the new collection either.

  2. lipgloss bitch says:

    I love the shade of platinum pearl, it´s just what i´m looking for. But i hate goopy nps. Do you have any recs on a similar shade in another brand?

  3. sh3ll3y on MUA says:

    What a pity about the consistency because it is a pretty collection.

  4. thatgurl says:

    ITA. There’s nothing wrong with the polishes, they just aren’t my thing. Frosts just do nothing for me……

  5. Anonymous says:

    The colors are absolutely gorgeous!! However, I too am having the same problems with the new formula. I dont have any of the metallics yet tho, so Im not sure about them specifically ;0)


  6. reluctant geisha says:

    you may very well have gotten old polishes, or if they were shipped in hot weather, that can affect consistency, but for the most part, polishes of that type [metallic vs. matte colours] tend to be thicker.

    Often, if you’ll heat the bottle a bit before using it, you’ll find that it’s easier to use and gives a better, smoother slide down the nail.

    Also, make sure that you’re polishing correctly, very little polish on the middle and top of the brush, a drop on the end that you’re painting, one stripe down the middle, then one down the left, then one down the right.

    Hopefully this helps.

    I’m a licensed nail tech, btw, and crappy polish is crappy polish, doesn’t matter if you’re licensed or not.

    I do, however, LOVE china glaze, and have never had a problem with their polishes.

    Good luck, love your blog, i’ll be blogrolling it if you don’t mind.

  7. reluctant geisha says:

    i did forget to say… by heating the bottle i mean either sitting it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, or letting hot water run out of the faucet onto the bottle for a few minutes.

    Sitting polishes in boiling water is dangerous, but also works, and never microwave a bottle.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ooh i love platinum pearl!
    since i don’t have any stores that carry china glaze where i live, could u suggest a similiar polish in these brands: OPI, Essie, or drugstore polishes?


  9. Janalu says:

    Orly has a near match to the Silver and Gold tones. One is called Dazzle and one is called Glitz, I believe. I have them both and really like them.

  10. Janet says:

    i love the way pearl looks as a one-coater, but then it looks really messy. ah well. but pearl makes a really pretty matte :)

  11. Angela says:

    I love Platinum Pearl. I’m wearing it right now instead of white as the tips to my French mani.

    Personally, I love the brushstroke look. I used my brushstrokes to create little designs in the tips of my nails. Gives them more depth. Also makes them look more luxurious and elegant.