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Let’s Get Ready for Sandal Season

By on May 24, 2007
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I always look forward to breaking out my summer sandals and saying buh-bye to closed toe shoes. And even though I give myself regular pedicures, maintenance becomes even more important in summer. The constant exposure and rubbing can turn even the softest soles and skin into a cracked dry mess.

We are officially one month away from the start of summer so I figured it was time for my tips and tricks for at home pedis and keeping them fresh.

Perfect the at home pedicure:

  • I never clip my toenails. I always file them. I find that toenails tend to split under the pressure of clippers. The only time I clip is after a shower when nails are soft and pliable.
  • Shape the nail straight across to avoid ingrowns.
  • Soak and cleanse your feet then use a cuticle remover and pusher to remove excess skin. I prefer Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and a stainless pusher that is half spoon, half nail cleaner like the one sold here.
  • Use a manicure brush to remove any residue or dirt from on top of or under the nail.
  • Use a body scrub to remove any dead skin from feet. I like St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I find it’s too rough for my face but great on my body.
  • Finally, grab your foot file and go to town on those calluses. Don’t make your skin raw or red, just a good sanding. I know some people prefer Diamancel files but I’m a budget gal so I pick up the cheapie ones at Sally Beauty.
  • Now at this point, a lot of people would do a mask or moisturize or do a paraffin dip. I prefer to wait until after I apply polish to do any of those steps. I don’t want any oils on the nail bed so I wait. I just swipe the nail with a bit of vinegar and get to painting.
  • Just like with my nails, I apply a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat. I tend to use the combo of Creative Stickey base coat and Super Shiney top coat with Qtica 1/2 Time Drying Accelerator drops. It’s what works best for me.
  • After my nails are dry I slap on some foot cream. I really love this product from a small online company called Sweet Melissa Natural Body Care. Her peppermint foot cream is amazing. Very rich and filled with shea butter. I’ve been ordering from her for a couple years now and haven’t found a cream I like more.
  • Correct any painting errors with this excellent tip I got from Christine, the 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic; Use a cheap angled eyeliner brush dipped in polish remover. So much better than worrying about fibers from cotton balls or Q-tips ruining your paint job.

So now that you have pretty pampered tootsies, how do you keep them from becoming scaly dried out hooves? These are my maintenance tricks.

  • Keep your foot file in your shower and use it daily after your feet have been softened by the shower water. It only takes a minute and keeps your heels soft and pretty all summer long.
  • Let your significant other make fun of you for coming to bed with socks on in the summer. Your feet need a rest after hoofing around all day. Slather on some foot cream and slip on a pair of cotton socks to keep the scaly skin at bay.
  • Apply an AHA cuticle cream, like Creative Cuticle Eraser, to your toes and avoid that crusty white skin that pops up around your nail bed.
  • Invest in a pair of gel socks or booties. Foot cream and cotton socks are great but 30 minutes in a pair of gel booties will make your feet feel amazing. I lucked into picking up a pair at Bath & Body Works during their Big Sale for 75% off. Kohl’s department stores always seem to be having a sale on the Earth Therapeutic’s booties or check a bed and bath type store.
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