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The Top 20 Countdown

By on February 11, 2007
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If you had to pick your favorite polishes how hard would it be? What would your process be? What makes a color “Top 20″ worthy? It’s certainly not easy for me. I go through my entire stash and pull the colors I love and slowly dwindle them down. I try to keep my choices diverse; covering most shades and finishes. I want my Top 20 to represent the colors that would get me through any event or season if for some horrifying reason I had to give up the rest of my collection.

What makes a color great enough to be in my Top 20? Well, it has to meet 3 criteria.

  1. Does wearing it bring me joy? A color that you can’t stop staring at. That makes me feel prettier/cooler/sexier.
  2. Is it flattering to my skin tone?
  3. Is it a unique color? Does it have an interesting finish, shimmer or pigmentation?

On the Makeup Alley Nail Board, we choose our Top 20 polishes in an attempt to find a “hand twin.” Someone with the same taste in nail polish. It’s mainly for fun but we also hope that by finding a twin, we’ll discover new polishes and avoid duds according to their likes & dislikes.

This is my 2nd Top 20 and it has remained relatively the same with the exception of a few recent releases.

(l to r): China Glaze Grape Crush, Masai Red, Moonpool, Ruby Pumps, Stroke of Midnight and Up All Night

(l to r): Lippmann Collection Bitches Brew, Misa Chocolate Icing, OPI Designer Series Divine & Glamour.

(l to r): OPI Espresso Your Style, Lincoln Park At Midnight, Jasper Jade, Rainforest, Rosey Posey and That’s an “EL” of a Color

(l to r): Zoya Anastasia, Divincia, Raven & Yasmeen

Ok I showed you mine, now show me yours. What are your favorites? How did you pick them? Are you my hand twin?

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. sarapark says:

    What I look for:

    1) How flattering it is to my skin tone (Medium with yellow undertone).

    2) Quality of the brand (how shiny it and long-lasting it is!)

    3) Pretty, DEEP, colors that make people ooh and ah!

    That said, my favorites:
    1) Wicked by Essie. OF COURSE.
    2) Koala Bear-y by OPI
    3) Blanc by Essie
    4) Clutch Me If You Can by Essie
    5) Licorice by Essie

    As you can see, I have a thing for Essie, solid colors with no shimmer/iridescence, and with the exception of 2 and 3, very dark colors. :)

  2. C1976 says:

    I’m a pale gal so I like both sheer and uber dark:

    1. Vamp by Chanel
    2. Sarah Smile by Deborah Lipmann
    2. Pirate by Chanel (best red ever)

  3. Lydia says:

    I have always been looking for the perfect bright red and that Masai Red one looks so awesome, Im gonna have to check it out!