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Someone in Cleveland is a potential polish fanatic

By on January 3, 2007
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I guess for Kim Crow, Style Editor at the Plain Dealer, one article on polish is not enough for one day. At least this one has some good tips for DIY manis. I only quoted the most useful parts of the interview.

Can you give us some application secrets?
First I go under the nail bed at the top, to cover the under edge of the nail. Then I do a double diagonal stroke, like a V, then three strokes down the nail. That way, the polish lasts longer. The chipping always starts at the edge. Giving it that extra coat underneath helps prevent the chipping.

Any at-home nail maintenance tips?
I prefer natural nails. I use primer based on the healthiness of someone’s nail bed. There are special ones for brittle nails and
dry nails. Cuticle cream is really important, and should be used three or four times a day at home. It penetrates your nail bed, gives them moisture and flexibility, and your manicure lasts longer. If your nail is flexible, if you get a chip, it won’t chip in a giant chunk. Cuticle oil is recommended at night.

How long do we have to sit there, waiting for the polish to dry?
I recommend 15-20 minutes, but I can use quick-dry products when people are in a hurry. I always tell people be careful two to four hours after; don’t take a shower or wash your hair. If the polish gets wet before it sets, you’ll chip faster.

How long should a manicure last?
If you apply a topcoat every other day, it should last a whole week, on a natural nail. And use that cuticle cream every day! I do offer free touch-ups to my clients if they stop in with a chip.

Do you prefer any brand of polish?
I’ve work with the Jessica products for a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of good results with it. The line is based around keeping natural, healthy nails.

Full Plain Dealer Article

I have never used Jessica nail products but my interest is piqued. I’ll be sure to report back my experience.

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