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Damn You China Glaze!!!

By on January 4, 2007
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Why oh why is every brand coming out with pale colors for spring? Where are the brights, sparklies or holo? Could these new collections be any more boring? I just hope that they aren’t all sheer and that there are some interesting finishes to all this paleness.

It’s not that I don’t embrace all shades but why all pales, all at once. The only hope I have is that some of the OPI Australia colors are unique. I have more than enough polishes for one lifetime. I’m only colleting interesting colors now.

Let’s hope there is something more to these blah teaser pics. Like shimmer, duochrome or multi-colored sparkly goodness.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear All Lacquered Up,
    Your site is read by many in the polish biz, and you always give us something to think about.
    Just a few words on the BLUSH Collection. It is actually a revamp of China Glaze’s French Collection, so not technically a new spring collection. BLUSH is ‘evergreen’ and will become part of the core collection. What is coming next will make you very happy and satisfy your craving for some hyper-brights.
    Also, did you ever check out the Kaleidoscope Collection from China Glaze? It utilizes that holographic technology you referred to and gives the illusion of having texture and depth but is actually perfectly smooth.
    I know that we have been damned but I hope not eternally. Hoping to win you back.
    Yours in Polish,
    China Glaze

  2. CincyFan says:

    Random China Glaze person: Thank you for your informative post. Since China Glaze is my favorite brand of polish, there’s no winning back to be done. I’m a fan for life.

    The post was just me throwing my hands up in the air after seeing yet another line of pales/sheers coming my way this spring.

    I appreciate the clarification that the Blush line is not the only thing in store for us polish buffs this spring. Also, I have many of the Kaleidoscope collection in my personal stash and look forward to seeing what else is in the works.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you’ll keep reading.

  3. Anonymous says:

    On the up side, some of the Blush colors look pretty interesting, including Cheek to Cheek and Afterglow. Head2Toe has pics up now and I’m quite tempted!