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Lasers & Peels & New Skin Care, Oh My! – The Battle Against Hyperpigmentation: Part 1

By on May 24, 2016
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PicoWay Laser and SkinMedica Peel for Hyperpigmentation

New Skin Care Products for Hyperpigmentation and Anti-Aging

If there’s one beauty lesson I wish I would have learned as a young girl, it would be to apply ALL THE SUNSCREEN and STAY OUT OF THE TANNING BED. As I get older, I am constantly reminded of those mistakes when I look in the mirror. I remember having great skin, you guys. Then, my 30s hit and cystic acne and sun spots/hyperpigmentation started to appear. How did I get through my teems with barely a breakout only to be cursed as an adult? Oh, hormones!

Until this point, I’ve tried a ton of affordable skin care options to get things under control, but it’s time to get serious. We only get one skin and I want to do what I can to erase my mistakes and prevent any further damage. Enter, SkinDeep Medi Spa. This Cleveland-based skin care clinic has the latest in laser technology, including the only PicoWay Laser in Ohio. This revolutionary laser is a miracle for both tattoo removal, hyperpigmentation, and anti-aging. Thanks to SkinDeep I have begun a series of laser, SkinMedica Vitalize Peel treatments, added a host of new products to my life, and I’m taking you along for the ride to see how my skin improves.
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