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Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014 New York Marquee Collection

Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014 New York Marquee Collection via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014

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Hearkening back to a time when women were called “dames,” when Victory Rolls and Veronica Lake waves were all the rage in hair, the Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014 “New York Marquee” collection takes inspiration from the luxe fabrics of the 1940s. Think of the chrometastic Chrysler Building, the glitz of Broadway and silk charmeuse gowns.

Formula & Application

Deborah Lippmann nail polish is 5-Free (DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor) and cruelty-free. Her signature glass bottle is one of the most recognizable shapes in the industry and it’s totally vanity display worthy. The curved cap was designed with professional manicurists in mind as it is shaped to rest comfortably between your fingers. The Lippmann brush is short, round and average in width with flexible bristles that easily fan out over the nail plate.

The polishes are described as “luxe chromes” and are all very well pigmented, you barely need two coats, but application can be tricky. I tried a number of traditional base coats, including Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Coat of Arms, and none of them play well with the formula. The polish was streaky and patchy over all of them, in spite of letting them fully dry.

What did work, is using an aqua base (Nfu Oh Aqua Base) or applying them to a bare nail. Alternately, using a glossy top coat, like Out The Door or Seche as a base coat will help avoid streaks.

However, if you have ridges, like me, they will show. To minimize them, apply a ridge filler UNDER your aqua base. Just make sure the base is completely dry. Similarly, make sure you let each layer of polish dry before adding another coat.

Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014 - Application

Autumn in New York over different bases

Application tip: As I suggest with most chromes, to avoid brush marks, apply to the sides first and finish with one smooth stroke down the middle.

Deborah Lippmann 12th Street Rag is a rosy magenta chrome. The silver shimmer is very prominent in the bottle and the nail. It mellows out what otherwise would been a very intense hue.

Deborah Lippmann 12th Street Rag swatch - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann 12th Street Rag

Deborah Lippmann Autumn in New York is a soft, yellow gold chrome. All the shades have a brushed feel but this one is so buttery, it feels like you’re wearing actual gold.

Deborah Lippmann Autumn In New York swatch - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann Autumn In New York swatch – Fall 2014

Deborah Lippmann Harlem Nocturne is an indigo chrome. More blue than purple, it has a silky, night sky vibe.

Deborah Lippmann Harlem Nocturne swatch - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann Harlem Nocturne

Deborah Lippmann I’ll Take Manhattan is a subdued, peacock teal chrome. The silver shimmer adds a seafoam element to the overall look.

Deborah Lippmann I'll Take Manhattan swatch - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann I’ll Take Manhattan

Deborah Lippmann Lullaby of Broadway is described as a blush but it looks warmer on my skin than what I normally think of as blush. I would call it a pink nude.

Deborah Lippmann Lullaby of Broadway swatch - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann Lullaby of Broadway

Deborah Lippmann Take The “A” Train is a graphite chrome. This molten concoction was the smoothest of all the shades in application.

Deborah Lippmann Take The "A" Train swatch - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann Take The “A” Train

Deborah Lippmann New York Marquee - Fall 2014 via @AllLacqueredUp

Deborah Lippmann New York Marquee

Bottom Line: While I love the concept and color palette of the New York Marquee collection, you have to be willing to put in the work to get them to look flawless. If you’re that person, enjoy! I’m generally not a chrome fan because of the formula and application issues so, given the price point, I can’t say that I would recommend these.

The Deborah Lippmann Fall 2014 New York Marquee collection is available now at, and They retail for $20/ea for a .5oz bottle.

Thoughts on the New York Marquee collection? Which shades are drawing your eye? If a polish is beautiful but requires application trickery, are you willing to put in the work?

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  1. Stephanie Smith says:

    You nailed (ha ha) it when you talked about application difficulty and price point. So these are a pass for me, but I do really like the colors.

  2. Great swatches. I am mesmerized by the colors. Too bad the formula is tricky. That’s such a buzzkill.

  3. Adri says:

    They look really pretty but I’m sure you can find cheaper versions of each color without having to pay $20 a bottle.

  4. Lisa N. says:

    They look like great colors and the chrome finish is nice.

  5. Lorraine says:

    I have Lullaby of Broadway and it gave me a smooth application. I’d say that makes it worth the price. After trying to get drugstore brands of this rose gold shade to behave, the Lippmann seems to apply like a dream. I am hoping for similar results from Harlem Nocturne. I like Take the A Train, too but it looks too similar to Estee Lauder’s Smoked Chrome in my stash now. thanks for detailed review and swatches.

  6. JayJay says:

    Hmm. I’d want solid gold for that price. Why do companies (especially top-end) continue to release nail paints that are so tricky to apply?

  7. kel says:

    these are a definite pass for me. too muted and plain imho.

  8. Joey says:

    How do these compare to the new Sally Hansen Color Foils?

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve never been much into chromes so these are an easy pass for me. Thank goodness. ;)

  10. Thank you for the thoughtful insight. I generally avoid chromes for the same issues.

  11. Leissa says:

    I wonder how close these are to the Sally Hansen chromes that came out recently. A couple look like maybe they could be twins. Except for the charcoal/graphite one, that looks pretty unique.

  12. CoCoJo says:

    I have a hard time painting my nails with the easiest polish. I would need someone else to apply it. I’d choose the Harlem Nocturne or 12th Street Rag. I think all of the colors are gorgeous! However, $20 a bottle is something I would only spend on something I could get a lot of use from. :-(

  13. Linda M. says:

    I’ll pass on these, too. Waaay too much work to make it look nice and as another poster mentioned, mostly dupeable.

  14. Jenn says:

    Grrr…I hate pastels for fall!

  15. Medusa says:

    I love all of them! Except for, perhaps, “Take The “A” Train.” I’d buy all of them if I could.

  16. 12th Street Rag and Harlem Nocturne looked amazing in the shop, but now that I know that they are difficult to apply, I think I’ll apply aqua base and different base coats and find some testers. Thank you for making this helpful rewiew! :-)

  17. Jennifer G. says:

    These work amazing for stamping! I wanted to throw that out there just in case anyone is wondering. The gold ‘Autumn in NY’ is the best gold stamping polish I’ve ever used, it’s perfection. I was able to find these on clearance, anyone into stamping should give them a try if they run across them for a good price.