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Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish – Just How Shiny Is It?

By on December 5, 2013
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Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

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In the race to compete with the gloss and wear of gel polish, it seems that every brand and their mother is coming out with a product or line that includes the word “gel” or “shine.”

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab, SinfulColors SinfulShine, etc. Even CND is trying to glom onto Shellac’s success with VINYLUX. At the end of the day, no traditional polish or top coat will deliver exactly what gel can. Stop trying to make fetch happen, people!

So who can blame me for being skeptical when Sally Hansen introduced Triple Shine nail polish? Granted, they aren’t making hefty claims of gel polish-like results but, I mean, just how shiny are we talking here? Let’s find out.

Formula & Application

Sally Hansen Triple Shine is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DPB, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). It comes in a tapered, tall rectangular bottle with a matching black shiny cap. The outer cap is removable, revealing a smooth, round inner cap that is tall and slightly tapered.

The brush looks and feels identical to the Complete Salon Manicure brush. It’s flat and wide with a curved edge. The bristles are firm so they don’t really fan out on the nail. I find that it’s best to gently glide the brush along the surface with no real pressure. That delivers the most streak-free results.

The 29 color line is broken down into three finish categories: Iridescense, Pop and Fanta-Sea.

  • Iridescence: A range of nine ethereal, pearlescent pastels and shimmering metallics
  • Pop: A rainbow of ten vibrant, saturated polishes in bold brights
  • Fanta-Sea: A glittering selection of ten aquatic tones that evoke the sun-dappled sea

I tried colors from both the Pop and Iridescence lines and both applied super smooth with excellent pigmentation. I only needed two coats with each shade.

There is also a Triple Shine Top Coat to accompany the line, something SinfulShine is lacking, and I suggest using it. To me, what’s the point of making a “high shine” lacquer if you don’t have a top coat to go with it? Then you’re just relying on some other top coat, no?

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Vanity Flare is a Barney-esque, red grape creme. As I mentioned above, it’s super pigmented. You barely need two coats for full coverage.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Vanity Flare nail polish

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Vanity Flare

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wavy Blue is an electric blue foil metallic with shade shifting pigments that look indigo from the right angle. The pale blue glass flecks dance on the surface, playing with the light. I tried to capture its purple qualities below but it’s truly best appreciated in person.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wavy Blue nail polish

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wavy Blue

Sally Hansen Wavy Blue Triple Shine nail polish

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wavy Blue

Triple Shine Technology

Before we get to the wear test, let’s talk about the technology of this polish. This is what Sally Hansen has to say:

Triple Shine Nail Color is formulated with an Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen. It is a carefully balanced blend of solvents and color solids that work synergistically for high impact color and maximum shine. It delivers Triple Shine benefits via:

  • The Gloss-Tech Brush designed specifically to apply the Triple Shine formula. It lays down polish smoothly and evenly to form a glass-like, flawless finish that maximizes lasting shine – and looks “just applied” for days.
  • An exclusive complex of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E for daily defense from water, detergent and every day wear plus Sea Kelp and Panthenol for maximum hydration.
  • Guanine, a natural crushed pearl found in aquatic life delivers a natural iridescence and high-impact, lasting shine.

Wear Test

I wore Wavy Blue for eight days with the Triple Shine Top Coat and this is my experience.

Dry time: I have mixed feelings on the dry time. When I applied Wavy Blue the first time, it took longer to dry than usual. Even an hour later I ended up denting my nail but, oddly enough, I was able to smooth it out with my finger like it was never there.

Then, I used Vanity Flare and it dried perfectly in about 10 minutes. Perplexed, I tried Wavy Blue again, using extremely thin coats and it dried normally. So I would say, the thickness of your layers affects the dry time significantly.

Wear: As you can see, on Day 5 you could see minor tip wear (and this was shot at an angle). By Day 8 the tip wear had increased some but not to the point of embarrassment. I also had one tiny chip on my index finger. If all I have is some minor tip wear and one chip after 8 days, I call that a success.

Shine: The pic on Day 5 was taken outside in direct sunlight, with my phone, so it looks a bit dull. In actuality, it was still just as shiny as when I applied it. The Day 8 picture , also with my phone, can attest to that. It was certainly shinier than VINYLUX, which dulled over a week’s time.

But, is it a miraculous, game-changing shine? Not necessarily but considering my constant hand washing and how hard I am on my hands, I say it delivers on its promises.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wear Test

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Wear Test

Bottom Line: Considering the price point and the varied shade/finish range, the Triple Shine line is a great value that delivers on its claims. I do suggest picking up the top coat as I prefer to wear a matching top coat, if available. If you’re hard on your hands and find that nail polish dulls easily, I’d give this a try.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish is available nationwide at drugstores and mass retailers like,, and It retails for $4.99/ea for a .33oz bottle.

Have you tried the Triple Shine polishes yet? Which colors are your favorites? Have you found an actual polish or top coat that really delivers the gel polish look and wear?

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  1. Amanda says:

    Did you use a top coat? If so which one?

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      Hi Amanda! I mentioned a couple times in the post that I used the Triple Shine Top Coat that is designed to be worn with the polishes. Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the review! The blue is beautiful! Regarding the top coat – I was actually kind of surprised to see one at all…I figured if the polish is that shiny, you wouldn’t need one. I know top coats serve more purpose than just shine, but why even make the polishes so shiny to just put a shiny topcoat? Ha, hopefully that makes sense. I was hoping to use these with no topcoat and have the same effect.

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      I totally see your point Elizabeth. I’m assuming it’s more like a Triple Shine system than just the polish on its own but that’s just my thought on it. I know with the CSM line, they’re intended to be worn on their own and they do wear well. But the finish dulls over time.

  3. melynda says:

    I snatched up a couple of these as a store around here had them out before their street date (the cyan-ish color and the glitter to match). I didn’t use the top coat for the set, but I was still pretty impressed with the shine. Or maybe I’m easily impressed.

  4. Amanda says:

    Oh my word I’m sorry! I meant base coat, lol!

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      Ah, great question. I’ve been wearing Essie Millionails lately because my nails have been so dry from the weather change. I was worried a treatment base wouldn’t wear as well but I’ve had great luck with it.

  5. Nathalie says:

    These dry very quickly. The ones I picked up are Drama Sheen and Pool Party.They’reB1G150% off at Walgreens this week.I layered Drama Sheen over Zoya Sailor, and my nails now look like a blue/red/purple shifting duochrome.

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      Oh, thanks for the tip! I love a good deal. And I’m so glad they dried well for you. I think the first time I used Wavy Blue I applied it too thick. My brush is a little janky so that could be the cause.

  6. Looks great! I will definitely need to try it. I love the blue colour so much!

    P.s Shellac is by CND – just incase you didn’t know or you accidentally put that in your post unknowingly or i’m just misreading! lol sorry.

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      I probably worded that a little awkward. I should have said CND is trying to build on the success of Shellac by coming out with VINYLUX, a polish that is supposed to deliver gel-like results.

  7. Galaxia @ Nail Care Enthusiast says:

    I haven’t tried these polishes, but I wouldn’t expect much haha Great wear test, btw!

  8. Linda says:

    Ok, sorry, but is there a base coat for this? I’m assuming then that you used the Essie Millionails as in your reply to Amanda. When I saw these in the store, I thought they were meant to use not requiring base or topcoat but see here there is at least a topcoat.

  9. Claire says:

    Gorgeous swatches, as usual! Do you think applying the Triple Shine Top Coat on a different polish brand will make a difference in wear?

    • Michelle Mismas says:

      I’ve been using it over other polishes and haven’t had any issues but I haven’t done an official wear test with it.

  10. Anya says:

    Thank you for a thorough review, Michelle! You have me convinced to get the Top Coat.

  11. Love that blue and it looks like it wore pretty good!

  12. Marykate says:

    Thanks for the info! I’ve been eyeing these at Walgreens for a while and have been on the fence…I’m gonna give ‘me a try now.

  13. mary says:

    I used Triple shine top coat over OPI black cherry chutney. It was dull and scratched by the next day.

  14. Thank you for doing the review! What was the dry time like with the topcoat?

  15. Pam says:

    I have 3 of the glitter polishes in this line. They are the prettiest things ever. I’d tell you the colors, but I’m not home. ;) Since I’m rather new to this whole nail color/art thing, at age 52, I’ve been buying only brands I’m familiar with, from past use. Sally Hansen is, IMO, one of the best drugstore brands of all time. I’ve also purchased several Sinful Colors brand, and a few Orly I got on clearance at Sally’s Beauty Supply. The types I’ve been buying are with an eye towards using them for nail stamping. I find I am in need of silver and gold metallics. In your estimation, which brand has the best full coverage for these colors/types of polish? I don’t want an obvious glitter polish in silver or gold, nor do I want a foil look. But I would like something shiny and metallic looking, if that makes sense. I’d also prefer to stay $10 and under per bottle. Any help you can offer is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

    • The chrome polishes from China Glaze have been very popular with stampers but Sally Hansen recently launched a line called Color Foil. I think there are 12 new chrome metallic shades and they have a very nice finish. They are still rolling out across the country so be on the lookout.

  16. D Heredia says:

    Hi Michelle, I love these posts and blogs. I was in the beauty business for 40 years. did not do nails but have always used polish. i have used several of the base coats , polishes and top coats you have mentioned.
    My question is about a OPI color i had tried on at a nail shop that i loved but the name wore off. It was a redsy picnk with a shimmer. I have bought three different colors thining they were the color i was looking for and they weren’t. the last was OPI “a Deffinite Moust-Have” not close. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi D! I wish I could be of more help but without a picture or more of a reference, it’s hard for me to determine. OPI has made so many shades like that. Do you know when it came out? Or have a picture?